An interesting and somewhat funny piece of information that iDB reader @EpicGameReviews sent us about the white iPhone 4. If you go to Apple’s website, right click on the image of the white iPhone 4 on the homepage, and select “view image” or “image info”, you will see how Apple named the image: white_iphone_hero_20110425.jpg.

Does Apple really consider the white iPhone 4 as a hero? I highly doubt it. Does Apple web team have a funny sense of humor? Most likely…

UPDATE: Thanks iDB readers for pointing out how ignorant I am. I had absolutely no idea what a hero shot was until today. But hey, to my defense, I’m French and I’m still learning English everyday. Especially today </embarrassed face>

It’s always nice to see larger companies joking around a little bit.

What says you?

  • entares

    A hero shot is a typical term used for a photo of just the product.

    • Qlobster

      Ah, why did you have to spoil this?! 🙂

  • I was about to say the same thing. I downloaded a lot of media photos from and just about every product has a “hero” shot.

  • Mike

    It’s not just apple that is using this term. Photos on main pages are usually called “hero”.

  • phutran

    oh :/ how embarassing it must be for the author

  • Rodrigo

    Who doesn´t know hero in pictures means that…Oh boy…in what planet do you live in?

    • Same planet as you, only in a different country.

    • Jj

      Hero is new to me. I had no idea. And I own a cell phone computer game system repair shop in Texas for the last 6 years

  • irrespective if ‘hero’ term, I did think about that today, when I was publishing a post on my blog (ME politics)!

    • I had no idea that product only shots were called “hero” shots either. Makes for a funny story.

  • Weebsurfer

    Oh Seb… How dare you not know everything about all subjects relating to the infinite cornucopia of stuff in the world… But wait… If the readers knew everything as they sometimes imply then they have no need to read blogs like this. My god! Have we uncovered an intelligence paradox???

    • Haha. I want to thank you for taking the time to NOT flame me 🙂

    • XepptizZ

      Not really, as those readers seem go to these blogs to merily point out any relevant or unrelevant incongruences.

  • Nick

    dam I wish this was true, Apple would do something like this.

  • Jeff

    When have you ever seen something stolen on iDB? Examples, please. If anything we’re overly liberal with our credits, and Sebastien himself has made crediting a point of emphasis. You’ve got it twisted.

  • Doylebl

    If you think the site is so crappy then why are you on it. What an idiot.

    • Manuel

      I ask that all the time. These people come here talking crap, then they complain, then come back to read articles on here. Sounds like Mr. Nash needs to get a job other than referring to himself as a wrestlers.

  • Is that the real Kevin Nash!!!!???

    • Kuipo

      Ok Kevin, if you won’t come back then your not reading this. So there for if I said to FUCK OFF!!! It wouldn’t be relevant to you but yet again you have been showing your jerk ass on this blog for the last couple weeks and you have been the biggest moron Of them all!!! Oh my bad kevin, your the “BEST” not the biggest. But who cares because your not reading this and I just wasted my time on you. What a shame.
      Sebastein, LOL!!! Hey, it’s ok Compadre. I’m still learning English my self and I know how it feels when your on the middle of an embarrassing moment because of a language situation. But hey, it’s part of the learning proses. Keep it up!!

  • Daniel CG


    • Doylebl

      LoL. I really enjoy this site and appreciate what you guys do. That guy Nash clearly has a shitty attitude and has nothing better to do then complain about sites that he apparently thinks are bad but reads anyway. Maybe he cuts himself too lol

  • gefdue

    thanks to this post i now know what a Hero shot is ,,,,,, thanks to Sebastian nd others here