Since Apple opened up the ability for developers to control attached accessories, I have been waiting for products like this to start pouring into the market. iRemoco is a mini helicopter that comes with an attachment for your iPhone or iPod.

An iOS application gives you full control of the iRemoco helicopter, using the dock connector attachment to transmit the signal. Andrew Ayres and Tom Sisterson have been working on this project for 18 months and it’s finally ready for the masses…

The iRemoco helicopter is lightweight, but very well designed. The frame is made of metal, and the rotor blades are made of flexible, durable plastic. The accompanying iOS software lets you use the iDevice’s touch screen and even its motion sensor, to control the helicopter.

The iRemoco isn’t exactly available yet. Like many of the cool iDevice inventions we’ve shown on iDB, iRemoco is still a prototype. Although it’s ready for market, the developers need help funding the first round of production. That’s where Kickstarter comes in.

The 2 iRemoco inventors have formed the business Ternosis and taken to the project-funding website to get iRemoco off the ground (see what I did there?). If you pledge $99 or more, you basically get one of these cool gadgets when they start shipping. $100 is kind of steep, but if it’s as solid as it looks in the video, I might have to snag one.

What do you think?

  • keelan

    i want one

  • past0rB

    I love RC planes and helis. I hope they get the funding. I would try it out too.

    Curious how the transmitter works. 2.4 ghz or what?

  • Cool concept bit it fails on being IR.
    Probably useless outside on a nice sunny day.

    I would pledge this if it was not IR, but RC.
    This way you could use it to control any RC device using swappable crystals.

  • Steven

    Hmmm, that looks like a great toy and certainly a lot cheaper than the “Drone” I’m considering buying two of these! The only downside to this is obviously the controller you need to stick on your device. There has to be a way of doing doing away with this as the “Drone” does not require a controller.

    • I suppose when you say “Drone” you are talking about the AR-Drone.
      That one uses Wifi Network has two cameras, is a quadrocopter, and probably has a longer range than this one.
      This one would not require any other hardware while the AR-Drone requires Wifi coverage for both devices.

      • Pete

        Yes, the AR-Drone is really cool, my mate at work has it. This is so low tech compared – basically one of those $30 IR micro helis (it looks exactly like the one I’ve got) plus an audio-IR adapter.
        Btw, not sure what you mean by Drone requiring Wi-Fi coverage – it creates the adhoc network itself:) So no other hw required. Also it monitors its height and position, so when you’re in trouble just let go off the controls – it will actively stop and hover at the same spot (even compensating for wind). Very cool.

  • Looks great 🙂
    I’m surprised these things even get put forward
    From what he was saying it sounds like apple makes these gadget company’s jump thru alot of hoops just to gain their approval

    I’m in the uk and I’m seriously considering getting this 😉
    Looks like alot of fun

  • Polemicist

    So if the app crashes does the helicopter crash?

    • DomPerignon

      lol… Not necessarily.

      • Pete

        And what would you expect to happen?:) I bet the heli will simply shut down.

    • Abdul abaca

      Yep if it’s as smart as the parrot Ar Drone when the drone looses connection with the device you use to control the Ar Drone it automatically lands.

      • Pete

        If it was as smart as the Droid it would cost a lot more than $100:)
        Even with the Droid we had a funny thing happen – the app lost connection, but the Drone didn’t land – it would just hover there at 3 feet:)) We had to carefuly grab it, open the canopy and disconnect the battery:)

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    I loved it!!!

    thats a new step, the idea of using the motion sensors and gyroscop is great! it must feels like playing a real world video game 😀 makes me remember when I first played an jet game on the ps1

  • Mark

    Got AR Drone. What this too!

  • Abdul abaca

    Me to got an ar drone love that you can see through the cameras but the wifi range sucks. I seen some mods for radio controllers and boosting the wifi but it voids the warranty. Maybe they should work some type of camera into there project then I would buy one & wondering if it works with other copters cars or plains good idea and work wish I could be a tester for them.