Apple has once again updated their iOS firmware, and with it came the usual questions. Can the new firmware be jailbroken? Yes, there are multiple ways to jailbreak your iDevice as long as it is compatible with iOS 4.3.3 or 4.2.8 for Verizon models.

Can my iPhone be unlocked if I update? Sort of. This is where things tend to get tricky. Unlike jailbreaking, the ability to unlock is dependent on the model of iPhone you have as well as a few other variables. Need help determining if your iPhone is unlockable? Hit the jump for a full breakdown…

There’s a lot of information to sift through when trying to figure out if your iDevice can be unlocked. But it’s not too tough if you can filter out the stuff you don’t need. Below is a breakdown of the different methods of unlocking and which models of iPhone they work for.


UltraSn0w is the easiest and most common way to unlock the iPhone. Once jailbroken, you simply download the app from Cydia and restart your iPhone. It is important to know that this method is limited to your iPhone model and baseband version. The following iPhone models can be unlocked using this method:

– iPhone 4 models with baseband 1.59.00 can use UltraSn0w.

– iPhone 3G/3GS with basebands 4.26.08, 5.11.07, 5.12.01, 5.13.04, and 6.15.00

If you aren’t sure what baseband you’re on, go into your Settings app > General > About > Modem Firmware. If your device falls within the above parameters, UltraSn0w is certainly the best way to unlock your device. Click here for more information.

Gevey Sim

If anyone remembers TurboSim (discontinued), you’ll recognize this method. It involves a modified SIM card that can force activate your iPhone from the emergency dialer. The following devices can be unlocked using Gevey:

– All iPhone 4 models with basebands up to 04.10.01

Gevey Sim will set you back $70 dollars. Since it has been reported to be illegal, we don’t recommend this particular method. Click here to find out more information.

Rebel Micro Sim

Similar to the Gevey Sim method, it involves a modified SIM card that allows you to force activate your iPhone. Unlike the alternative, it does not require you to repeat the process every time your device restarts or loses service. Rebel Micro Sim has the ability to unlock:

– All iPhone 4 models with basebands up to 04.10.01

While Rebel SIM’s Micro SIM card is a little bit less expensive than the Gevey Sim, it still requires you to activate your iPhone through the emergency dialer. Since that sounds an awful lot like its illegal counterpart, we’d only recommend this as a last resort. Click here for more information.


This method seemed too good to be true. No jailbreak is required for CutYourSim’s remote unlock. Apparently, the company had the ability to add your iPhone’s IMEI to Apple’s whitelist database, similar to phones that are purchased unlocked at full retail. This was a permanent unlock for all iPhone models.

The service lasted less than 2 weeks before it was shut down. However, they have mentioned that they plan on returning to the unlock scene shortly. The jailbreak community has confirmed these guys to be legit, but they’re also expensive. The folks that got their order in before the service shut down paid $179.99 for the permanent unlock. Click here for more information.

That about wraps it up for possible ways to unlock your iPhone. UltraSn0w is currently the only legal way to to do it, which is why folks are instructed to preserve their basebands when they update iOS. Hopefully the Dev Team’s software unlock will be updated in the near future to support more recent modem firmwares.

Any questions?

  • Kevin Nash

    I don’t think people care if a form of unlock is illegal or not since muscle nerd seems to stupid to make an unlock for people after 4.0.2. Apple beat him, yet he fails to admit it. He should just admit he sucks and call geohot to save his ass like he did the chronic dev team with limera1n

    • Aleks

      That’s some funny shit there. Straight up said it how it is!

  • DebTym

    Gevey is not illegal.

  • Pb

    I wish someone would update ulttasnow so I can unlock my 05.15.04 bb I do not want to update to iPad bb! Sort it!

  • reader

    cutyoursim is up just fine with many non-ATT unlocks. Just no ATT.

    • mk

      Exactly fuck att.

  • WTFX

    I have a GEVEY and I can tell you there’s no need to let the call connect at all. I press then End button as soon as it appears yet it works every time. Why would you call it illegal?
    You shouldn’t have mentioned the Rebel SIM, as it turned out to be scam. It sort of works, like GEVEY, but they advertised it (and still do) as not needing to call 112 and keeping the unlock when the phone is restarted. All that turned out bs. Also, someone ordered about a dozen of them from the Rebel website and his findings show that they use SIM trays from GEVEYS (probably fake ones as well) which have the logo dremeled off. Also not one of them would fit the iPhone without sanding the chip down. Steer clear from Rebel and get a GEVEY!

    • DebTym

      you don’t have really to connect it after dialling 112. end it.

  • DebTym

    sorry for interchanging the position of have and really

  • MegaMouse

    forget about dev team, they aint gonna do a thing. its obvious that they are paid off by apple to not release an unlock until iphone 5 comes. how can the world’s most outstanding hackers suddenly be so helpless? apple loses millions of dollars with unlockers changing their carriers, do you think they are just gonna let dev team release their unlock softwares without any interferance?? gevey sim costs 35$ btw.

    • Gary

      Apple doesn’t lose $. Apple sells them full price to carriers and the carriers are the ones who subsidize them to us. The dev team are not sell outs. You’re dumb for even thinking so after all they’ve done for us. They don’t even accept donations on their blog.

      • MegaMouse

        are you stupid or what? apple has exclusive deals with at&t and now verizon to be the only carriers of the iphone. these companies pay a whole lotta money to be the providers of the iphone. thats why the smaller companies like virgin, boost and metro pcs dont sell it, because apple wants too much cash. considering that, do u think that at&t and verizon are happy about people switching to other providers when they have exclusive deals with apple? of course apple will do anything to stop it, which in this case is, to pay off dev team. seriously, what have they done the last 8 months or so? nothing at all, so stop being a dev team fan boy and see the real truth.

    • George

      You can already buy a gevey sim for 10$ BTW : )

      • DebTym

        I AGREE.

      • Kare

        I think dev team just can’t release any unlock cause it’s been more then a year since they released last unlock apple won!!!!or they got payed off so they won’t release any unlock cause no one can buy old baseband i4 there isnt such a phone if u buy it now…am sad about it now I need a unlock phone!

  • Ives

    So far gevey is the winner… Up to today…

  • Ali9686

    Paid the 164 to have my phone ip4 unlocked. Although I m stuck on AT&T. Will drop them once of contract!

  • Daddy

    This is the 2nd time I have seen you post this garbage, I am assuming you have boasted before. But I for one could give a ish. So take your male soap opera rubbish and shove it, fake tough guy

  • Carlos


    Guys, Gevey it does work but Rebel is just a fucking scam, before you make any order check out youtube and search in google for rebel comments. Here is a youtube video, once you order you have lost your money!

  • Carlos


  • Greg

    I use Gevey and still i need the dev-teams ultrasn0w update for bb 02.10. Let’s say i still hopes for the unlock coz i preserve my bb, im in 4.2.1 right now. I work in a cruise ship in Europe so gevey is gonna fuck me up once i’m there. High hopes but i think for nothing.

  • iH8musclenerd

    Yes I agree, after 4.02 Dev Team can’t do the unlock anymore . MuscleNerd and Hashim lose this game to apple engineers. GeoHot is the only one can solve this problem but when ? We don’t know
    MuscleNerd only steal the works from pod2g and i0n1c . It’s a shame
    Gevey Pro is the best so far ….signal is strong

  • let me just say one thing: the 6.15 BB was just a shortcut for guys that don’t know how to make make things… and they didnt warn anyone, only after… they said owww you might have some problems with your gps. might???? come on…. every that uses 6.15 looses their GPS, i was on of them that used the 6.15BB from the begining and there was no warning about it…. but ok

    GeoHot please please make a fix or a downgrader for bb 6.15

  • Thomas

    If I unlock my iPhone 4 (4.3.2 bb 4.10.1 AT&T) with Gevey sim, will I be able to use any company? I live in Denmark, Europe and we don’t have Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or any of the American carriers…

  • Jeremy

    Looks like the Cut Your Sim website has a new Gevey SIM Ultra option that does not require using the emergency dialer. Has anyone tried it? I’m still not clear if it supports all international SIMs or just some, for in the product description, it is stated “compatible with more Sim”. I guess I still don’t understand exactly what the Gevey system is–is it both a custom SIM tray and a one-time-use Gevey SIM, after which use you put in a different carrier’s SIM into the custom tray? Disambiguation would be much appreciated!

  • Ummi

    I need help please. I have iphone 4 (4.3.5 8L1) with baseband 4.10.01 bought from O2…. I phone o2 and got my iphone unlocked. Now I want to jailbreak it… Please tell me If i jailbreak, my i wont lose my unlock. Do i need to preserve my baseband??? Thanks..