According to a report from TechCrunch, Amazon’s Cloud Player has magically started working on the iPhone and other iOS devices. The service, which was initially available to only PC and Android users, seems to have gained iOS support.

When you visit the Amazon Cloud Player webpage, the website will inform you that your device is not supported, but after ignoring the message, all features seem to be working flawlessly. 

“If you visit Amazon’s Cloud Player through the Safari web browser on an iOS device, you’ll see that it does in fact now work. You’ll first hit a warning page telling you that your browser is not supported, but just ignore that. Click into the music in your drive and it will begin playing. It works flawlessly — even to the point where if you get a Push Notification or incoming call, the music will be paused.”

An official announcement announcing the new compatibility is probably coming soon. Apple and Google are also rumored to unveil their own Cloud based music services this year, with Apple most likely announcing it around September. But for those of you that purchase the majority of your music from Amazon, this will definitely be a welcome feature.

Do you purchase your music from Amazon? If so, have you tried the new Cloud Player?

  • Blapp

    I believe you can upload your own MP3s aswell, and not just those purchased from amazon..
    Anyone know how they manage to play the music in the browser? Obviously can’t be flash 🙂

    • mvd7793

      I’m interested to know that as well. I didn’t think it was possible to play audio without the Apple MP3 player. HTML5?

      • Syc01cE

        I would have to assume it’s html5…

  • Brendan

    I haven’t used the amazon service but I use the mSpot music app to store cloud music. The service is free and the app is pretty nice.

  • Kai

    Well, I’m using the amazon cloud player now
    It looks very nice, the only problem is that I couldn’t navigate the muisc list to go up or down So it only shows like 12 or 13 songs on it
    If I could get that part to work that would be great