We’ve told you about the world’s first jailbreak and iOS convention, MyGreatFest. The event will take place this September in London, U.K. and will be a convention for the jailbreak and iDevice community.

Speakers like the creator of Cydia, saurik, and other prominent members of the jailbreak community are already scheduled to speak at MyGrestFest, and now famed jailbreak dev P0sixninja has expressed interest in attending September’s event…

The MyGreatFest team is raising donations to fund P0sixninja’s travel costs for attending London’s event this fall. Joshua Hill (P0sixninja) is a prominent member of the Chronic Dev Team and has worked on multiple jailbreak tools, including GreenPois0n.

From MyGreatFest,

“The MyGreatFest team have announced exciting news on more than one occasion, and while some may rest on their laurels, we are here to yet again bring the community news of an extremely exciting development.

Joshua Hill, known to most of us as @p0sixninja and a prominent member of the Chronic Dev team founded by Will Strafach (@chronic) has expressed an interest to not only attend, but also to speak and share his immense knowledge with us at the MyGreatFest UK event in September 2011. For this to happen, we need to contribute financially to ease the burden of travel from the United States, and we would appreciate a small donation from you guys. Whether you donate $1, $5, or whatever you can afford does not matter, but the chance to have Joshua share his expertise with us is an opportunity that we, as a community, can simply not overlook.”

MyGreatFest is accepting donations of any amount for P0sixninja. They are also giving away prizes to the people that donate the most.

“To make things a little more interesting, we have decided to run a simple league table on the website where we will record all donations in order of the amount donated, highest to lowest. We will also place the name of the donator, with a link to a Twitter account or your personal website to make sure you gain some recognition for your donation.

When we have the finances in place to guarantee Joshua’s place at the MyGreatFest UK event, we will also be giving away some prizes to the top 3 donators.

  • 1st Place – a MyGreatFest admission ticket (child or adult only), a MyGreatFest silicon band and an iPhone 4 case (choice of colour).
  • 2nd Place – a MyGreatFest silicon band and an iPhone 4 case (choice of colour).
  • 3rd Place – a MyGreatFest silicon band.”

You can donate here.

The MyGreatFest iPad 2 giveaway is still underway, so be sure to check out the qualifications for being entered in that giveaway. Multiple prizes, including a 13″ MacBookPro, will be given away at the event to attendees this September.

Check out a video tour of the U.K. MyGreatFest venue here.

If you’re not near the United Kingdom, don’t worry. There are plans in the works for a MyGreatFest event in the U.S. next year! We’ll keep you updated as that news develops.

Are you planning on attending MyGreatFest? Let us know if you decide to donate towards P0sixninja’s fund.

  • Young Money

    Gay. I only wanted to win an iPad2 so I followed them on twitter a few months ago. They post way too much stuff and never did the drawing so I unsubscribed. Now they’re asking for money and didn’t do the drawing.

    Wow the top donor gets free admission and a iPhone case? Big deal. Why should I pay to get someone else there. Europeans are so dumb. Tell me when this is done in America.

    • Funked

      I’m kinda on the same boat. I followed on twitter for the iPad 2 competition, but they spammed the hell out of my timeline so I was literally forced to unfollow them. I do plan to buy a ticket for it though if there’s still some left by the time I get cash, would be nice to see Saurik and other famous hackers in person.

  • Sage

    Young Money and Funked – why don’t you go blow someone to get some cash to buy your iPad 2? its only a couple of swallows away.

  • Garry

    The app developers of jailbroken apps should give a % of their sales to the jailbreak creators.

  • Donations for someone else to take a free trip hmmmm noooooot!!!! Lol I could care less who he is why the hell should I pay for his fun f that !!

  • DogBoy

    Wow, anyone still using the word gay as a insult has to be a dumb american or trapped in the 70’s, oh and twelve years old. USA, USA..!!

    • Aaronieru

      70s? Try the 2000s. I don’t have time to address all the stupid things said in this comment.

  • Aaronieru

    I have a better idea, have the convention in America. You know, the place that matters?