The iOS Mail app is fairly straightforward. It houses all the basic functions of a standard email client, along with some nifty Exchange options. However, there is certainly room for improvement.

One of the main features missing is the ability to delete multiple emails quickly. If you have 1 or more inboxes that sees 100+ emails daily, you know what a pain it is to go through and select each message one at a time to delete them. Luckily, Cydia now has a tweak for that…

While it’s not a perfect solution, it certainly beats manually selecting each email that you want to be deleted. DeleteMail, by Andrea Oliva, is the first tweak available that allows you to delete all of your emails, without checking them one by one.

DeleteMail is available in the Cydia Store for $0.99.

Once you enable it from the Settings, tapping ‘Edit’ in the Mail app will bring up the option to delete all messages. Whenever you want to delete messages one at a time again, simply disable the tweak.

Have you tried DeleteMail yet? Do you like it?

  • ZebSogo

    Great about bloody time .. this should be a standard feature in iOS anyway APPLE

  • alex s

    does this let you delete all of your bulk mail at the same time as well?

  • Gorgonphone

    “Great about bloody time .. this should be a standard feature in iOS anyway APPLE” exactly i know many iiphone owners who never empty thier mail cause its too much work to select each message one by one.. this tweak is great but all we needed was a select all feature after which we could do what ever we want with the messages..

  • SayDrJ

    Doesn’t seem to work on Verizon 4.2.6. No response from Author to email.

  • Silvia Barros