It has been less than three days since iOS 4.3.3 was released by Apple and the iPhone Dev Team has already released an untethered jailbreak for the latest iOS firmware.

As we stated earlier this week, for some odd reason Apple still has not patched hacker i0n1c’s untethered exploit in iOS 4.3.3. Redsn0w 0.9.6rc15 provides an untethered jailbreak on iOS 4.3.3 for the iPhone 4 (GSM), iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 3G, iPad 1, and Apple TV 2G. This jailbreak does not support iPad 2 users. 

Today’s PwnageTool and redsn0w incorporate @i0n1c’s port to 4.3.3 (it’s ironic that such a long-lasting untether doesn’t even have an official name!).  It also of course uses geohot’s limera1n bootrom exploit to inject the jailbreak. The 4.3.3 untether works on all devices that actually support 4.3.3 except for the iPad2.

Redsn0w 0.9.6rc15 is available for download for both Mac OSX and Windows users from our downloads section. Not sure how to use this tool? Make sure to check out our RedSn0w tutorial.

[Dev Team]

  • c0edx

    Wow 3 in a row, I think Apple dose not care any more. Their going to start making Jailbreaks to or they will make a tweak AppStore.

    I’m still on 4.2.1 and it’s becoming very bugy for some reason and I wanna jump to 4.3.3. Will all the Cydia Apps and Tweaks work or I would have to wait for the publisher to update them.

    • theComer_is_a_apple_whore

      You sound like a naive Apple whore!

      • c0edx

        I get it from your mom.

      • Gentlemen please let’s stay polite. We’re all iPhone lovers, we’re on the same boat.

      • rafa benitez

        well.. 6 years later you started blocking old jailbreak users in favor of a single user called: NATALIE LOL..
        I’m forced to use an secondary adccount because you blocked me in favor of that user LOL

      • Roli


  • Apple

    since 4.3.2 not many cydia app works

    • Addam

      Thx 4 the info thats why i’m always stayed on 4.2.1 

    • Addam

      Thx 4 the info thats why i’m always stayed on 4.2.1 😀

  • spelz

    Will an upgrade to 4.3.3 work for me? I’m with baseband 3.10.01 and using Gevey SIM unlock….Anyone? Bueller?

    • c0edx

      Wait and find out if 4.3.3 updates the Baseband if it’s still 3.10 the yeah you can update.

  • Nick4G

    i just updated to 4.3.2 like a month ago. geez. enough with of the updates, apple!

  • Dodgerdeezy

    IPad 2 Jb please!IPad 2 Jb please!IPad 2 Jb please!IPad 2 Jb please!IPad 2 Jb please!IPad 2 Jb please!IPad 2 Jb please!IPad 2 Jb please!IPad 2 Jb please!IPad 2 Jb please!IPad 2 Jb please!IPad 2 Jb please!IPad 2 Jb please!IPad 2 Jb please!IPad 2 Jb please!

  • Coronos

    Does this new version of redsn0w fix the vibration switch issue on the iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4?

    • rdqronos

      They fixed that when 4.3.2 came out. They realized it f*cked up, so they revised it. Unless you’re still having the issue?

    • Coronos

      Yeah, I’m still having issues. I upgraded my iPhone 3GS firmware to 4.3.2 and jailbroke it with the latest redsn0w program at the time and I’m still having trouble with my vibration switch. Only sometimes it will vibrate, and when I turn it off and it doesn’t give that vibration confirmation, my phone won’t vibrate when I get calls or text messages. It’s pretty annoying when I miss important calls or messages.

  • Alex

    I have made more than 13 jailbreaks sinds i use Iphone and i must say with Greenpoison i never had problems. With this tool the redsn0w for 4.3.3 it’s a nightmare i am now on my 4 jailbreak and stil as problems .I know its free and i am happy that i can use it,what i really want is Greenpoison for 4.3.3 but it looks that it doesn’t gonna happen .

  • LoL

    If you have problems then find a Full redsn0w for 4.3.3 jailbreaks, then jailbreaks again over-right it Greenpoison for 4.3.3, it will not have any problems liao becos i now have it done well and nice~