Talk about good timing. Alex just shared his experience lamenting AT&T’s strict tethering policies, and not so much as an hour later we learn that PdaNet has been updated to mask tethering.

While a lot of you may be more familiar with MyWi when it comes to tethering, PdaNet is the forerunner to MyWi, and still has quite the loyal following today.

Even if you are a MyWi user, this is wonderful news, because it means that the developers of MyWi shouldn’t be too many steps behind when it comes to implementing similar features in their tethering app…

As Alex already pointed out, AT&T isn’t using bandwidth as a means of gauging whether you’re tethering or not; their detection methods aren’t that elementary.

Instead, it seems as if AT&T is identifying the type of packets that are hitting their network, and if they detect them as coming from anything but an iPhone, red flags are raised, and text messages warning the perpetrator are automatically dispatched.

Immediately I wondered whether or not MyWi could implement some sort of packet masking feature, but it seems as if I was late to the party. PdaNet is already there, and they hit the dance floor hours ago.

Their 5.01 update includes the following changes:

  • Adds an option to hide your tethering usage.
  • Now allows multiple WiFi connections.
  • Rewritten to give you the max performance possible. Also fix a few crashes from previous releases.

The good news is that a similar update to MyWi can’t be too far off.

Personally this doesn’t really effect me, because I’ve already decided to go the Personal Hotspot route, and pony up $20 extra bones a month to the folks at AT&T, but that’s another debate for another day.

Do you use any tethering service with your iPhone; Personal HotSpot, MyWi, PdaNet, etc?

What has been your experience so far?

  • BLiNK


    • Chaz


      I have no knowledge of this.

      Thank you for your interest in Intelliborn,

      Jackie Cross
      Intelliborn Corporation.

      —–Original Message—–

      Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 4:25 PM
      To: Intelliborn Support
      Subject: Intelliborn Contact for MyWi 4.0/OnDemand

      For App: MyWi 4.0/OnDemand
      Comments: are you going to come out with an update regarding ATT’s ability to track tethering on the Iphone?  PDAnet has something out already to hide the tethering usage.

  • Friggin’ A! Love you man!

  • J-Bird_Medic


  • Manuel

    @ Jeff.

    If your going to give at&t the extra 20$, why don’t you just use PDA net and see if you get the message? If you do, keep going until they change your data plan. I know it’s not any of my business, but I feel it’s bs for you to give in into AT&T’s crappy and money hungry demands of an extra 20. If Verizon started doing this, I’d threaten to leave asap.

    • @Manuel I don’t know. It just bugs me that AT&T deems it as breaking their contract. For me personally the $20 is worth the peace of mind… But that’s just me, no knock on anyone who doesn’t believe this way.

      • soccerkrzy

        The problem is you’re limited to 4GB. I use 10-15GB per month on average so it’s really not an option for me.

    • Eric

      Verizon already stayed they’re going to charge. They’re also going to eliminate the unlimited data plan for iPhone. Read the fine print. Stupid Verizon lovers. They’re just doing it later to get AT&T people to switch as contracts run out in June and July as that’s when MANY iPhone contracts expire. Then BAM! Tethering fee and capped data. Plus Verizon and their bull shit throttling. They suck

      • Casper47

        Just got around to reading these post. BTW VZW does not throttle data but they do charge if you go over on on the 2 GB Plan $10.00 per G or u can get 10 GB for $80.00 a month. ATT wont give you that option.

  • Rebo

    This update has been out for a couple of weeks.

    • @Rebo, it has? Well I’m even later than I thought. Wow, maybe I should be using PdaNet.

      • rebo

        Yes, it came thru a cydia update without any fanfare — they often post a tweet about updates. Not sure how the “hide usage” option works or how effective it is. I’ve used pdanet for years and have not received the warning text message from att. I fear that as pdanet gets more popular, att will start flushing out its users as well

      • rebo

        Correcting my other reply, June Fabrics did indeed tweet about this update back on April 24.

  • How much is it to upgrade to full? (PDAnet)

    • BLiNK

      i think it is 19.99 but last i checked there was a special for 15?? anyone?

  • shrike1978

    I’ve always liked PDANet. I used it for a long time before switching to MyWi. Now that it has WiFi tethering and masking, I’m back again.

  • rollingthunder

    I just bough this for $15.99 from them. I have MyWi already, but as this performs the masquerading needed, I’ll use it.

  • BOO YA!

  • Jailbreak4ever

    PdaNet is the only tether app I have used and I got the email/text notices this week.
    I’m not a heavy user either, I think I’ve only gone over 5gb in a month once.

    • Matt

      You have been using the “hide usage” toggle in pdanet and still recieved a text message? does this mean pdanet DOES NOT HIDE TETHERING USAGE?????

  • Whats the best way to add a status bar icon for PDAnet when it is activated? Don’t say OpenNotifier because that app stinks!! So friggin buggy!

    • QuarterSwede

      What bugs have you had? I’ve been using it since day one and it’s been so stable for me (and stock looking) that I forgot it’s not apart of iOS.

  • MoMo

    I have only used PdaNet for my tethering needs, never tried MyWi, and I received the text of death several weeks ago. However, that was before I upgraded my iphone 3gs to the iphone 4 and subsequently received the cydia update after jailbreaking. So I haven’t tried the masking feature yet but I’m a little skiddish in trying it out. I need see more feedback from users who have been hit with the text of death from ATT that are still brave enough to use this app and feature. If they don’t have their unlimited data plan snatched then I’m good to go and I’ll use the app again. Til then… I’m back to the stone ages with scrounging around the city for free wi-fi spots.

    • Tryztan

      That made me laugh.. sorry, just the thought of stone age dudes looking for wifi hotspots, We are so spoiled 🙂

  • Moatillata


    Important question: Were you masking your tethering?

  • QuarterSwede

    Just an FYI, someone on MacRumors claims that the hide feature doesn’t work. They upgraded to the new version, tethered and then a few days later got the message from at&t. *shrugs*

    I use TetherMe with light usage and haven’t received any messages yet.

  • Rty

    Use CommCenter hack( any IOS upto 4.3.2) to activate native tethering, it’s free, uses same APN and IP.
    This is how you beat looser AT&T

    • hbcbob3

      Wouldn’t that still show up as tethering another device through the iPhone? I mean, whether it’s MyWi, PDANet or native iPhone tethering it is still sending packets a certain way (that is until PDANet came out/if it works).

    • Tryztan

      I got popped using the app that came with my phone, mobile ap. I have galaxy s 4g, mobile ap preinstalled, and I used it fine lightly, but when I watched 2 consecutive episodes of voyager on netflix, first got a message saying watch out dude or we’ll block your wifi hotspot and tethering, next message was “you have been blocked”, and they did.

  • Moatillata

    Just for info, I talked to someone at AT&T. She let slip that they have been keeping track of user for a long time. She said they have over 40,000 “illegal” tetherers and they have been going through them in “waves”. She told me that I am wave #4. The deadline for my wave is the 13th. She also said that there are at least 9 more waves after mine.

    Bottom line: they are going through all their accounts and if they see tethering then they are marking them. If you tethered at ANY time it’s only a matter of time until they get to you.

    Using PDAnet with the tethering hidden isn’t a reliable indicator if you had ever tethered before.

  • webmi

    To get absolutely safe by use tethering you could use vpn (ipsec) on the tethering client to tunnel your traffic.

  • John

    I just tried downloading PDANET tonight, it doesn’t even start on iPhone 4 jailbroken with iOS 4.3.1.

    What’s strange is that the picture aboce shows version 5.0 while the software in Cydia is 1.61-1.What gives?!?

  • Grant

    No one has mentioned TetherMe, which is what I use. Anyone have any idea how that fits in to all this mess? I am currently at 11gb for the month and have been tethering to an ipad.

  • Matt

    I don’t get how it hides usage.

  • -_-

    Does anyone know if AT&T can detect if I’m using a MiFi mobile hot spot with an iPad sim card. Since my sim card is in a Mifi device I don’t think I’d be capable of receiving a message from AT&T.

  • Nick4G

    i use this and tetherme

  • Ray

    I’ve just spent the last hour or so reading a variety of threads on how AT&T is detecting tethering and I was wondering….has anybody who has actually gone with the tethered plan w/ AT&T, instead of using the iPhone/AT&T hotspot application, just continued tethering with MyWi/PDANet? And if so, have THEY continued to get any messages about unauthorized tethering?

    I’m wondering if the data that leaves the iPhone while using “official” tethering software appears any different from using “unofficial” tethering apps?

  • Joey

    TetherMe works just fine.

  • I am not one prone to exaggerating but you have created one fine app. The rebel in me loves when somebody sticks it to the big guy. Keep up the fine work.

  • Quantum

    I wonder if iphone to iPad/itouch tethering is noticeable due to packets being similar. your thoughts?

  • RaVerKun

    im currently using pdaNet, and have yet to recieve the TOD. there are two different masking options you can choose from in the app, one for first uses, and the second for if you think the first isnt doing a good enough job, i will stay posted and notify you guys if my plan changes.

    • Moatillata

      Thanks Raverkun. I am curious to see if the hide actually works.

  • SumYunGuy

    What i don’t understand, is that I have an ‘unlimited dala plan’ with ATT for my Iphone 4. I called and wanted to add tethering capability to my phone (I thought it would have been included as part of my ‘unlimited data plan’. Apparently ‘unlimited data plan’ doesn’t apply if you’re already grandfathered in on your ‘unlimited data plan’, and merely wanting to occasionally tether (I pay $30.00 a month for ‘unlimited’ and I can’t tether, without changing my data plan to a 2gb a month plan-wtf??!!).
    ATT sucks, I don’t know if the stupid call center rep gave me the correct info, or what, as you can never get the same answer from the idiots that work at their call centers.

  • Ernest

    Received TOD. Not sure if pdanet really hides tethering. I wonder how much positive or negative feedback junefabrics has received…

  • AtomicRadiance

    Been using mywi and got the notice… But like a previous poster said, if u’ve ever tethered at all, u have been flagged. Since pdaNet just recently came out with the update, older users of pdaNet are probably flagged too.

  • Playlife

    After a lot of probs with MyWi (a lot of broken connections, then airplane modus, back again, broken connection, airplane… and so on and so on) went to PDANet and had no further problems. Always stable connection, no reason fro me to switch back to MyWi

  • Josh

    I bought both full versions of mywi and pdanet while using both I received ToD. Even with the hide usage in place at it’s “maximum”… Anyone else I haven’t tethered since may 26 has anyone’s plans changed at all due to AT&T money lust?

  • Jdub

    Got the Message from AT&T after using MyWi…..switched to pdanet about 2 months ago and so far have got nothing….

  • Envision86

    Has anyone received the email that says if they don’t stop tethering they’ll be automatically switched over to the Data Pro plan for $45 a month? I just got the email from them and they stated if I tether after June 24th, that they’ll automatically switch my plan and I’ll lose my unlimited data plan forever. I’m afraid to even try PDAnet with the Hide function, because if it doesn’t work then I’ll lose my unlimited plan and I can’t afford to lose that. I hate AT&T for not allowing people to keep their unlimited plan and add a tethering option to it. I know how easy it is for AT&T to track how much data is used specifically for tethering because it goes out a different APN than the iPhone data does, so they would be able to actively track and charge more for going over your Tethering plan. But no, AT&T has to be a bunch of $&#%$^ and force people to leave their unlimited plan. I bet the only people that they’re even going after are the people that still have the unlimited plans just to force them onto the 2GB capped plan.

    If anyone receives the notice that they automatically be switched over, but decides to continue using PDAnet with the hide 2 functionality, please let us know if AT&T sends you anything else.

  • Shell

    I recently got this notice. I told the rep I didn’t even know what tethering was or how it was happening she said to update. I updated re jb on 4.3.3 I called back a few days later letting them know I did as asked. I have tried PDAnet since with hide mode on. Was using mywi before. I asked if I was still tethering & told them I just wanted to check because since I did as told & didn’t know I was doing it before I was checking to make sure all was good. Guy told me I hadn’t tethered since the day I spoke with them. Which I had with PDAnet so I’m guessing it works. I will call again in a few days as a concerned person just checking to make sure the update did work. We shall see if they change my plan. If they do I’ll drop them & find another company with unlimited I have been a customer for over 6yrs. I pay 145$ usd a month already for my shitty “unlimited” plan why the hell would I want to pay more?

  • eric

    any news on if the new pdanet is hiding their tethering from ATT?

  • eKsiSLe

    Here is the latest gentlemen. I had MyWi for 1 year and on April 15th I got the text o’ death. As soon as I read this I switched. I have been using 10-15 GB a month since and have not heard a peep. It appears that PDAnet changes the TTL header value to hide the usage and that should be a way to be “safe.” Until MyWi comes out with a TTL header update I am going to stick with PDAnet.

  • MB

    Was using MyWi but switched back yo PdaNet when they came out with the hide feature. I’m a light tether user, less than 2GB/month and have never gotten TOD.

    I another thread some folks said they can detect tethering by the number of hops the cell connection makes. If this is true then my hop number will often be wrong anyway as I use a cellphone signal repeater with an outdoor antenna. So that’s one addition connection?

    I also own NetShare which I legally downloaded from the Apple app store and they’ve never recalled it or offered me refund so I can tether without jailbreaking.

  • Hacker

    AT&T Sucks the big one!

  • Ernest

    Received TOD, letter and email by att. Now using pdanet 5.02 hide level 2 and have not heard from att again. At moment using about 2-3 gigs per month.

  • Ernest

    Received TOD, letter and email by att. Now using pdanet 5.02 hide level 2 and have not heard from att again. At moment using about 2 to 3 gigs per month.

  • Joseph

    ATT pisses the hell out of me. I haven’t received TOD but got call from them about “our concern about your data usage.” I told them I’m a stock market junkie and go away. My buddie got TOD and called them up and they backed down. Played stupid and said he didn’t know WTF the problem is, I think it’s a lot of BS. They are hitting people
    with big GB usage to dump off unlimited plan.

  • Joseph

    ATT pisses the hell out of me. I haven’t received TOD but got call from them about “our concern about your data usage.” I told them I’m a stock market junkie and go away. My buddie got TOD and called them up and they backed down. Played stupid and said he didn’t know WTF the problem is, I think it’s a lot of BUll They are hitting people
    with big GB usage to dump off unlimited plan.


    FCUK ATT bucha bs….they suck…i pay more than $140/month….and now i have to fking pay more to use my unlimited plan???? I use no more than 2GB/month…and watch maybe 20-30mins of slingbox from ipad with mywi and that triggered their system to send me a letter…they got some balls to do this..

    I guess i’m switching over to spring when their unlimited plan with iphone 5 comes out….adios you farking ATT…”rethink bullcrap”

    • krissy

      Go Sprint. But you need to get the unlimited plan now so you will be grandfathered in. My fiance uses Sprint so I tether to his phone in the evening. Once my contract is up, I will be using Sprint. At&t is losing a lot of customers. That is good for them! Hahahaha!

  • Jorge_Ball O

    When I will transfer all my Google Perform purchases, use Swype, have more customization than easy background changes, and move music and photos without having to use propitiatory application, then I MIGHT contemplate switching to iPhone

  • Timothy Hendricks

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