It seems the landscape of Twitter apps has changed quite a bit since I published this post about the best Twitter apps for iPhone, a year and a half ago. Tweetie 2 is now Twitter for iPhone, and it looks like TweetDeck is officially joining the Twitter family as well.

A few weeks ago a new Twitter app was released with much noise around it: TweetBot. It was so popular that I decided to give it a try, thinking it might even replace my current favorite Twitter app. It didn’t. TweetBot is too much for me. It’s too busy and overdesigned.

After spending a week forcing myself to use TweetBot, I went back to my good ol’ favorite: SimplyTweet

I was given a promo code by the developer over a year ago, but it obviously doesn’t influence the tone of this post at all.

When Alex published his great review of TweetBot, I commented on it saying that no matter what, SimplyTweet was still my favorite. Then Jeff asked me why I liked SimplyTweet so much. This is what I replied:

A few things I love about SimplyTweet:
– it’s fast
– it’s simple
– TwitLonger integration (I don’t know if TweetBot has that or not)
– Gives option for RT style (ie RT @… or via @…)
– 3 customizable buttons
– customizable navigation icons layout
– a default email recipient for emailing tweets (which is great because I email myself tweets all the time)
– ability to reply to several users at the same time

SimplyTweet has tons more features (see the App Store description) but these few are the most important one to me in an iPhone app.

If like me, you don’t care much about the looks of an app but rather how it performs, then give a chance to SimplyTweet. I’ll admit that the $4.99 pricetag might turn a few potential buyers off, but believe me, you won’t regret it.

  • @p4ul_k

    I still don’t see what is wrong with the normal Twitter app. First of all it’s free! Why, oh why would anyone pay $5 for a Twitter app!!!! Secondly, it’s easy to use, it’s simple and stylish, and tweeting photos, #tags and locations is easily done when composing a tweet. Also viewing photo’s from other people’s tweets doesn’t take you to the yfrog, or twitpic website (that would always annoy me!), but does give you the option to if you so desire.
    I might not have the need for any of the more advanced options in some of the Twitter apps, so it may just be me, but the official Twitter app does me fine. I always try the new ones but nothing has changed my mind yet.

  • The price is high, I will give it a try but I doubt that I will change from Tweetings for iPhone, I haven’t found a better twitter client yet!

  • Redmun

    I pointed out earlier in some post as well, Echofon is somehow really underrated on this blog. It is actually right up there with the best twitter apps. Minus the super color bling of tweetbot.

    Maybe the developers need to forward a promo code over here as well…

    • No, I use Echofon, and I’ve sung its praises many times. It’s my go to client, while Tweetbot is my backup. Echofon is doper than dope.

  • Tim

    Osfoora is the bestntwitter app out there try it ppl

  • Robson

    twitter is lame, who cares what other ppl are doing

  • Dino

    Hey. I searched for simplytweet but two came out, simplytweet and simplytweet3. Which one is it?

  • Andrew

    Twittelator is my favorite ~ by far

  • kelykat

    I love the design of tweetbot. if only they could add twitlonger, i would really appreciate it. Since it doesn’t have that kind of feature, its okay since im using qtweeter for long tweets.


  • Old Money

    echofon is the best yoooooooo

  • Justin

    What font is that in the screenshot?

  • The one feature that I cannot live without after trying Tweetbot is the quick access to related tweets. I can’t tell you how many times someone that I’m following asked a question and I replied to it, only to find out later that 15 other people had already given the same answer. Tweetbot allows you to see all of these replies very quickly and easily.

    Has anyone found another twitter app that can show you related tweets?

    I also tried SimplyTweet and the fact that links are not active in your timeline is enough to cross it off my list. Visiting links is something that I do constantly on twitter and I need to be able to do this with a single click from the timeline, not click a tweet, wait for it to load and then click the link. Echofon and Tweetlist do this, and Tweetbot works with a double tap on links.

  • No Push Notification and you said the best?

    Native Push Notification currently available on Twitter Apps and Echofon…

  • are you guys kidding me? this is like the most worst twitter client ever, I wasted 2 minutes of my life downloading this app, dor me TweetList is the 1st and Osfoora is the second, and TweetBot is really suck, it’s freaking slow plus no tweet-longer, but yes the sounds is cute.

  • ttis

    I think all you guys must have to try TwitBird (It’s also have free version), then you guys will know wihic is the best Twitter Client on iPhone.

  • ttis

    It’s so comfortable when you read tweets on iPhone with full screen. Trust me, just try TwitBird, it’s a full featured Twitter Client.

  • sabesh

    Yup, Simplytweet is better than Tweetbot and all other Twitter apps .. except Tweetings. I periodically try all new Twitter apps and none of them could match Simplytweet. However, it appears that I missed one: Once I tried TWEETINGS, I replaced Simplytweet. Tweetings actually has a bit more features than Simplytweet, with a better UI to boot. Give it a shot, you will like it 🙂