It’s no secret that we at iDB love us some Tweetbot. In fact, I think Alex gave it its most glowing review to date.

Despite the positive response from us and the public in general, the app does have some opportunities for improvement in a few basic areas.

The first noticeably lacking option is landscape mode. That’s right, there’s no built in landscape mode to speak of just yet.

Secondly, the ability to tweet out messages longer than the stock 140 characters is nowhere to be found as well.

For those of you who love Tweetbot, but are at odds with these glaring omissions, jailbreak developer Filippo Bigarella has provided two worthwhile solutions…

Solution #1

The first and perhaps most obvious feature missing from Tweetbot is landscape mode. How this was able to slide under the radar is anyone’s guess; maybe it was for aesthetic reasons.

Regardless of the reasoning, it’s silly to release a Twitter client that lacks landscape mode.

TweetbotRotator — a jailbreak tweak available on Cydia brings landscape mode into the picture, and it works completely as advertised.

Solution #2

The next omission to be fixed by means of a nifty jailbreak tweak is Twitlonger functionality i.e. being able to send tweets longer than 140 characters.

Right now, if you try to send a message longer than 140 characters via Tweetbot, you simply can’t; now you have options.

PastieBot is a companion tweak that automatically posts your entire message to, even if it’s longer than 140 characters. It works very similarly to Twitlonger, and other tweet-lengthening services.

What’s nice about both of these tweaks is that they’re from the same developer; therefore, they work together with no issues.

With the recent add-ons released on Cydia, it’s probable that even if Tweetbot isn’t satisfactory out of the box, you’ll enjoy it more with the help of the jailbreak community.

Both PastieBot and TweetbotRotator are free downloads for jailbroken iPhones on the Cydia store. You will need to add the iSpazio repo for both:

Are you still a big fan of Tweetbot since its initial release, or have you gone back to your previous Twitter client?

  • lasiaf

    using tweetbot all the way…
    like the app.. but would love it if it could offer just a little bit more…


  • Oh how I want landscape typing. I mean… how can they just not have that?

  • Landscape was left out because Tapbots had to create their own UI and didn’t have time to create landscape mode without delayig release. From what I’ve heard it’s coming soon.

  • Every time I am sick of Twitter, something new and exciting is invented to pull me back in… I’m currently loving qTweeter on Cydia because it handles multiple accounts, posts directly to my facebook, and is accessible from anywhere/anytime on the iPhone.

  • Dre

    They need to give us the ability to delete dm from tweetbot!!!!!

  • Burge

    iOS 4.3.3 is out ..don’t update…you will loose your jailbreak…

  • You forgot to mention NowPlaying for Tweetbot. It adds a button (similar to the PastieBot mod) to tweet the current song you’re listening to with the #nowplaying hashtag.

    • You’re right! How could I forget that one?

  • Dana

    Having trouble loading the repo. Keeps saying verification times out. If I use .com instead of .net it starts downloading but gives errors and nothing comes up in the repo. Any ideas?

  • @Jeff @Juan Tarrio the nowplaying tweak is also available for the official Twitter app

  • This is awesome. Tweetbot has become my favorite twitter app, but the lack of landscape mode was driving my crazy. I wanted to switch back to Echofon because of this, but I just can’t live without the Related Tweets feature in Tweetbot. I haven’t been able to find another app with this feature.

    There is one other thing I would like to see changed, and that is the way links work. Right now it takes 2 taps to visit a link in Tweetbot. 1 to select the tweet, which activates any links or hashtags, and a 2nd tap to click the link itself. In Echofon, URL’s are always active and only require a single tap from your timeline.

    • Paul, try double-tapping directly on the link. It works.

      • Great, thanks. That’s one more item to cross-off my constantly shrinking list of Tweetbot negatives.

  • Solution #3: get SimplyTweet. Does everything these jailbreak apps do, but no jb required 😉

  • Nick

    The one thing Tweetbot needs now more than anything else is the ability to go back to your last read tweet. I only check twitter 2 or 3 times a day at most and if I miss a day it’s ANNOYING AS HELL to scroll back 24 hours + of tweets to find where I was last up to. If twitteriffic can do it why cant Tweetbot???

  • babs

    how do i make the notifications and badges visible when someone tweets me? arrrg

  • Ins0mnihack

    Another tip to get around the lack of push messages is to skip Boxcar (given it only works half the time and is as slow as hell) and instead use the excellent Cydia app ‘Notified Pro’ to redirect the official Twitter app’s push messages to TweetBot. Any Twitter push message you get will now take you directly to Tweetbot without any delay.