A little after Apple released iOS 4.3.3 earlier today, we got the confirmation that the company hadn’t patched i0n1c’s untethered jailbreak exploit. That’s good news for jailbreakers who will most likely get updated jailbreak tools from the Dev Team shortly.

In the meanwhile, if you can’t wait for an officially updated jailbreak, you can still run the latest version of RedSn0w over your iPhone 4.3.3. It will be a tethered jailbreak but that will get you going until RedSn0w, PwnageTool, or Sn0wBreeze get an update…

Now I only tested this on my iPhone 3GS, but I hear it also works for iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G, and iPod Touch 3G.

Step 1: Update your iPhone to iOS 4.3.3. Note that if you are unlocked and want to keep your unlock, do not update to 4.3.3. Instead, wait for a PwnageTool update.

Step 2: Jailbreak your iPhone using our RedSn0w tutorial, and the latest version of RedSn0w available from our download section. Follow the instructions from our guide and make sure you point RedSn0w to iOS 4.3.2.

When you’re done, your iPhone will reboot. From now on, you will have to use RedSn0w to boot tethered every time you reboot.

If you don’t want to deal with all that stuff, I think the best option is still to wait for an official updated jailbreak, which should just be a matter of days.

  • Ruben

    Is it possible to downgrade my iphone 4’s baseband by downloading a previous ios 4 version and intalling it on the mobile via pwantool?? Then update to 4.3.3 with pwantool in order to keep the old baseband and therefore being able to unlock and jailbreak concurrently

    • sOleFresh

      No once you update to a new baseband, unfortunately cannot downgrade basebands at all..only custom firmwares that will keep your current.you can only update basebands hence the iPad 06.15.00 baseband used to unlock updated 3G/3Gs. Srry i wish as well!

      • Yes you’re right mate. Still no update for unlocking higher basebands.

  • Alec

    Does anyone know if this will jailbreak 4.2.8?

    • Macyourdaddy

      Should work the same way but make sure u go with your ipsw file number.

  • G Funk

    Can’t wait for the official one. Gotta upgrade from 4.1

  • Macyourdaddy

    iPhone 4 black and iPhone 4 white (wife’s phone) worked 4.3.3 JB tether.

    • Macyourdaddy

      GSM btw

  • Where’s the infamous iPad 2 jailbreak???????

    • It’s loading :/…taking it’s sweet time…

  • babeh

    yup, it’s useful for buying iphone4 lately people.

  • keep

    little bit too early I guess on mine: redsn0w_win_0.9.6rc14 with iPod4,1_4.3.3_8J2_Restore

    keeps saying “Unable to recognize specified IPSW”

    Tried to get the 0.9.7 ones but the links are broke.

    • Element_Hg

      You need to point redsn0w to the 3.3.2 ipsw 🙂

      • Eric


  • keep

    so, update via apple to 4.3.3, then instead of matching the version numbers, go way back to redsn0w 3.3.2 when I already have redsn0w 4.3.2 already installed? Even if you mean go back to 4.3.2, it kind of defeats the purpose of updating, and this article.

    • Lando

      Redsn0w doesn’t update your iPhone when you point it to the ipsw, it just uses it as a base for the exploit I believe.

  • jeme2003

    redsn0w_win_0.9.6rc14 jailbreak iso 4.3.3, but cydia dose not work…………………….

    • Macyourdaddy

      It works… U need to boot tether to make it work. Read the article before making changes.

  • Aaron

    Question, the newest firmware todate is 4.3.3. I’m currently 4.2.1. Can I sort of like update it to just 4.3.2 instead of 4.3.3? Grateful to anyone who’ll tell me how (:

  • Tencents
  • yes-no

    redsn0w_win_0.9.6rc15 is out!!!

  • ipod10

    does sb settings and other toggles works normally with the new firmware 4.3.3?

  • Anand K

    This was interesting! I followed these steps, but when I check my settings on the iPhone later, it still showed 4.3.1, am I doing something wrong?

    • Anand K

      Or Do I need to update 4.3.3 in iTunes first, before I get on to RedSn0w or Pwnage?

  • Anand K

    Never mind, didn’t read the first direction properly!

  • Alex

    Iphone 3gs f.w.4.3.3 jb with redsn0wrc16 , sometimes do ‘sent show photo album,very slow,battery drain it’s to high and wend i reboot start’s always in safe mode. I’m waiting for GreenPois0n always work great.

  • Ff