What kind of a news is this, you may ask yourself. Under other circumstances, a photo of Steve Jobs walking to work wouldn’t have made its way to iDB, but considering Steve is on a medical leave of absence, it’s nice to see him showing up at the office.

This picture was taken by 2 people who were visiting Apple’s Cupertino offices from Italy. They saw a black luxury car showing up, and to their surprise, Steve Jobs came out from the passenger side. While he was walking his way to the door, the 2 visitors asked him for a picture. You can guess Steve’s answer to that…

Steve Jobs is not a rock or movie star. He’s not in the business of promoting himself so he kindly declined to take a picture with his 2 fans, claiming that this wasn’t the right time and place, and that he has being expected at a meeting.

This would make a great t-shirt: “I flew from Roma to Cupertino and all I got was this picture of Steve Jobs’ back”. Deep inside, I’m a little jealous as I’d love to meet Steve one day. You?

[iPhone Italia]

  • fake..

  • Michael Honez

    “This picture was taken by 2 people”. So, one held the camera while the other pressed the shutter button???

    • Ali


    • Ethan

      Nope, one held the camera and the other person held the one that held the camera…

    • dyaln

      thats actually really funny

  • Psreyna

    He is in the business of promoting himself. In this day and age he is a ‘Rock Star’ in his own right. I think it’s pretty lame.

    I’d love to meet Steve Jobs.

  • DebTym

    The reason he turned his back because the fans were actually using an Android phone.

    • unicorn666

      hahahahah 😀

    • hahahaha 😉 I’d love to meet him if i could one day, too!

  • mripod64

    I’d love to meet him if i could one day.

  • Xtreme

    Santa Is fake !!! Not this picture

  • Young Money

    He’s like a cartoon character always wearing the same thing. I would love to see his closet.

    • Ken

      I agree with you. I want to see steve job’s closet too….

  • hbcbob3

    Steve Jobs is just a person, like any other celebrity/athlete/one of you/me. I’d rather meet Michio Kaku to hear how he thinks. He’s pretty interesting on those tv shows.

  • Steve Jobs says “you peasants, go away”

  • Abdullah

    I see he took the liberty of cutting down time and not removing his presentation clothes

  • c0edx

    He looks like a Hobo for a bilinear.

  • mk

    Why there weren’t any body guards?

  • babeh

    well something flaws in cupertino building design, there are no secret/private door for ceo/vip person.

  • Them: Hey, can we take a picture with you?

    Steve: Nope.

  • kokhean

    who da hell put a darn website on my name?!

  • ha i used ur WiFi sry i just thought ur name’s funny! it’s supposed to be kokhead, right? I didnt mean to use ur name! I do visit that website though… Btw, i got ur book out here, i think u dropped it..

  • 5imo

    he could of posed for 3 seconds just for 1 picture

  • Tom

    He’s just a guy and besides who cares about that control freek.