With news regarding iOS 5 starting to pick up, more speculation is being made about what Apple will do with the next iteration of iOS. A new notification system is one of the most requested features for iOS 5. The current system has been highly criticized for years.

Will Apple totally revamp its system for notifications in iOS 5? There’s a good chance they might…

Cult of Mac is reporting that Apple will be buying a small company to build its notification technology into iOS. Keep in mind, rumors of Apple revamping notifications have been floating around for years.

“There were rumors last year that the iPhone’s notification system would be fixed after the chief architect of Palm’s system, Rich Dellinger, returned to work at Apple. However, the system still hasn’t been fixed, and according to our source, Apple is now trying to buy a small app developer to fix it.

Our source, who asked to remain anonymous, didn’t know the identity of the company, except it already has an iPhone app in the App Store.”

Cult of Mac is placing its bet on Boxcar, which would be a definite candidate for an Apple buyout. Boxcar currently offers its own method for push notifications through its iOS app. When asked about a potential buyout, Boxcar declined to comment.

I sent an email to App Remix’s CEO Jonathan George asking whether his company was going to be bought by Apple. His response? “No comment…” he said.”

If Apple is indeed planning on a revamp of iOS notifications, what will the new system look like? A more unobtrusive experience would be ideal. The pop-up style of the current notification system has been in need of a change for quite some time.

Here’s an interesting concept:

We’ve seen many different concepts, but this one looks the closest to something Apple would actually design.

Although it’s very unlikely that Apple will implement a system exactly like this, it’s entertaining to think of what could be coming in iOS 5. Most likely, Apple will surprise us all with a totally original and creative system that no one could have guessed.

What do you think? Do you think we’ll see a new system for notifications in iOS 5?


  • BLiNK


  • Juan

    sounds nice. i’m hoping the notification panel is opened with a gesture, not an app icon, like LockInfo, Android and WebOS. It would also be nice if Apple allowed notification icons in the status bar.

  • DebTym

    My iphone is hacktivated and i’m using a gevey.not that might excitement

  • Olek

    Your hired…. when’s the release?

  • Funked

    This is by far the best notification concept I’ve saw to date. I hope Apple are taking notes, give the people want they want!

    • solo

      couldn’t more agree with this. i feel a better notification improvements here in my iP4 than iP3, yet it ain’t good enuf to be compared to any Blackberry devices. I think if Apple give their thoughts and fast respond on this issue, they’ll completely beat Blackberry.

    • putra

      couldn’t more agree with this. i feel a better notification improvements here in my iP4 than iP3, yet it ain’t good enuf to be compared to any BB devices. I think if Apple give their thoughts and fast respond on this issue, they’ll completely beat BB

  • I think it’s likely the notification system will be tweaked. Apple seems to make things less than perfect, wait a year or so, then fix it claiming it’s “innovative”.

    I’m sure they’ll tweak it, but I’m curious as to what the final product will be like. They can go many routes. I much prefer a Notified Pro GriP type notification system. If anyone doesn’t use this Cydia package, try it out!

  • Robson

    HAHA the time is 420, light that shit up!!’

  • Robson

    HAHA the time is 420, light that shiat up!!’

    • We are not potatos

      Whoa dude. So weird. Soon as I looked at your clock I looked at my phone and it was 4:20 pm. Coincidence

  • Shaz

    wow this looks so clean. i love it

  • Cameron

    How do I get this on Cydia? I can’t find it! Does it even exist?

    • Owen

      You need to add a source :
      first get ‘notified pro’ then get
      ‘notification bar for notified’
      Or ‘notification grip for notified’

      Also get palm os style multitasking called ‘multifl0w’ it’s like expose for mac, it’s awesome !

      • Michael

        dude like for real? Xsellize? don’t be posting that shit on here if it’s that good SUPPORT THE DEVELOPER AND BUY IT!

      • Cameron

        Thx mate just having a little problem with the source 😀

  • srs

    This is almost exactly like I have been mocking up in my head. Instead of an “app” it should be in the top bar. Maybe even have the stock apps (mail, phone, sms, calendar) have there own icon in the bar, and then an arrow or something for the rest. And have it be more like the lock screen as opposed to the more app like.

    • I agree, it’s only 3 bucks. Quick question though. Do I have to uninstall bitesms for this to work? Bc I bought it and I have it set up but I’m nit seeing the notifications.

      • Cameron

        How do I download it? Pls reply

  • ME

    How do you get the notifications on your lockscreen?

    • Usersean

      LockInfo is sexy…

      • srs

        True, but this implementation (design) is very Apple. I find many of the LockInfo themes to be a bit BAM/In your face, as opposed to being “Apple like.” As the conceptual designer here says “Yes, both Android and WebOS has great solutions for notifications, but my goal here was not to super glue something else onto iOS, it was to find a solution that really feels natural to iPhone users.”

        I think he did it. I wonder if someone in the jailbreak community will try and figure this out. They do? I’ll jailbreak again.

  • sOleFresh

    Wow. This is the best concept ive seen yet. Big thumbs up..

  • the grouped notifications feature is awesome, its a must in the next big iOS update

  • Greg

    Looks great. Add the option to repeat the notifications at user-set intervals as well as customize the sound and for each app and you’ve got a real winner.

  • bobby

    i want anything as long as i can reply to a text “in app” a la bitesms…..they do that and i wont need a jailbreak any longer!

    • Daniel CG

      *look of disapproval *

  • starsky

    Bobby..I AGREE. I just want something, ANYTHING like bitesms and I will be a happy camper.