It was recently discovered that the newly released white iPhone is slightly thicker than the original iPhone 4. To everyone that cared, it seemed interesting that Apple would release the practically same device with a different set of dimensions.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Product Marketing, has spoken out on the white/black thickness debacle. And he’s saying that it’s a non-issue…

“It is not thicker, don’t believe all the junk that you read.”

In a DM via Twitter, Phil Schiller responded to a tweet from Ernesto Barron asking to verify if the news is true or not. This isn’t the first time Schiller has talked about the white iPhone via Twitter. Several months ago, he originally tweeted that the device was coming out this spring.

A teardown of the white iPhone 4 has revealed that there are some different component elements that affect the white version’s dimensions. The only real downside to the change in thickness is the fact that certain iPhone 4 cases won’t fit the white iPhone.

Are you concerned with this issue? Hopefully the mythical white iPhone will be able to ride off into the sunset peacefully after this story.


  • Apple

    WhO cares

  • gefdue

    u know what… the white “girly” iphone is not so much to drool on………unless u r a chick

  • mripod64

    Unless the white iPhone 4 has better hardware i could care less about it 😛 just saying….nothing all the special..

  • Ana

    I got it, i love it and i’m a chick

  • appletiser

    not bothered, I’m surprised some geek with a vernier gauge hasn’t already measured each device to prove Schiller right or wrong 🙂

  • I can’t understand why anybody would want to buy an iPhone 4 now in any color with a newer, better faster iPhone 5 coming out possibly in just a few months time and if Apple follows on with it’s usual policy of reducing the price of “older” models surely the iPhone 4 is gonna be cheaper too.

    • Pete

      Keywords being “possibly” and “a few months” (read probably 5 months). Some people just aren’t willing to wait that long… Not to mention the jailbreak of the brand new hardware will take a few more months.

  • c0edx

    It’s only 1mm from what I was told. I wonder dis they fix the death grip on the white iPhone 4? Has anyone confirmed anything about that.

  • Pete

    So he’s denying it despite it apparently being true? What a jerk.

  • user

    “Don’t believe all the junk that you read.”

    That’s so true.