After Cydia was crippled by the the recent Amazon EC2 outage, jailbreakers have been seeking out alternative options to get their favorite iOS extensions. Currently, Cydia is widely known as the “only” jailbroken app store, but it certainly seems like the Infini Dev Team is looking to change that.

You may recognize them as the developers who are bringing back the popular Icy package installer, which has been absent from the jailbreak scene since iOS 3.0. But Icy’s not the only Cydia challenger these guys have been working on. They have another project in the oven called Lima

The intriguing thing about Lima is the fact that this package installer won’t have a home screen icon. It will instead be browser-based, allowing jailbroken users to just navigate to a website in Safari to get their favorite apps and tweaks.

Judging from the video, Lima seems to be very simple and straight forward. It also appears to be snappier than either of the other contenders. A browser-based installer actually makes a lot of sense. By cutting the need to download an application, they’ve removed a major barrier between their product and the masses.

Lima is currently a work in progress, but we will be sure to let you know when it is available.

What do you think? Are you excited for browser-based installer, or are you a Cydia/Icy fan?

  • yehoshua

    Depends, would going to lima allow me to Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1?

    • feelthepain444

      What the… you can already jailbreak any device on 4.2.1 with greenpoison… Beside Lima isn’t a jailbreak solution -.-

    • sOleFresh

      wheres this guy been

  • Alastion

    I love cydia, but it won’t hurt to try something new. If it’s not good then I’ll just come back to cydia.

  • Selcuk

    I wonder how it installs the packages and whether you could add sources or not? Seems interesting though. It’s always good to see new things in the community.

    • Numan

      Selcuk cydia nasil indircem iphon bana bi yardin ci olurmusun

  • nico

    I was really disappointed when Rock went away last year and just find Cydia’s entire design/interface to be cumbersome. I never totally be able to not use it but it would be nice to have an alternative.

  • Samtulp6

    We just implanted backups in lima and in icy, yes you can add custom repo’s. 🙂 Lima is 100% speed, and youll never see a “Reloading data” or “loading” message!
    -Member of Infini-Dev

    • Doesn’t this pose a problem. In future iOS updates couldn’t Apple build into the OS a native block on the urls you navigate to prevent this method with getting app/tweaks/themes/etc.?

    • *of getting app/tweaks/themes/etc.?

      • no, because it uses a plugin that will only work on a jailbroken iDevice. as long the device is jailbroken, this will work.

  • hi im @koen_hendriks from the Fr0zen dev team.
    We help @iPwnm0nster with lima.
    We are happy to announce that Lima will also have a backup system, and a system to remove packages.
    For newest updates follow me and Repwn

    @Selcuk: Sources cant be added yet, were trying to figure this ou, probably by creating a login system for users.

  • Bytenapple

    Even Cydia, as great as it is today had to start somewhere. I am excited to see what these additional players have up their sleeves. Remember this one fact. Any good software takes time, extensive testing and tweaking to become great.

  • Samtulp6

    @koen… What about me? … LOL

  • gefdue

    Cydia is good but u we always hav 2 update the repo.. and overall Cydia is slow… even the latest version.If i m able to jailbreak nd unlock using Lima then i wud love it.

  • Ango

    I wonder how that works?
    Please tell me, because if every site on the web would be able to install and uninstall my packages i would be really concerned about it.

  • @ango no worries for that. You’ll need a plugin from cydia to do this, and only you give permission to do so.

    • Ango

      If so its a geat idea. 🙂
      And it would be awesome to have this plug in installed with a regulary jailbreak.

      • jup, we are also making bundles in wich it will come

  • BeAstHacKer

    Can I have cydia and Lima at once

  • Icy bundle is ready, Lima bundle not yet. oh and BTW, You will see a new and much better icy today or tomorrow !

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  • jailbreak crazy

    Do u need to jailbreak 4 Lima, Because I dont like to jailbreak every time i update my ipod touch 4G

    • Yes.

      • Jailbreak Crazy

        Awww come on

  • jailbreak crazy

    My Ipad 2 is jailbroken on 4.3.3

  • Yup I sure did confirm. 🙂 Funny I just stumbled across thus cause i was check google search on my website.

  • BTW. U HAVE TO JB TO USE 3rd party apps. It will always be this way sorry guys.

  • Jabbernaut

    Cydia sucks and everybody knows it, but Saurik refuses to get off his high horse and make it better. Whether Saurik wants to admit it or not, Rock was several times more efficient and way more user-friendly. I experienced no negative side-effects from using it.

    I mean seriously; we’ve been staring at “Reloading data” for what feels like minutes at a time for years now. Is it that hard to reload in the background?

  • Renovate Innovate

    the info for this was leaked before its release for a period that now exceeds the rumours that prevailed re the iphone5 at point of when the iphone4 was first released.
    i think its pathetic to have attempted to build up this dialogue with hype to such a degree.
    I’m not looking at this site again so feel free to post any come-backs you wish, it will not affect me, only serve a pathetic attempt at saving face.
    furthermore – why on earth woul such a browser version of cydia be any more efficient? even from within cydia, an iphone app, where apps are considered ‘superior’ from an ‘ease of use’ perspective, to the general browser versions, the patron still has the ablity to enter website info, forums etc. from within cydia.

    i think LIMA SUCKS, and LIMA DOESN’T EVEN EXIST. so it’s something that is non-existant and sucks at the same time. this mankes any REAL version of Lima even suckier!