Everyone knows by now that the white iPhone 4 is shipping worldwide. While the 10 month-long wait for the mysterious device has finally come to an end, is it really the end of the white iPhone 4 saga? Maybe not.

Since its launch last week, renowned iDevice hacker chpwn has been asking the Twitter nation to check their new white iPhone 4s for special markings. Apparently, a few lucky folks have limited edition iPhones and may not even know it…

Chpwn has been requesting that anyone who receives a white iPhone 4 with “XX GB” on the back notify him immediately. Additionally, he suggests that recent white iPhone purchasers check their Settings for an “Internal Settings” option.

He states that if anyone has a model with either of those characteristics, he’d be willing to pay big bucks for it. It seems as though Apple has inadvertently shipped iPhones with special in-house software. Chpwn warns that if you have one of these special devices, do not restore it.

The former Chronic Dev team member believes that whatever is on these units could be useful in future jailbreaks. If you come across one of these gems, feel free to email him at chpwn@chpwn.com with pictures. It’ll be interesting to see what develops from this, and to find out what is so special about the software on these phones.

Does anyone have a white iPhone matching chpwn’s description? What could the secret inside that chpwn wants so badly?

  • DebTym

    Wow. It is like gatchapon.

  • Allen

    But what is it good for?

    • hmmmmm

      absolutely nothing, say it again! WAR hugh! what is it good for!?

      • ray

        lmfo. Jackie Chan style

  • Macyourdaddy

    My black one doesn’t say how many GB it has in the back and neither does my whites white one. I thought they all had the GB size in the back?

    • qwertyu

      Most likely it is because you have a case

      • Matt

        Mine doesn’t have the size on the back either. I have a black one

    • vik071

      Are you sure you have an iPhone?


    • kokhean

      They don’t.

  • Beakhand

    None of the iPhone 4 blk have the gb on the back

  • NiKg

    the newer ones don’t have the size normally.

    • nalls

      does nikg stand for nigiko?

  • Manuel


    • Bernd

      Don’t be racist, man.

  • T-Mizzle

    When it’s big you don’t have to measure or brag.

  • I have the term “white”. Can’t we call it the “white: non-Latino” iPhone from now on?

    • you sir, are an idiot.

      • James Wilson

        Don’t talk to him that way. He’s UNC fan. ‘Nuff said.

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    Iphone’s 4 black do not have the 16GB or 32GB on the back, but the 3GS that dont have ??GB on its back are those Refurbished, while the original iPhone, iPhone 3g and 3gs have their memory size marked on its back, by the way, I noticed the 99% of the 3gs with no ??GB on its back have their 4.1 shsh saved on Cydia, thats why I think their are refubished, how can customer who bought a phone in the last 2 months can have their 4.1 shsh’s saved on Cydia if they don’t even know what jailbreak is and they never toke the phone to somebody else jailbreak it? have anybody else noticed that, or just me?

    • kokhean

      Not necessarily refurbished, I saw an exchanged 3Gs (from Apple) with SHSHes also saved. It also has the XXGB ingo at the back. btw, it’s a 32GB iPhone 3GS.

      • kokhean


      • kokhean


  • DebTym

    cpwn wants some xxx

  • Candice

    I’ve got what Chpwn wants. Got it shipped from my cousin in the US. Waitin for his response how much he offers for it. I’m pricing it high as i couldnt care less about the jailbreaking. It’s the boyfriend that jailbreaks… I prefer plain vanilla iPhones like Apple intended. Would be great to keep this limited edition phone too!

    • Fun2 b me

      I’ll give ya a blk one and 5 bucks:-)

  • he wants xx gb ????