Apple is reportedly building two iPhone 5 models for a scheduled fall release.

According to an employee of an Apple parts supplier, there is reason to believe that the iPhone 5 will actually be two devices: a ‘standard’ and ‘pro’ model.

Previous rumors have said that the iPhone 5 would be a significant redesign of its predecessor, and we’ve also heard rumors that the iPhone 5 will end up being only a slight evolution of the iPhone 4.

Due to the extensive amount of NDAs our source had to sign to work with Apple, he could not give us very many details. He does believe that Apple is going to build two iPhone models, which he referred to as a ‘normal’ and a ‘pro’ version.

Our source says that Apple is ordering components of similar function, but some of them are the very best of what you can get right now.

While the rest of the ordered components are just the standard versions, Apple is also ordering better quality components of the same function. Our source says that both types of components wouldn’t go in one device together, which makes him believe Apple is up to something with a ‘pro’ version.

We believe our source is reliable regarding this information. On top of that, we have also heard from an inside source at Apple that the iPhone 5(s) will definitely not be released until Q2 of this year. Apple’s internal revenue forecast for the next business quarter is the lowest it’s ever been, which means no new iPhone(s) until at least August or September.

According to our inside source at Apple, the company is making plans for the next iPhone announcement in the fall after the “Back to School” season. The next iPhone announcement will take place in the exact same time frame as Apple’s music and iPod event has in the past.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard about a fall iPhone announcement, and we believe our source has only helped confirm that news.

Recent rumors of an iPhone 4S have suggested that the next generation iPhone will only be a slight redesign and focus more on internal hardware. We’ve heard that the next iPhone (whether it be two devices or one) will be a global device capable of running on all carriers.

Perhaps Apple will keep the ‘normal’ version of the iPhone 5 as a carrier-specific device, and introduce a global phone with upgraded specs as the ‘pro’ version.

[The above image is merely a concept and not the real iPhone 5.]

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Either way, Apple can keep their “incremental upgrade” iDevices to themselves. Hah..good luck with that though, users on all carriers can gobble that bullshit up now. Hell, even other cellular manufacturers are doing the incremental upgrade dance *cough* RIM *cough*.

    Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, won’t fool me again.

    • poynter32

      I like the George Bush quote

    • yeah

  • iPhone2G

    I want Apple to release more than one iPhone model a year. There needs to be more variety in the iphone market. I dont like that everyone has the same phone as me. I miss the early iphone days when i was the only person i know who had one. I think your source is full of crap though.

    • Joe

      I miss those days to. 2 years ago I was the only one of my friends with an iPhone. Then summer came this year and I was one of the only people at school who got an iPhone 4. Now I see a lot of people with them. So I jailbroke mine, made it a little different and made a custom case.

    • Jon Garrett

      maybe everyone dont have the same phone as you. its you who have the same phone as everyone else.

      if you want something different, new and exciting. get an Android phone.

      • Alec

        I was going to get an android, but then i said to myself “why get a imitation, when i can get the original?” so i bought an iphone..

    • Luis

      i miss those days where i was the only person i know who had one. I miss that there was not enough apps and that i couldn’t do as much as i can today thanks to its popularity.

      • Ryan

        does it really matter that everyone else has one? it’s a foolish complaint. and If apple begins releasing new phones more than once or twice a year, the quality will be reduced, the ingenuity will be less, and they won’t be able to captivate the market’s attention with their grand releases every summer or fall. Doing a tiered model will attract the attention of lower-income people, but that’s not really what apple is about. They like to make exclusive phones (even though sooo many people have them) rather than controlling market share. They couldn’t give a rats ass about android or microsoft market shares.

      • Jon Garrett


        you said “They couldn’t give a rats ass about android or microsoft market shares.”

        I guess its a good thing you don’t work for Apple because you would run the company into the ground by not caring about market share.

        You do realize that apple made the first OS with a GUI and today Microsoft owns 90% of that market. if apple is happy with their little 10% then more power to them.

        iOS is old, stale and boring and controlled by a dictator known as Steve Jobs. Android is the future.

      • Fabio Rodrigues


        who says IOS is boring??
        if you jailbreak it you will see a whole new world, and most of android comes from IOS, most of the android market store are android versions of IOS apps later ported do android.

        about market share, how much was an apple before and how much was an microsoft desktop before???
        Microsoft is know for cheaper products than Apple, that’s why on some researches Apple is point to be bought by people with more acquisition power??

        Most of people that I know that have an EVO 4G is because they dont have qualifications to open an ATT or verizon account, so they stick with Sprint who ask for less documents when open an account with them.

        Would be an Android system if wanst IOS???

        and if it interest anyone

        “Yes I DO LOVE MY IPHONE :D”
        it does everything I want, I’m not sure if iphone 4’s of 5 will make want to change my iphone 4

  • c0edx

    I wish the iPhone 5 looked just like in the picture above. From what it looks like there will not be a iPhone 5, it’s goin to be iPhone 4S with the A5 chip. Then next year they will push out the iPhone 5 with the A5 chip and a bigger screen and some other changes. Also I think that the iOS 5 & iCoude will be introduced with the iPhone 4S this fall.

    This makes more sense because they will make more money this way. Also the iPhone 4S will be compatebel with T-Mobile’s 3G network. The iPhone 5 will also have a hardware upgrade to support 3G/4G data on both AT&T and T-Mobile.

    That’s what I see happening in the future with the iPhone.

  • none

    When it was said that the iphone 4 on Verizon did not make expectations so Apple cut production,
    Why continue to pump out more CDMA iphone 4’s when the iphone 5 is around the corner. I would stop making last years new and move fwd with the iphone 5 in both flavors, white and black, iphone 5 and both networks.

  • Burge

    Ofcause there ordering parts that can do the same thing…it’s called testing..they want to know we need the buy the more expensive part or will the cheaper part do..the more they save on parts the more money they make..Apple is just out to make money …I can bet they have done this with every iPhone , iPod , iPad , and Mac that they have ever made…

    • Absolut Jose

      cheaper doesnt necessarily mean lower grade, quality, or capability. Yes of course they want to make money as u would too have u had a billion dollar company to keep market share power. An example of quality to price comparison would be that of computers. Asus a newer less expensive form of desktops and laptops have the same or even better overall functionality to most other computers (desk or lap), and i know this because if u open up ur computers and look at who makes the motherboard, you’ll find it to be, ahh yes ASUS… a more economical investment for u with a high value of outcome. Now Apple takes a little more than a year to test out part specs to give the best fumctionality and keep the same cost to the consumer as it has for the past iphones. Have u not noticed that the iPhones are faster, more responsive, better in quality, hell even better looking, yet the price seems to have stayed the same… hmmm a result of minimising costs from finding products of comparable quality at lower price. And that kind of business strategy is marvelous because keeping a highly valued image for a pretty leveled cost to a comsumer means more consumers, which means more money for apple which in turn means apple keeps making better iphones at standard cost both for production and consumer. An ever winning cycle that keeps iphone users iphone fans, can say the same for any other cell phone (android), because if such were the case we’d be talking about the Evo, or X, or Edge, or wutever other phone they try to bring out that eventually becomes obsolete, which i smile with pride when i see people still using the very first iphone without discontent.

  • Justin

    I’ve said it before, if they’re going to make their costumers wait an extra 3-4 months for this device, it better be something worth waiting for, and not just a 4 to 4S. I could understand that if it was released at WWDC, and then wouldn’t be a shock to see a minor upgrade. No, at this stage of the game to make us wait, I want a revamp of this phone.

    • Woody dog

      I’m with you. If apple don’t wow me I’m going to android. The samsung galaxy s2 looks real nice right now

    • shinratdr

      I would cut them a little slack. They are repositioning the release date of the iPhone because of the iPad. The iPad allows them to ramp up production of the new chip, which gets put in the iPhone & iPod touch, now both released around the same time, removing the time gap between the iPhone and iPod touch and handing it to the iPad, which frankly just makes sense.

      It may be an underwhelming release year for some, but that shift needed to happen. It puts the iPhone into the much more logical back to school market instead of a summer release, pairs it with the iPod touch, and places the iPad up as the premium device that gets the power first.

      Makes sense to me.

  • I believe the iPhone 4 is the best quality product ever to hit the mobile market
    To change the product with a view of using cheaper parts will just make the iPhone 4 a stronger product and more sout after than a cheaply made successor idevice

    I know there are people out there who are going to go mad on ip5
    However I will not be getting the ip5 unless the build quality is the same or better than my ip4

    • Burge

      Your i4 was made with the parts that were going to make it work …and the cheapest parts were used…the i4s or i5 will be made just the same way…and yes it will be better than the i4…Apple will not put out a Idevice that’s a step backwards…

  • Totally agree Burge, totally agree!

  • Ifti

    Pro version will have NFC

  • stfudvs

    C0edx +1

    I agree exactly

  • School

    Apple are making one phone a year which is fully loaded and best specs available at the time of release, no one else was doing that hence apple went ahead

  • paul c


  • Neil

    The reason they’re ordering 2 sets of parts is simple. One is for the new iPhone and the other is for the new iPod touch. I

    t’s just like the iPhone 4 and 4th iPod touch.

  • It’s going to take an extremely massive overhaul of the iOS itself, and not the hardware, to bring me back to an iPhone. I could not take the very intrusive and obstructive notifications anymore. But trust me, iOS and the iPhone combo is the best out there. Except for the notifications.

  • Max

    I hope that the ip5 Has a slide out keyboard and can be on us cellular and can be white. I also want it to be available without a data plan.

    • Ohhh, no slide out keyboards. Moving parts break.

  • JR

    that’s why I just upgraded from my 3GS to the white ip4 32gb. Who knows when the ip5 is coming out and how it looks.

  • FartFuck

    How much time did it cost to make up this story?

  • I disagree with your source for many reasons. First of all, as has already been pointed out, they are probably just for the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th gen, or even more likely Apple are testing different components to see their effect on battery drainage and performance to find the equilibrium trade-off point for the finished product. It is well known that Apple want to minimise fragmentation, and if they introduce two iPhones in the same cycle with many different specs then where does that leave developers? Do they optimise their apps for the pro version and essentially ostracise everyone else who’ll doubtlessly leave negative reviews complaining of crashes and slow loading times, or do they build apps optimised for the standard model thereby making the bumped up pro specs redundant and a waste of money?

    So your source’s claims make absolutely no sense.

    • FartFuck

      Only idiots believe shit like this, the webmaster/poster should also have known better than this. It’s pure BS and he probably knows it as well, but he’s just after the money.

  • That’s very true, Robby, especially since the iOS on the iPhone — which accounts for the GUI — really is the “face” of the iPhone, and if the GUI changes, then it will indeed feel like a very new iPhone. That being said, in my opinion, the form factor of the iPhone is critically important to most average iPhone users. I would also argue that the desire for an aesthetically pleasing exterior is something peculiar to iPhone users — I don’t know that style and aesthetics are as important to Droid and Blackberry users.

  • Brian

    Where is the front camera!?

  • Yeah the rim is too fat— probably going to bring the screen all the way to the edge on the next one…..

  • x

    A pro version would make sense since there are many Android phones that already have dual core processors. A 1 grz quad core processor would really be a game changer.

  • I think it will be great

  • Absolut Jose

    I think its funny how there are ip5 bashers already and the product doesnt even physically exist, well at least not in the market. Which brings me to ip4 and all the attenna whine babies. they complained, bashed and some even switched to other phones, yet ip4 is the phones to beat… the makerting campaigns of all the droids pointed it out themselves… better than the iphone4, faster than the iphone 4, smarter than the iphone 4, as time passed by newer phones still compared themselves to iphone 4. why not to the so acclaimed better, faster, smarter? some of the droids are made by different manufacturers, droid is just an opporating system that mimmicks. so let me tell u why not. because most of those campaigns had marketing funded media, which means they used the more self beneficial information. like saying that 9 out of 10 chose a certain droid over iphone, but they actually asked they discarded 10 other answers. and/or it could be that they probably got all the claims from droid users, like asking a vanilla lovers if chocolate is better. not unbiased… surveying is a great marketing tool for altering resuslts. which yeah i understand that this blog itself is biased since it is an iphone blog, but most legit tech blogs whether non-profit or adverttising funded speak with more respect to the iphone. oh and for the record apple does not waste on small time advertising. so Ip5 will be the best phone when it comes out until the next iphone after that one comes out. and i hope they minimize cost by using lesser expensive parts because im used to paying 200 not 5 or 6 hundred for it. Bamn!!!

  • Next iphone will be an iPhone Shuffle that you clip to your belt!

  • hell yeah im going to get me a iphone 5