Most people agree that if something looks like a duck, smells like a duck, and tastes like a duck, then it’s a duck. That cliche saying doesn’t seem to fit so well in this situation. Monino looks like Mario, sounds and acts like Mario, but he sure isn’t Mario.

The application some how snuck into the App Store and has been making noise around the internet ever since. It isn’t garnering attention for its amazing game play, but for the amazing amount of copyright and trademark laws it seems to be breaking. How long do you think it’ll survive in the App Store?

Actually, Apple has already pulled the plug on the application, not even 24 hours after accepting it. This really makes you wonder how in the world it got approved in the first place. What Apple employee would review this app and think, “What a completely unique and original idea. This guy might really be on to something.”

You play as Monino, a mustache-bearing, overalls-wearing protagonist that is on a quest to find his sibling who has been kidnapped by a turtle-monster named Bowler. You travel through pipes to reach exterior parts of each level, and shoot fireballs at mushroom-shaped bad guys.

For folks who couldn’t grab the app while it was still up, you aren’t missing much. The touch-screen controls on the app are so poorly done. You’re better off playing one of the many emulators available in Cydia.

While this game is terrible by all measures, it sold ridiculously well for the short time it was available. I wonder if Nintendo is taking note of its popularity. Since Sony recently announced that it is bringing some of its gaming titles to the Android platform, there have been a lot of people wondering if Nintendo might make a similar move with iOS.

I don’t see that happening, given the increase in competition iDevices has given Nintendo over the last few years.

What do you think?


  • Apple

    Haha what a idiot

    • William

      An* idiot… Idiot

  • Micah

    Hey all u guys r wrong super monimo bros. Is awesome

  • Micah

    Hey all u guys r wrong super monimo bros. Is awesome.

  • Yeah, it got pulled from the App Store yesterday once the news started circulating the Internet about it. This article is a day late.

    • Saw the update to the article come in as I was waiting for my comment to post. Nevermind!

      • Jeff and cody suk 2 much di-ck

        They were late copying the article from other websites thats why its a day late

  • Manuel

    Ill be checking this out in installous 🙂

  • Fojam

    Dumbass whoever made this game… Well ill get it on installous

    • Stone Cold Steve Austin

      You can’t find it, it’s not there 🙁

      • KiraXD

        yes it is… its just called something in chinese characters… just scroll through the game list.

  • David

    Available as a download from PandaApp…. Just change file extension to .ipa

    Tested working on iPod 4 running jailbroken 4.2.1

  • ddr

    I got it and immediately deleted… Awful, hilariously awful!

  • Jamal

    I smell a big fat Nintendo lawsuit.

  • Micah

    Where is the monimo bros at this is killing me not having it

  • DebTym

    lame game. poor controls.unresponsive