Apple is taking fitness to a whole new level. The folks over at Patently Apple have come across a new patent Apple filed back in October of 2009.

The patent for a Fitness Center app that Apple seems to have been working on for a while now was published today by the U.S Patent & Trademark Office. The Fitness Center app includes various capabilities such as social networking features, giving users the ability to find a workout buddy. The app also seems to include Nike integration, illustrating a list with “The Nike Club Training Club Class.”

“Apple’s Fitness Center App is well designed to cover all aspects of a workout including stats gathered from next generation smart equipment right down to the inclusion of a unique social networking component that will work within a particular fitness center or within your city limits to help you find a workout buddy and/or to stir on competition to get you motivated. Apple’s new fitness center app is designed to work with your iPhone or iPod touch to provide you with realtime stats to keep you informed and on track.”

The application is broken down into four categories which include, introducing users to fitness facilities in their areas, encouraging them to join and participate, motivating them while using the facilities, and post-workout motivation to return and continue their fitness program.

Maybe Apple will include this as one of the new features in the upcoming iOS 5?

Do you think this app would encourage you to be more active and participate in fitness activities?

  • Esh

    I was wondering when they will do such a thing.
    I have wii for about one year now, and from all the hundreds of games I played,
    I continue to ‘play’ the wii fit plus.
    I believe that every family which has wii has also the wii fit (or at least 90%).
    So, why not having it in iPhone?!

    Well done Apple!

  • Don

    Big deal. Interactive fitness games, played in people’s homes and workplaces, are going to transform the fitness industry. The games will become so immersive people will become addicted to them.
    Gyms, are going to end up being attended almost solely by dedicated weight trainers and they don’t need any silly apps to motivate them, all they need is mirrors

  • DomPerignon

    Exercises/Workouts app developers must not be happy about this.