Good news, since I know nearly all of you will be lining up in the morning to lay claim to a white iPhone 4. I kid, I kid.

Nevertheless, there’s a bit of good news coming out of the Twitter-sphere this afternoon, and it’s regarding the vulnerability of the white iPhone 4.

The question people have been wondering is this: Will the iPhone 4 be vulnerable to a jailbreak out of the box tomorrow? Renowned iPhone hacker @chronic gives the answer inside…

The apparent answer to that question, according to the fine bunch of hackers on Twitter, is yes; you should be able to jailbreak your white iPhone 4 as soon as you bring it home from the store tomorrow.

This is highly indicative that the white iPhone 4 will come preloaded with iOS 4.3.2, a firmware version that has already been successfully jailbroken.

Even better is the fact that the current iOS 4.3.2 jailbreaks are untethered jailbreaks, so you get the real business from day one. As always, you can find our full list of jailbreak tutorials here.

Nice, huh? So who’s lining up with me in the morning?


  • Dman

    I will as soon I find out if it can be unlock with BB 04.10.01??

  • Dman

    I’m with Walmart mobile!

  • BeeG

    Considering that 4.3.3 isn’t released i’d say that it was a given that it could be jb’d out of the box !

    • Binary-Stalker

      Except the botrom couldve been patched, but wasn’t.

  • He-Man

    I’m surprised that Apple DIDN’T patch the bootrom…
    Actually, I think I know why. The memo above said no design changes were made AT ALL, besides the white paint. So I honestly think that means that they didn’t change anything but the white paint, including bootrom. Apple’s getting lazy.

  • Its a color……not a new FW version