It appears that iOS 4.3.3 could be dropping in the next few weeks. In Apple’s recent response to the iPhone’s location-tracking database, the company mentions that an update to iOS is coming, “sometime in the next few weeks.”

Due to a bug in the iPhone’s location database, Apple plans pushing an incremental update to iOS very soon. There’s no word on an official release date, but we should be seeing iOS 4.3.3 before the end of next month.

In its Q&A, Apple said that the next update to iOS would include,

  • reduces the size of the crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower database cached on the iPhone,
  • ceases backing up this cache, and
  • deletes this cache entirely when Location Services is turned off.

In the next major iOS software release the cache will also be encrypted on the iPhone.

So, no major updates to speak of, but people that were concerned about the privacy issues related to this location-tracking issue will be able to rest easy.

There most likely won’t be any added features or enhancements to iOS until we see iOS 5 this summer.

In the meantime, jailbreakers make sure to save your blobs. An untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.2 was pushed out pretty quickly, and we suspect the same thing will happen if 4.3.3 comes out in the next couple weeks.

Is there anything in iOS that you want Apple to fix in the next update? Have you jailbroken 4.3.2 yet?


  • Lupin

    Lol still rocking 4.2.1 and loving it

    • Manu

      4.2.1 rocks!!!

      • keelan

        4.2.1 is the best

    • moimoimoimoi

      I agree, except for hotspot feature – which ALMOST makes jailbreaking obsolete…

      just want Apple to:
      – SB-Settings type quick access
      – allow me to edit APN like TetherMe
      – have scrolling backgrounds like Parallax
      – Include more robust bluetooth like Celeste
      – Wi-fi syncing
      among other things….

  • Apple

    Tired of these stupid updates every week might as well bring 5.0 out

    • Young Money

      If you do upgrade make sure you read the whole TOS agreement. Idk if you saw tonights south park but you might be agreeing to let apple stitch your mouth to someones asshole

  • im done staying on 4.3.2 until iphone 5 comes out.. this is bs

  • Dr. Gurpreet Singh

    ios 4.2.1 Rockss !!

  • Young Money

    Still on 4.2.1. You know 4.3 is buggy if they’re bring out the 3rd update all w in 2 months.

  • PhittyPois0n

    This is bull crap, i mean we having iOS updates every few weeks, can’t cope and m staying on 4.3.2 for now till the summer…

  • Chas

    I’m on 4.3.2 with locationd blocker, I’m happy enough with that

  • BaEbri

    Update to IOS 4.3.3 is welcome, but would be very pleased if Apple could include an update that would enable those of us on such locked BB as 04.10.01, 02.10, 03.10 etc to unlock and use our iPhones in any network. Since I updated to IOS 4.2.1 early this year, my iPhone 4 has been in limbo as I can not use for any meaningful purpose other than playing music and games. Apple should please do something about this

  • iYaSeeN

    Was running 4.3.1. And. Downgraded to 4.2.1. It rocks

  • DWK81

    Yeah still with 4.2.1 since i jailbroke my phone and dont plan on updating until the new iphone 5 comes out. Anyone have an idea when it might be out?

  • Shaun


  • elungrs

    i cant restore back to ios 4.3.2..why? have to wait until 4.3.3 come out?

    • elungrs

      i mean my iphone 3gs

  • upgrade to 5.0.1