Thanks to a new hack for running iPad apps on the iPhone, someone has been able to successfully run GarageBand on the iPhone 4. GarageBand is a relatively new addition to iOS that was introduced alongside the iPad 2.

Although the App Store’s GarageBand is specifically designed for the iPad, it can also be hacked to run on a jailbroken iPhone.

Watch a demo video after the break!

As you can tell, the app seems to function pretty well once ported. The guy says he used OpenSSH to change the app’s underlying metadata so that it would run on the iPhone.

There are some obvious scaling and interface issues, but this is still a cool experiment to check out. You can do this yourself through the magic of OpenSSH on a jailbroken iDevice, you just need the right information.

Apple will probably make GarageBand a universal app in the future. It’s going to be really interesting to see how the iWork suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) work on the iPhone through this method.

What do you think of GarageBand running on the iPhone 4? Pretty cool, huh?


  • ddr

    Funny to see how the iPhone picked up on the different code meant for the iPad, like the phone speaker playing the music rather than the louder speaker near the 30-pin plug… It would be awesome if a hacker can fix the interface, or if Apple made it universal.

  • Andy

    :O This is the best news in a long time!

  • Gara

    Not much use when you can’t see most of the screen