iPad 2 owners, hoping to jailbreak, have had a rough go of it. Initially, we thought the exploit for Apple’s latest tablet would be available soon after launch. Now, 2 months after its release, the latest Apple tablet has yet to have a stable solution.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the iPad 2 jailbreak situation, let me quickly fill you in.

Comex posted a picture of his iPad 2 jailbroken last month, but he has since quit working on the exploit. With Comex out, all eyes turned to p0sixninja, who tweeted that he and the Chronic Dev team were working on the exploit. However, he has since commented that the iPad 2 jailbreak has been progressing extremely slowly.

Enter d0nfyxn, an unknown hacker with no previous history of jailbreak-related work. Over the last few days he’s been uploading videos and pictures of his iPad 2 running Cydia and Installous, which are well known jailbroken applications.

He’s not just bragging about his exploit either, he’s promising an alpha release by tomorrow. Only time will tell if he’s for real or not.

I’m definitely marking this down as a rumor until I see it working for my own eyes, it wouldn’t be too difficult to fake something like this. The fact that this guy came out of no where, and has only been a Twitter user for a few days, also makes the whole story pretty sketchy.

We’ll keep you posted on how this all unfolds, and let you know as soon as a stable jailbreak is ready.

Is anyone excited about the possibility of an iPad 2 jailbreak?

  • anon

    Lets hope it’s real. I’ve been wanting to run MyWi on my iPad 2 since I bought it…

  • iPadoholic

    I’m getting a woody, please dont give me blue balls!

  • esquivo

    I think this guy is geohot disguised 🙂

  • Bak

    I wish people would get over this video already… There is still no explenation why the clock on his ipad changes when he hits the home button after showing each app….it is clearly just a picture on his ipad…..and he does nothing in the video to prove that it is anything more than a picture…..show us at least cydia search …….this guy has been givin us the run around for what? 2 weeks now?

  • c0edx

    The video is edited, put up the volume and when he click on cydia or Installous the sound in the background changes. FAKE!!!

  • tyler_af

    Okay seriously this is one of the worst fake jailbreaks I’ve ever seen. 25 seconds in when he opens Cydia the time shifts over to the left. In his other video Cydia rotates at 18 seconds and remains in landscape and shrinks proving it’s a screenshot. Worst of all when he tilts the iPad back down 31 seconds in on the other video you can see the Photos.app controls. People please don’t get your hopes up. This is awful.

  • MikeBuckleyTRTC

    It’s fake. Don’t post shit like this and get people’s hops up. This D0nfyxn should have his balls removed. Watch the way the time on the clock jumps around. He spliced the video together. He’s a dick. Everyone better start being patient and nice to the REAL Devs or there will never be an iPad 2 jailbreak.