A couple days ago we told you about a nifty little tool for the Mac called ipswDownloader. The app allows you to manually download just about any iOS firmware version for your iDevice.

The only negative thing about ipswDownloader was that it was only available on the Mac. Luckily, someone has ported ipswDownloader for Windows! Now Windows users can download firmware with these easy tool…

The coder that ported ipswDownloader notes that the program is not yet as full-featured as its Mac counterpart.

“I’ve ported over ipswDownloader from Mac to Windows, its initial release doesn’t include all the features of the OSX version but I’m working on adding them in the future.”

If you want an easy way to find and download specific versions of iOS firmware, ipswDownloader is for you. The Windows version is available as a free download.

Remember, iTunes will automatically download new firmware when Apple updates iOS. Also, you can find and download specific versions of iOS on our iPhone downloads page.


  • Rastreez


    • The link is legit. No viruses. Promise 🙂

    • Because some anti-virus programs cant tell the difference. some files like say hacks or mods or tweaks have the same kind of build as a virus.
      personally i trust anything that comes out of this site.

  • danny

    the link show up a VIRUS

  • This gimmick I can live without. I’m happy enough downloading firmwares online from a number of firmware hosting sites.

    • DomPerignon

      Agree 100%

  • Grant Robert Thomas

    http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/ has always been my go to course

  • Virus scan results: http://tinyurl.com/6xnycgg

  • @Mr. MBerman,

    Totally agree with you. And this is the site I always refer when i want to download the iOS I want:


  • I think this is cool. Yeah it’s not that hard to find and download firmware for your Apple devices, but still i think this is better.

  • Micke

    This is easier, plus that a big number of the software sites I’ve used requires you to have a premium Rapidshare account to be able to get full bandwidth, or something of that nature. I am not willing to pay that kind of money, since I only use Rapidshare to download .ipsw for my my iPhone, maybe once every three months.

    So this little tool is excellent for my needs.

  • G

    Takes the piss. My mac don’t have app store.

  • egnaro

    Official Windows version from original developers exist – http://ibrain.com.ua/2011/04/ipswdownloader-for-windows/

  • it’s not correct Win version of ipswDownloader!
    Official win app you can find here – http://ibrain.com.ua/soft/my-projects/ipswdownloader/

  • App was updated to openIPSW