True, the iPhone 4 has been out for like, forever, so it normally wouldn’t warrant an unboxing video.

I mean, you could feel free to make an unboxing video for your iPhone 4 right now, and no one would care.

But when you throw the color white into the ring, things change all of the sudden. Techies get excited, unboxing videos get made, and people grab their popcorn.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, the long lost cousin of the device you probably have sitting in your pockets right now…the White iPhone 4

I think this is literally going to bring a tear to my eye! No more white iPhone 4 rumors for us to cover, no more sleepless nights as I ponder the sad reality of a white-iphone-4-less world.

It’s here folks, and this isn’t just some case replacement with pilfered Foxconn parts. No, this is the real thing.

Now it’s question time: Are you sad that all of the white iPhone 4 rumors will come to a grinding halt? Are you getting one?

C’mon, it’s been nearly a year already, vent you frustration, pleasure, pain, whatever, below!


  • Dude, your writing was perfect, but then the video totally ruined it. I was asking myself “where is the rest?”

    • It’s funny you mention that; after re watching it, I kinda of thought that too… I was left “wanting more.” Too bad I don’t personally have a white iPhone, I would have done it some real justice. As it stands, we’ll have to make due with what we have.

      • Indeed.

      • G

        Why can’t I watch on iPhone mate ?

      • javierE186

        I would not count it as the first unboxing just because the screen protector (default one from Apple) was man handled and then put back on that beautiful device. It’s a damn shame :'( and the video sure pooped on your writing lol. It’s another shame :'(.

  • As for how I feel about the white iPhone 4. Nothing really. People have gotten there idevices sent in for a white replacement with various companies and they look the same. So I feel as if the white iPhone 4 already made it’s debut.

  • Burge

    I’am only now waiting for the White i4s . The White i4 has taken to long to come out. September is only 4 months away and if I waited for the White i4, 4 more months is nothing…roll on September

    • blink creations

      I agree with you Burge! I am going to just wait it out. I’ve waited this long. Whats another 4 months. Hang in there everybody. 🙂

  • Young Money

    4 months is a loong time. I might way until May 8 so if they do announce something ar wwdc I’m w in my 30 day return period

  • Fun2 b me

    It’s time to end racism. I mean black iPhones and white iPhones are both iPhones. Can’t we all just get along. I mean were all the same color on the inside.

    • Binary-Stalker

      It’s not racism, simply colors of a PHONE.

      • Alec

        You have NO sense of humor what so ever… Its a joke!

      • Gabez

        Oh Binary-Stalker, you only think in Ones and Zeros. No humor in him.

  • Jerry

    i would of atleast been more satisfied if apple put a little post card in the box explaining the delay of the phone and apologizing or atleast played a song when u opened the box like the post cards lmaoo

    • That would be ridiculously funny.

  • Tin Nguyen

    Come on, folks. An iPhone is an iPhone, black or white hardly matters since you will most likely keep it in a case anyway. My mum used to say it’s the inside that counts :-))

  • Worst unboxing ever.

  • young money

    @fun 2 be- that was hilarious. Too bad the guy below you doesn’t have a sense of humor..

  • Torres

    Jeff do u have a crush on trey songz.. “Pleasure,Pain,Passion”? Lol 🙂

  • Eddward

    What the fool is big deal about I phone 4 in white! Yawn city. I have a clear case on my I phone 4. Looks fruity. Smooches bitches.

  • Foebee

    White iPhone, black iPhone F*** segregation!!!

  • Foebee

    Don’t really care, all I need is my cydia running s/o Saurik

  • Abdullah

    Does it have the A5 processor in it?