Are you still a little paranoid about the iPhone location-tracking file? Are you afraid that Apple or your carrier is tracking your every move?

Lucky for you, there’s a new jailbreak tweak called Auto Location that automatically toggles your iPhone’s Location Services on and off. When you’re not using an app that requires GPS, Auto Location will turn the iPhone’s Location Services off. When you open an app that requires Location Services, Auto Location turns it back on…


“Do you usually enable the location switch only when you use an application that requires location services? Have you ever forgotten to enable location after launching the application? That’s enough! Auto Location is for you! This teak automatically enables and disables location services only when needed.

For example, when you launch the Navigation GPS application or any GPS tracker, Auto Location will automatically enable location services; and if you close the app, the tweak will immediately disable location services if there is no need to use location updates anymore.

Auto Location detects the apps that need location services by using your settings in General > Location Services.

Auto Location is also compatible with any intentional settings, it doesn’t override location set by other tweaks. For example, if you schedule location to be active during hours of work, Auto Location will never disable it if you use and quit an application that requires location services.”

Auto Location doesn’t have an app icon or settings to configure. Once installed, the tweak will just sit in the background and toggle Location Services for you.

Although this tweak won’t keep Apple from collecting your location information throughout the day (you need untrackerd for that), it should help improve your iPhone’s battery life. Location Services (like any other system resource) will affect your iPhone’s battery performance when turned on.

If you have Auto Location toggle Location Services when needed, you should see a noticeable improvement in the life of your battery.

Auto Location is available for free in Cydia.

What do you think of this tweak? Have you noticed an improvement in battery life since you installed Auto Location?

  • C0ntr0l

    On my way to cydia

    • MrA

      Why? Seems silly, Apple will have it fixed in the next update.

  • Shrike1978

    I tried it, and I can’t see what it actually does. When an authorized app requests location, it turns on location for it to use, when you exit or the app stops requesting location, it turns location off. This doesn’t change the operation of the device. Even when location is turned on, it’s only actively working when an app requests it, otherwise, it’s idle and not tracking and not using battery. No app can use location without authorization. Apple’s tracking service does not go through the normal location services, so this does nothing at all for it. Basically, this tweak does what iOS already does. It’s a gimmick…nothing more.

  • Z

    Lol yeh you don’t see the gps icon on the status bar whenever Apple tracks your location

  • appletiser

    seems at the slightest mention of anything that can ‘track’ a user results in a raft of tweaks appearing out from the woodwork. if you’re that paranoid about being tracked then don’t use a mobile device, bank card, supermarket loyalty card or anything else that has historically been used to track users long before the iPhone came about.

  • C0ntr0l


  • Any app that helps improve battery life and that doesn’t munch up ram must be worth a consideration. Shame it’s not working on 4.2.1.

    • DomPerignon

      Why still on 4.2.1? Upgrade!

  • XepptizZ

    I bet your opinions would be greatly different if youd accidentely murder someone.

    • MrA

      The police are on their way to your house right now.

      • XepptizZ

        I guess many more accidents are about to happen, some of them pantswise.

  • Usersean

    Is there any indication of this working? Because it always seems to be turned on in my…

  • wilson

    download sbsettings and sbtoggle..

  • Infre5cious

    Well It Doesnt seem to work tht well

  • Neo

    Awesome tweak, works perfect on IOS 4.3.2 iPhone 4. I had to turn location on and then the app I wanted the tweak to work with (eg TomTom) and then after that it worked as thought. Great work.

  • Simon

    have anyone noticed any different in the battery life?

    It seems that the tweak only delete the location logs when they are made?

    • shrike1978

      I ran it for a while last week, and it made no difference. Like I said in my comment above, this doesn’t change the normal user experience one iota, and does nothing that could even conceivably change the battery life.

  • DomPerignon

    Very nice tweak!

  • Rod

    Works perfectly (4.3.3)….turn on the location services as you need (apps that uses the gps) and when you exit the app it turns off…saves lots of battery…you should turn location services off on the settings after installing it.

    To check, If you have sbsettings installed and have the location toggle, check it before launching an app and you see the locations is turned off (red), then launch the app and check again, it will be on (green)…exit the app go back and check the toggle…it will be off again…

    This kind of behavior should be standard on ios…I don´t know why they didn´t do it.