Chalk this one up to another interesting innovation involving Apple’s iPhone. We’ve shown you the 360-degree lens and the dual sim case, now let me introduce you to the Wi.U. It’s the smartest portable battery charger you’ve ever seen.

The Wi.U case pairs the iPhone with the battery charger through the device’s 30-pin connector. The charger has the ability to detect when your iPhone battery is getting low, and will automatically start charging it up…

The Wi.U case isn’t just your typical portable battery charger, it comes with its own iPhone application. With this app, you can set a date, time, or even a battery percentage that you want the device to kick on at.

There is also the Wi.U pad that uses a Powermat-like technology to wirelessly recharge the Wi.U case. The inventor of the Wi.U says that it should give you about 3 days worth of usage. This sure seems like a cool concept, but how does it compare to products like the ZAAGsparq?

We may never know. Like many of the innovative products we’ve featured, the Wi.U is a Kickstarter project. This means that the company behind the product is raising money through Kickstarter to start production of the smart charger.

They’re hoping to raise $20,000.00 by April 26th, otherwise the project does not get funded. At this time, only $3,550 has been pledged, so things certainly aren’t looking good. If you donate $100 or more, you’ll get your own Wi.U when/if they start production.

What do you think? Would you buy one?

  • akag9

    No. Solution to non existing problem. “App to charge when battery reaches %”…? why?
    If you need portability Phillips’ neat charger is < 20$ on sale at WM… works great.

  • Adam

    Hmmm, it looks massive….
    Does anyone really use belt clips anyway?

  • Tommy salami

    Haha. No

  • STK10

    Why you? more like why bother! Bam zinged!

    But seriously,
    If you could make it built into an ottorbox (for example) case then the bulki-ness wouldnt be a factor and it would be a lot more handy and functional for people.
    A durable case that makes your phone battery last longer, now theres a product.

    If they use that idea im going to be expecting some royalties!

  • c0edx

    Wow a black guy invented something neat… I think Jews are involved here to. ( And no im not racist, Im half black and the other half is jewish) : )

    • MrA

      Judaism is not a race because Jews do not share one common ancestry.

      • andrew

        everyone in the world shares a common ancestry, you dumbass

      • MrA


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        Hopefully this helps you understand it more so you can at least sound knowledgable when you post again.

      • MrA


        Let me know if I need to use smaller words to help you better understand.

      • Darrin

        I don’t think the insults are necessary. But I think what he was trying to say is that Jews are made up of multiple races living in the belief of Judaism. Judaism isn’t a race, it’s a religion, or a way of life so to speak. Anyways. The device sounds neat but it’s a flooded market. And I use an otter box so this has no use for me

      • dabe

        Keep studying, only one “race” out there human race brotha. Most Jews (like myself) are at least partially a shared ETHNICITY. Maybe you got race and ethnicity confused, either way you are still wrong no matter how many times you repeat yourself.

      • MrA


        Right brother.

        Right the human race. I’m not gonna waste my time o. You. I think my point was pretty clear.

      • MrA


        You do understand there are different races in the human race, right? And judaism is still a religion not a race. No matter what you think.

      • Spike

        @Mr A: don’t you see you’re getting trolled, imbecile?

  • Jason

    My family and I ; wife, 2 & 4 yr old all have
    i-devices. If this was similar to an otter box I would pay $100 bucks! I pay 60 for otter… 40$ and you HHS my order! Cool design if I dis not have kids who play with my iPhone I would buy x4 today… Good luck, go to a venture capitalist!!

  • XepptizZ

    Though it seems to impractical to be really usefull, i must say that the design does seem very nicely made and the app looks really clean and smooth, wel designed.

    But who the hell is to bothered to go charge their phone when it automaticly gives you the battery warning?

  • Yea seems neat but not that practical. I have a way slimmer battery case and it protects it better then the one shown. Plus how improtant is a case that starts charging it during a certain percentage. Seems if anything the app would slightly decrease battery life because it has to check battery indicator every 5 seconds.

  • stfudvs

    it’s slick, hope they reach their goal

  • JDI

    I think this could be a great item if it were to be a whole case like the Mophie Juice pack.

  • Biff

    Holy shit!!! Might as well carry a car battery around. I’m all for new ideas and inventions but come on. In the not so distant future phone makers will find the secret to long battery life. I don’t think it will be the size of a car battery.