Cydia is finally back online! Literally, after 86 hours of downtime due to Amazon’s EC2 outage, Cydia is up and running.

Cydia’s founder, saurik (aka Jay Freeman), announced the good news via Twitter. You will now be able to proceed with regular Cydia operations, such as purchasing packages, use of the Theme Center, and managing your Cydia accounts… 

“After 86 hours offline, Cydia is finally back! I’m eating some celebratory cake, and am looking forward to a night with >1.5 hours of sleep!”

Now that Cydia is fully functional, be sure to thank @saurik on Twitter for all of his hard work! Long live jailbreaking!

  • Mogan


  • BLiNK

    i updated to 4.3.2 and re-JB this morning.. spent a few hours with a vanilla style iPhone. it was scary

  • James

    My purchasing is still not working. Maybe cydia needs more time to get back to speed. Thanks saurik for all your hard work!

  • Tom

    Now if only the PSN was back on… :/

  • James

    Restate fixes everything!

  • James

    Restart fixes everything!

  • sigit

    saurik…you…. the best!……..thanks a lot!…long live jailbreaking!

  • James

    Sleep well Saurik!

  • Mikado

    Thank you very much!

  • Barry


  • Chas

    well done saurik and thank you from the Northern Ireland jb community

  • NaeD

    Maybe it was the picture of a sad pumpkin that made them finally reinstate service

  • Doylebl

    Thanks saurik I really appreciate your hard work. Keep up the great work. We would all be stcrewed without you. Now if only you could help Sony

  • sas

    haaaa??? when did this happen ive been downloading shit from cydia all week and its been working fine.

    or am i just lucky?

  • appletiser

    while I also appreciate the hard work, one question – which planet is cydia working on because for the past 8 hours I’ve still been unable to update a couple of packages due to the ‘Forbidden’ error.

    and before some smartass says restart/reboot, I have, many many times 🙁

  • Karl

    Thanks saurik. Could you now help Sony fix the PSN.