Well, well, what do we have here? The folks over at Boy Genuis Report have got their hands on what seems to be a photo of a T-Mobile iPhone 4, with 3G connectivity and all.

Looking at the markings on the back of the handset, in addition to the field-testing settings and applications on the device, it looks to be a prototype. BGR claims that the internal name for this specific model iPhone is N94, while the Verizon model is N92 and the standard GSM variant is N90. 

The handset is said to be running iOS 4, and looks almost exactly identical to the upcoming White iPhone 4. The only difference that seems to be present on this model is the proximity sensor, which looks different from the retail version.

Currently, there is no evidence as to when Apple will release the device, or if it’ll be released to customers at all. With the AT&T/T-Mobile merger deal still waiting regulatory approval, if the deal does get approved T-Mobile customers will ultimately get the iPhone. But does this mean we might see a T-Mobile iPhone this year?

Check out additional snapshots of the White T-Mobile iPhone 4 prototype here.

What do you think?

  • If the next iphone has the capability to work on tmobile it would give me a reason to unlock.

  • Pam

    Ok, now if T-Mobile gets an iPhone, and gets to keep their current rates, I’m so switching to them.

  • Its about time. Little piece of info, the iPhone is on nearly every provider outside of the US. Now that the exclusivity contract is up Apple should drop the iPhone on every US provider.

    • Manuel

      Bye bye android 🙂

  • stfudvs

    could current chipset in i4 could be flashed by apple to include tmo’s 3G frequencies, or is this a prototype with the qualcom baseband

  • Now we will see if iPhone or Android is better.

  • igeek

    Meh iphone is just a fashion statement… I have 3 use 2 as paper weights and sport a android… Apple is good… Faster.. But android is best… No jailbreak needed to stream movies…