Following the heels of AT&T’s and Apple’s Q1 earnings call, Verizon has announced a rather impressive earnings report for Q1 of 2011. The Verizon iPhone has been available to consumers since February, and the industry was been waiting with eager anticipation for Verizon’s official word on its iPhone sales.

Yesterday, AT&T announced 3.6 million iPhone activations on its network for Q1, and Verizon has announced a staggering 2.2 million iPhone activations since February. That means that Verizon is selling 1 million+ iPhones per month.

Until today, Verizon had yet to give any indication of how well the iPhone was selling on its network. Speculation was that the device wasn’t doing that well, and AT&T’s Q1 results indicated that many people still chose the AT&T iPhone when given the opportunity.

Verizon has surprised all of us with some rather impressive numbers for a device that’s barely a business quarter old.

In Apple’s Q1 earnings report, the Cupertino company didn’t give any specific sales numbers for either carrier. Apple did say that AT&T and Verizon now account for a huge share of iPhone sales.

It’s nice to see that both AT&T and Verizon can do well with the iPhone at the same time. This spring is sure to be interesting when the white iPhone 4 is introduced into the mix.

Next year will be even more unpredictable. Will Apple release the iPhone 5 on both carriers? Will Verizon be on a later Apple release cycle than AT&T from now on?

What do you think?

[GigaOM, image via MacStories]

  • It seems the big winner here is Verizon. AT&T activated 3.6 million iPhones, but how many were iPhone 4? Selling the 3Gs at $50, I’m sure the older device accounts for a big chunk of the 3.6 M.

    I can’t wait to see them have the same device at the same time, to really see who’s doing better.

  • Tommy salami

    AT&T wins. With all the people you had waiting for verizon iPhones and AT&T still beats them when they’ve had iPhone for 4 years and even iPhone 4 had been out months. Not to mention they don’t even offer unlimited data plans anymore.

    • Alec

      Actually, the verizon sold 2.2 million iphones in less than half the time. If you do the math, at&t sold about 1.3 in the same amount of time, including the 3gs…

      • Tommy salami

        Are you butt hurt that At&t is the better network and still sells more iPhones. O well. Verizon still has.. O wait they have nothing worth making people want to pick them over att

      • It has nothing to do with being a carrier fanboy, which is pretty retard when you think about it.

        Verizon sold 314,000 a week over the course of 7 weeks- That is pretty damn impressive.

        They are right a $49 iPhone is a bargain to most, I know a lot of people who picked that for their 18 year olds early graduation presents.

        Verizon’s iPhone 4 numbers would have been more if they had an entry level iPhone that could match AT&Ts plus how many people sat out to see what 4G devices the carrier was launching and what the iPhone 5 might be like. Some of those sitting out may wait it out or may hear that the iphone 5 is delayed and jump on the iPhone 4 now. Q3 is going to be a big test if no iPhone 5 is out and they have just iPhone 4 can the iPhone do another 2 million with more time on the shelves and competition as well. The iPhone will be the true test between both carriers. I pray for a 4G LTE iPhone to ditch AT&T they have the better speed right now but it has went down hill because way to many people jamming up the network around here now. If the next iPhone is 4G LTE hello verizon

  • Manuel

    @ Chris

    Well said, very well said.

  • Luis

    compared to at&t its a joke, but to verizon its paying off