Prompt is a new, stylish SSH app from Panic. The Panic team has developed several popular applications for the Mac, and now they’ve ventured into the App Store with a new SSH client.

If you’re a network/developer geek, you’re probably very familiar with SSH (Secure Shell). Prompt is an incredibly well-designed SSH client for all iDevices. If you’ve been looking for the perfect SSH app, Prompt may be the solution…

Panic’s description,

“Prompt is a clean, crisp, and cheerful SSH client: it helps you when you need it, and stays out of your way when you don’t. Perfect for system administrators, web developers, movie-style hackers (“Let me just TCP/IP into the UNIX port!”), or any person who needs to connect remotely and type some magic.

Prompt also has a lot of seriously helpful features, including effortless favorites, customizable special keys, autocomplete, keyfile support, Bluetooth keyboards including special keys, password lock, Bonjour server detection, and more.

Prompt is also universal: it looks and works great on your iPhone, your iPad, and even your iPod Touch (or, as your Mom calls it, your iTouch.)”

The first impression of Prompt is polished. The app looks and feels just as elegant as Panic’s other products. If you use SSH regularly, you’ll most likely fall in love with Prompt.

Like Panic says, Prompt has several key features that make it a compelling SSH client for your iPhone/iPad.

Prompt remembers all of your server connections so that you don’t have to re-establish a connection each session. It also has wonderful support for customizable key commands (as well as Bluetooth keyboard compatibility). Autocomplete, multiple session connections at once, automatic local server discovery, etc. all make Prompt a compelling app for the SSH scene.

Prompt is available for $4.99 in the App Store. The app is universal and also works great on the iPad.

What do you think about Prompt? Do you have a favorite SSH app?


  • Panic rocks, no question there. Ever since I first tried Coda for OS X, I’ve been a fan of them.

  • Prompt is awesome, definitely the best client for iOS. For the iPhone it’s a bit cramped but it really shines on the iPad.

  • JoBerlin

    I guess I’ll buy it! ssh root@localhost seems to be way better than MobileTerminal.

  • Pete

    I’ll be sticking with iSSH. Can this do RSA auth? Semi-transparent keyboard? Session grouping? Or even X? iSSH can:)

    • Eldaria

      I’m also with Pete here, iSSH rocks, I use it daily.

  • fameal

    I love iSSH as Pete does. It let you import and export the hosts list, import and export RSA key by e-mail and algo shows you the server status with some led. Grouping is also nice but not a must for me. Although, SSH tunnels are important for me and iSSH does a good job. I think I’m a quite a fan of it 😀

  • Fredixx

    Screw all those Mac only stuff and try to help out all those iPhone users on Windows for a change by pointing out good alternatives.
    You know: most people in the world use Windows, so most iPhone users too!

    • Eldaria

      I guess you missed that this is an app for iOS? not MacOS.

  • Beherith

    I love vSSH. It’s powerful client and it supports touch screen gestures.

  • Shell User198273789729872

    Alex, you lie. This app is not the best. Infact it was a waste of my £6. It doesn’t support tunnelling. Ergo I have issued for a refund. Thanks for wasting my time.