According to a report from Reuters, Apple is scheduled to begin production of the iPhone 5 in July/August with a September release. This news coincides with other reports that Apple will push back the next generation iPhone’s launch to a later fall date.

It is unclear as to why Apple is not following the usual summer release schedule for the iPhone, but all signs point to a different roadmap for 2011. The iPhone 5 is reported to have a faster processor and look very similar to the current iPhone 4.


“Apple Inc suppliers will begin production of its next-generation iPhone in July this year, with the finished product likely to begin shipping in September, three people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.

The new smartphone will have a faster processor but will look largely similar to the current iPhone 4, one of the people said. They declined to be identified because the plans were not yet public.”

Apple’s focus will be on software at WWDC this summer. iOS 5 will be previewed, and the iPhone 5 will most likely ship with the new OS. If the iPhone 5 does closely resemble the iPhone 4, iOS 5 could be what sets the new device apart from the iPhone 4.

We’ve heard that the iPhone 5 will be a significant redesign of the iPhone 4, but there have also been multiple reports claiming that the device will be similar to the current design.

A recent analyst report speculated that the iPhone 5 will have an A5 processor with a 8 MP camera. While the device could remain similar to the iPhone 4, it will definitely have some significant hardware upgrades to set it apart form its predecessor. For a comprehensive look at what to expect from the iPhone 5, check out this infographic.

The white iPhone 4 will supposedly be released at the end of this month, which would give Apple enough time to profit off its sales before introducing the iPhone 5 in the fall.

What do you think about this iPhone 5 news? Are you ok with waiting till the fall for its release, or will you be picking up another smartphone (Android?) this summer?

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  • Rizo g

    Since when did this blog change from iDB to iRB (iPhone rumor blog)

    • Lerimer Santana

      If it wasnt for these rumors you probably wouldn’t even be on this page in the first place.

    • Ethan

      Since forever…most of news I got here are rumors. Used to be my favorite blog but it’s starting to bored me out.

  • iYaSeeN

    It is iPhone blog for whatever iPhone news. Just because the is iDB does not mean it is for downloading only. Rumors have the most share of iDB.

  • ThisNThat

    Thanks, Alex. I like reading about the “rumors”. I just ordered my spouse an iP4 to replace the BB Curve…EWWWW….I know. This rumor won’t change my mind about that order just placed, and no white iP4 is on my agenda. BUT…for me, I may “consider” an iP5. But I did the wait-in-line for the iPad 2 (1st ever event for me…), and it turned out all fine and good until the next day when I found out both of mine had horrible screen light issues, and one in particular, horrible gray color tone. Did some research, and there are many threads on just Apple site alone that hundreds of people all over are complaining of this..some even on their 5, 6, or even 7th replacement. I just returned mine, got 2 new iPad 1 units. That’ll do until problem is resolved at Apple’s end, or iPad 3 emerges. Who knows. BUT…the point being, I’m done standing in lines for launch day. First antennagate, then iPad2 light bleeds, …I don’t want to be the one losing more cash on the first iP5 units. Too expensive to deal with when there are defects.

    • ThisNThat

      ….and if their primary focus is now so much on software….what does that say about hardware “issues”??? Will they even be QC’d, addressed and fixed when found?? So far not on the iPad2.

  • Agree with iYaseen

    • Thanks for the support. For some reasons, haters are always more vocals than real fans, so it’s nice when readers give us positive feedback about what we do 🙂

      • Darrin

        Well everyone here Does an excellent job and I check the site multiple times a day. Keep up the good work! As for thisNthats concerns. Apple is most definitely concerned with any hardware issues. There just focusing on software to the public at the show. I’m sure issues will be solved shortly.

  • Torres

    Shout out to the haters!

  • Darrin

    It’s an iPhone blog. You get everything to do with iPhone and it’s maker apple here. If u don’t like the rumors then skip them instead of taking time to enter the story and post a response. Just my thoughts.

  • Burge

    And back to the post ..
    I couldn’t be happier if that push it back cause my upgrade is on the 4 of jan and I be getting a phone thats only be out a few months in stead of the usual 5/6 months..roll on September

  • Come on Apple, you’ve gotta change the model at least a little. Make it look a little different? Please?

  • Nick4G

    Dear White iPhone, please come already. I’m sick and tired of this website talking about you every hour!!!!! Thanks.

    • Burge

      This is about the i5 not the mistick White i4

  • Bass

    8 megapixels?! That alone is worth the upgrade for me; I can finally replace the huge 5-year-old camera I have lying around that is just as good.

    The best camera is the one you have on you, of course.

  • Jesus joseph and doggy style marie this website is a pile of dog shit

  • DebTym

    so i’m guessing an unlock will be release on september or octomber or there will never be.

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    your a pile of dog shit bitch!!

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    Sebastien needs to incorporate a “Dislike” button on these posts. That way the loyal readers can collectively delete the dumb posts of people complaining about content. I follow IDB on twitter and end up reading many of the articles everyday. Rumors or not, it still makes for good reading. I follow many of the iphone and apple sites and IDB is usually the first with the scoop. Keep up the good work Sebastien!