With all of Apple’s touch devices these days, do you ever miss the classic iPods? Sure they didn’t have as cool of games or shoot HD video, but there was definitely something sexy about that click wheel. It was responsive and made browsing your music collection faster than ever before.

If you are looking for a way to kind of relive the good old days, check out iClassic. The Cydia application for jailbroken iDevices will allow you to bring back the click wheel, on your current touch screen device. But can an application truly capture the experience of the click wheel?

I’d say it’s pretty close. After downloading the software, you’ll notice it doesn’t look exactly like the iPod Classic. Due to copyright issues, the developer is not allowed to use the exact likeness of the device. However, if it bugs you enough, there are several free themes in Cydia that look exactly like the real iPod video and other models.

I’ll say that the look of it almost didn’t matter once I started playing with it. The click wheel is amazing. It’s extremely accurate and makes browsing your music collection a breeze. It even has that awesome “click” sound as you scroll and press the click wheel in.

The click wheel wasn’t the only detail the developer nailed. If you start rotating your finger about the wheel, the volume setting comes up. If you turn on repeat or shuffle, their respective icons show up in the upper right hand corner of the display. The entire app is well done and accurate.

For those that prefer a click wheel iPod experience over that of the touch screen, iClassic is a good bet. The download will run you $2, but once again all of the themes are free. It’s available in the BigBoss default repo, so just search for it in Cydia.

Have you tried iClassic yet? Do you prefer touch screen or click wheel?

  • eric

    doesn’t do me much good with videos on it. otherwise i would hide the ipod icon altogether. oh well. nothing is ever perfect.

  • Burge

    That has been out for ages , way before 4.0 might have even been 2.#.# . I had a hacked copy on my iPhone 2g …bit late with this one … iDB goes old school on jailbreak tweaks ..what next the Cydia version of I’AM RICH ? Yes that in there too …

  • We sometimes mention older apps if we’ve never talked about them before or if we feel they need more attention. iClassic is one of those.

    • Burge

      I’ve got one I’ve not seen any where RESET SAFARI ..sbsettitngs switch

  • fojam

    wow way t be late on everything this came out like 4 years ago

  • yrteght

    I was always thinking that Apple could by default, make a classic ipod app that could play iPod games.

  • Gorgonphone

    this is lame and old i had the 1 year ago.. lol i created my own skin so it looked exactly like an ipod classic but the controls are crapy

  • Flexo

    Some of us haven’t had iDevices for 4 years so highlighting good older apps is useful.

  • Gorgonphone

    ok i guess,,

  • scottilmnc

    why all the hatin’? i just had my jailbreak cherry popped recently and didn’t know about this. keep up the good work. this site is crucial for my iphone info.

    • Manuel

      Yeah, people on here forget about people like you who don’t know about stuff like this, and are new to the jb scene. I’ve been on it for 1 year & a few months, and I didn’t know about this either. That’s why I choose this site over the bigger ones too. IDB, keep up the classics and to all the others, DON’T READ IF YOU DON’T LIKE. You all sound like 4 year olds

      • Burge

        How can we forget the noobs …it’s I carn’t get it to work …how do I downgrade…what tinyumbrella ..I’am not say that iDB shouldn’t cover old tweaks or apps…it’s just some of us have seen this and moved on long ago

  • Daddy

    Ok so its old but you came on the website to see new information cause that’s what idb supplies on a daily basis and as said above noobs are on here too remember we were all noobs @ 1 point ! Happy420!

  • G

    So many pricks come on here and click on pages that they for some reason will moan and complain that it is stupid of idb to talk about . WTF. If u don’t like it dont click it . Simples . Mercat Voice

    • Burge

      You for get ..simples only works in the uk ..not anywhere else ..iDB is global

  • scottilmnc

    i did get new information. it was new to me. happy 420 back at ya!

  • monkers

    Need to get out more Cody! It’s good feller, but it ain’t sexy!

  • Cameron

    amazing app! i had to re-install it though due to crashes

  • Rerr

    Burge if you’re gonna be a jerk, at least get your grammar accurate enough so we can even understand what you’re saying