With rumors flying about the iPhone 5, little attention has been paid to the iPhone Nano rumors that surfaced months ago. While the U.S. has remained quiet about a future iPhone Nano device, Chinese dealers are beginning to sell knock-off iPhone 4 Nano’s to the tune of about $60 U.S.

These fake, mini iPhone devices run a Java-based iOS ripoff and behave a lot like the original iPhone. Most notably, these Chinese knock-offs are about 2/3 the size of the real iPhone 4…

A Giz-China writer stumbled upon a dealer selling these fake iPhone Nano devices off-contract for about $60. He described the device as being small enough to fit inside the palm of his hand.

These fake iPhone Nanos sport a 1.3 megapixel rear-facing camera, and allegedly have a front-facing camera as well. Giz-China didn’t get to try the front-facing camera.

Although the device’s operating system distinctly resembled iOS, it was obvious that the fake iPhone in question was running a Java-based knock-off of Apple’s iOS. Giz-China didn’t get an extensive hands-on with the device, but they did provide some helpful insight into the fake iPhone market.

Devices like this remind us of the Sophone knock-off, but this fake iPhone Nano lacks the specs needed to make it a worthy iPhone competitor. The only thing it has going for it is price.

What do you think about this fake iPhone Nano? Apple probably has something much cooler up its sleeve.

[TUAW via Ubergizmo]

  • will

    theres a lot of those junks here in phils.

  • James

    I want one! I know it’s just a toy but it’s kinda cool!

  • I had a Sciphone once. Sold here in the US. Was an early knockoff of the 2g. Sucked immensely. I can only imagine this one being for looks instead of functionality.

  • Leo

    I love this fake iPhone looks very cute?!!

  • Kinda want one of my own 😉 just for fun.

  • ddr

    Same here, I’d like to mess around with one… My friend bought an iTouch knock-off from China on eBay and sold it again pretty quickly… It really stank…

  • When I was in South East Asia, there were TONS of these knockoffs. I remember, I think it was in Thailand, where they were selling iPhone 3GS knockoffs. They looked exactly the same, the box and accessories looked exactly the same too. Then you turn it on and you can tell instantly it’s a fake. Still, it was funny to see these guys trying to sell them to me, saying it was the real deal.

    Did I just go off topic?

  • James

    I wonder if we will see any jailbreaks? LOL

  • Jason Masters

    Yeah in la there are a shitload of these sold at the alley.

  • jwelden21

    In Perú last year I seen “iPhone minis.” Total joke of a phone, it resembled the front of a 3G only way smaller screen and it was a lot thicker, had an antenna that pulled out of the top and needed a stylus for the touch screen haha.

  • Iphone4usermillion

    Haha I think the nano be cute to
    Have as a back up. But the knock offs are really really junky. I tried sell a guy at my work my old 3GS. He was like that’s too much ima get one from my barber for $40 I was like aight whatever. Then he comes to work bragging it looked like a real iPhone til I held it and turned it on. I’ve seen better detail on a watch screen. I laughed I was like yea it’s tight. He was like I gotta hook it up to iTunes though to update it. I was like good luck with that hahaha. Anyway knock offs are like buying a phone that holds bubble gum. But the nano be cute backup toy

    • Word up son.

    • Sot0

      Word up son. You aight.

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  • Anything apple

    It’s funny how every post some 1 always slips in the jailbreak question