Color Keyboard is a recently released jailbreak tweak that potentially allows you to customize your iPhone’s keyboard using whatever color scheme you deem worthy.

I use the word potential, because it’s entirely up to you as to whether or not you’ll squeeze your money’s worth out of it.

The name — Color Keyboard — while technically true, might seem as if it’s a tad misleading, especially in the shadow of robust jailbreak tweaks like AlertArtist

Once you drop the two dollars necessary to purchase the tweak, you’ll notice a new settings section placed in your

What lies within proved to be slightly disappointing for me, and most casual jailbreakers will likely feel the same.

Instead of utilizing sliders that allow you to adjust the characteristics of your iPhone’s keyboard, you’re left with a highly anemic selection of stock themes.

There are a total of five themes bundled in with Color Keyboard, and they are as follows: Black, Pink, MoreRounder, BackgroundImage, and Complex Sample.

You can probably figure out what most of those do by looking at their names. It’s pretty disappointing, because although the name of this tweak is Color Keyboard, there just isn’t much color to be found initially.

One thing I do like about it, though, is that not only can you change the colors of the keyboard but you can also alter it in a way that adjusts its characteristics; take button roundness for example.

Even better, the themes can stack a la WinterBoard, so you can enable multiple themes at a time to come up with some really funky looks.

While that all sounds kosher, the only way to add additional themes is to pull up your sleeves, and dig into the tweak’s property list file with your favorite text editor. There you can alter a theme’s various properties, or create all new themes for yourself.

As you may have guessed, while the learning curve for this isn’t exactly rocket science, casual users will probably shy away from venturing to such depths.

There is a handy tutorial contained on the tweak’s page in Cydia, so if you’re interested feel free to have at it.

Is Color Keyboard worth the $1.99 investment? If you’re someone who likes to go digging around in code, then absolutely.

On the flipside, for those of us who prefer easy to use sliders to make customizations, Color Keyboard might seem like a waste of two perfectly good greenbacks.

What do you think? Have you tried Color Keyboard yet?

  • Ben

    It doesnt use winterboard as you stated. dont give false info

    • I never said it used WinterBoard.

      “the themes can stack a la WinterBoard”

      Where in that article does it say it uses WinterBoard?

    • @ben:there s no false info given here.. Its states that the themes can be stacked just like we do on winterboard…

  • Jason Masters

    It’s about time we get some color on the keyboard!

  • @ben:there s no false info given here.. Its states that the themes can be stacked just like we do on winterboard…

  • Nemo

    It is very simple to make keyboard themes. Techinically don’t need a computer. Can be done via ifile.

  • Dre

    how do we select other colors?

  • kid

    wat if u have an iacces keyboard? will this work where the iacces keyboard doesnt show up like in safari?

  • ryan

    check the themes but they dont work!!!

  • alf15

    Its a great app and works great except the colour keypad doesn work with bitesms’s quick reply and in lock screen mode? This happen to anyone else?

  • Just downloaded. It looks awesome! Only problem is I sorta need a tutorial to be able to make themes. If anyone knows how to make themes,please let me know! I’m going into WinSCP to try to make a theme. Bye!!!!!!!

  • Rainrose

    Not compatible with iPhone 4. Instead of pink my keyboard is red.

    • STK10

      Same for me but i deleted the tweak then reinstalled it and it worked. tho i did this over the course of a couple of days so maybe i got a newer version.

  • Bass

    I found Color Keyboard a few days ago, and I think it’s definitely worth it. I haven’t gone messing around in code yet (I’m not putting any SSH on my phone until MobileTerminal will stop crashing long enough to let me change the password), but so far it’s been great.

    Sure, it’s not as sexy as the iAcces keyboard I tried using, but this one just works; as much as I love the UK and hating on the iPhone autocorrect feature, I don’t need my phone trying to combine the two when I’m typing a text or a comment on a website. Plus, this is just as responsive as the stock keyboard from what I’ve found; the delay in the iAcces one was another turn-off.

    That, and I don’t have to deal with a shady app like iAcces. I’m sure it’s probably fine, and it does what it was supposed to, but when I went to buy the license, Chrome gave me a warning about the site, adding to the uneasy feeling I already had about it. I don’t use PayPal, and for whatever reason, giving my credit card info to that site just felt a bit off…

  • Cameron

    how do u go into the code?

  • Wendy

    where can I actually download the app?

  • shippo

    i dont know how to pay !!

  • Varna,Bulgaria