Here’s some double news for you. Vietnamese site Tinhte, who has a pretty good track record of verified Apple leaks, is back at it. This time, they are demoing on video what they claim to be a test version of the white iPhone 4 running a mystery iOS.

While it’s hard to tell whether this iOS version is legit or not, I can’t imagine it being a jailbreak tweak. I think if it was, we would have figured it out by now…

Perhaps the most interesting part of this iOS is the way it handles multitasking. As you can see on the video below, instead of showing the app switcher, it shows you a minimized view of each app opened, a la MultiFl0w. Just like MultiFl0w, you can tap on one of the windows to go to this app, or you can delete it by tapping and holding, then tap the ” X .”

On the second video, you can see how folders are implemented. While they look very similar to the current folder implementation, you can tell there is a slight difference. Additionally, there are some interesting settings end users have never seen before – namely Carrier and Internal settings.

So, is this real or is this fake? Well, it seems to be 100% real and what these videos show appears to be a test iPhone 4 running an internal build of iOS 4, as shown in the image below, extracted from the video at about 1.35 min (thanks @H4R4SM for the tip) – iOS 4 Build 8A216.

Well folks, it seems that these videos shed light on what we’ll most likely see in iOS 5. Excited or what?

  • MrA

    Que bonito.

  • Micke

    It’s time for Apple to drastically change the way iOS looks and feels. The only two things that seems to have been improved are folders and multitasking, which seems kind of lame. But what do I know.

    • Cameron

      totaly agree

  • stfudvs

    The multitasking and folders look sweet

    I’d love to play with one of those iOS builds

    • moimoimoimoi

      just DL multifl0w – been using it for quite some time now can’t live without it (although finding it crashing occasionally on 4.3.2 – anyone else with this prob?)

  • Pete

    Well, nothing special if you ask me. As you said, we’ve had multifl0w for how long? Maybe for them poor suckers who don’t jailbreak.
    Also, this seems to be a 64GB version.

  • Fix the YouTube links. Their not working on my iPhone 4.

    • I can’t fix anything. It’s the way they were uploaded to youtube. Only the admin of these youtube videos could fix that.

    • MrA

      Hey. Tell Steve Jobs to fix your iPhone 4. :p

  • Funked

    Personally, I’ll believe it when I see it. I doubt this is iOS 5. There’s so many videos from Chinese sources, which turn out to be bogus half the time. For all we know, this is just a jailbroken iPhone 4 with some tweaks such as Multifl0w. As for the folders, could be another jailbreak tweak that just isn’t on Cydia. And obviously the white cover could just be a custom conversion kit with “XXGB” on the back. I hope I’m right, because I’d love to see a lot more changes in iOS 5 rather than tweaked multitasking and folders.

    • MrA

      All I want in iOS 5 is better notification system. iOS is lagging behid all others in this area.

    • fallenjt

      I can tell you that you’re wrong. This is legitimate. I have never seen bogus iPhone reviews from this site.

      • yrteght

        No its not. The icons are from 3.0

  • AppleBits

    Looks promising. Like.

  • @sebastien my bad bro, I didn’t know. I’ll just check them out on my desktop.

  • sk@tta

    Once again apple is taking ideas from the jailbreak community. The Mutitasking in that video is inspired buy Multifl0w

  • VnABC

    Cool, I understand what the guy says in these videos…hehe. Once again, I guess this is the real deal, somehow tinhte has connection with Apple test/production line. Remember iPhone 4 leak and the new Macbook, they all turn out to be real deals.

    • Jason Masters

      How do these guys get their hands on this stuff? Do they work for apple in any capacity or was it stolen? Does anybody have a translation I don’t understand Vietnamese ?

  • Steve-o

    It’s fake. If it was a newer iPhone the antenna bar would be moved up and the new style screws would be I’m place of the screws shown

    • fallenjt

      I would place my bet of $100 on this to be true if anyone is interested. Look at all of their reviews and you know. Well, most of you don’t understand what they say anyway.

      • Jason Masters

        I think your right too this does look to be real legit except where they show the about info and it’s a website called chepgame what is that?

  • jp

    it is fake….when he calling, there is not a icon for FaceTime! and everybody knows, that Apple iPhone 4 is admired for FaceTime (absolutely, for using Skype, which is better fot video-calling but speak about cameras!)…

    • Daniel Ellerbrock

      Also it has the old calculator icon

    • fallenjt

      Well, if you don’t enable the Facetime in the settings, it doesn’t show up when you call…hello…how long have you been using the iPhone? Check again.

  • Nick4G

    Why is this blog making a big deal about the white iphone?!

    • MrA

      Because it’s an iPhone blog??

      • Jason Masters

        Lmao best answer yet!!!!

  • Bytenapple

    Too early to see a true ios 5 build. If anything this could be the starting point for Apple to build upon. I guarantee Apple has more up their sleeves. The features listed here are good but not near enough to create that Apple ‘WOW’ effect. Apple needs more bait to lure us in or they will lose a lot of dissapointed customers who needed a good enough reason to upgrade.

  • Binary-Stalker

    Not iOS 5. If you look at the little peek of the version, it seems to say ‘4.0’.

  • azharhamzahya

    It’s fake i guess

  • fallenjt


    Strange hands 64GB white iPhone demo
    After the disclosure in Hong Kong, the iPhone 4 international white with 64GB capacity also appeared in Vietnam thanks to . 4 white iPhone is very special as not only hardware but software also has many strange compared to the commercial machine. 4 white iPhone opening mechanism at the bottom of the machine screws other than normally, two keys to increase or decrease the volume without symbols + -, recorder capacity is completely shell XX GB and a product code 995-6049LL, identical machines in Hong Kong.

    First, the external hardware features of the testing machine mentioned above, feel the new iPhone black screen of the iPhone screen than the current 4, size 2 machines are identical and completely differences. This machine is similar to a white crust that Apple introduced previously, high and difficult to replace the shell accessories, as we usually see. A short time trial, speed faster than the old iPhone, right after the screen capture is complete, we can immediately use the machine without having to wait a certain delay as the iPhone 4. On the other hand, try to debug applications on the new iPhone is also much faster. This is the 4th iPhone 64GB, not 32GB as Apple is selling up.

    On the software side, the machine uses IOS 4.0, not 4.3 the latest IOS. This is a somewhat surprising and also the most different point compared with 4 white iPhone was revealed earlier in Hong Kong which used the complete IOS 4. Try checking for updates to Apple’s servers, it says this is the latest IOS and make updates. In fact, except for the odd interface has the same functionality for programmers, this version is not much different to the official. Baseband of the machine is lower than the official machine, we just plug in and use the SIM as it is the international version.

    Stability of IOS are not high when the machine hangs or continually reboot and they can not access the App Store on your computer that applications can only sync via iTunes. The sync application is not complete, it is difficult to remove from your applications as well as installing additional applications due to software defects. Software testing some configurations, such as check SystemInfo or Geekbench they do not start the game as a running back to normal. Apart from the differences above, there is a slight difference in the group folder as the application interface is different from the current IOS and is worse than the current orientation. We still can capture screenshot with the Home + Power but can not share in any way, from the use of email for the iPhone plugged into the computer and use Aperture, Image Capture, Nikon Transfer, Adobe Bridge, iPhoto to transfer data have all failed.

  • Martyn bob Hoskins

    I reckon it’s just a different jailbreak and features of a build that they are testing , I do like the multi tasking thow looks very sleek

  • Ken

    I think that phone is china iphone
    because apple don’t print amount of GB on outside shell since iphone4.
    in the second video, white iphone has GB printed on outside shell.

  • iPhoneTech3

    IN THE LAST IMAGE YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE THAT IT SAYS “Version 4.0”. Do not try to believe things that just are not likely to be true. The multitasking could just be a jailbreak tweak that few people are aware of. The “Voice Memos” and “Calculator” icons are from iOS 3.x anyways.

  • Nico

    Just because this site is right about a lot of things doesn’t mean it’s true… Apple would NEVER inpliment a jailbreak term “Springboard” especially how much they’re against it. Another observation – when the status bar turns white, the Wi-Fi icon is a non-retina icon. It’s the same as the 3GS icon. Turn Wi-Fi on your iPhone 4 and the bottom if the icon is sort of attatched on this one (non-retina) and on the actuall iP4, all the bars are separate. I don’t buy this.

  • i am confused is what it is actually a iOS 4 or iOS 5…and 64 GB is it tru???

    • MrA

      iOS is the iPhone/iPad operating system. The current version of said operating system is 4.3.2 this summer iOS 5 will be released which will be a major upgrade to the iPhone/iPad operating system (iOS).

    • josh

      its fake, its just multifl0w and you can clearly see Version 4.0

  • monkers

    I thinks it’s just as likely that it is a clone/copy. I was in Hong Kong & Singapore last year and saw many variants of the IPhone from mini one to dual sim models. You could pick these things up pretty cheap and to all intents and purposes looked and felt like an Apple product. Saw many different versions of “IOS” mainly ones that had Chinese language but some in English. White ones, black ones etc. I imagine that there will be a ton of new versions down at the Ladies Market in HK as we speak along with a whole load of realistic Tag Heure watches that although look the business, bear no resemblance to any Tag currently available from their range.

    • >.< !

      Yea but they don’t look or run as sleek as this 1 it’s def. A iPhone probably just a tester tho or what was mentioned above

  • Juan

    Hmm. iPhone looks fake. Notice the front facing camera. It’s bigger than the original black. Also, look at the home button. It looks like a piece of rubber is placed over it, as if a skin.

    Or it’s a chinese clone, as mentioned above.

    Just my opinion.

    • josh

      im pretty sure its not fake, when he shows the bottom of the phone, you can see the little white square apple puts it to see if it has gotten wet or not.

  • Jhua

    @Sebastien, I’ve checked out our Malaysian Telco service provider this morning and there seems to be little hint of the White iPhone 4. In the website it had a section for registering so that you could be the first to hear about the new white iPhone 4. Just a small news for you all that Malaysian telco here will be bringing in the white 4.

    Here’s the website for you all’s reference!

  • xImportExportx

    Blatently running iOs4 you can see the top of the 4 on the version field in the last picture

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