It’s that time again! With the release of iOS 4.3.2/4.2.7,  TinyUmbrella developer @notcom has updated the popular utility once again.

The latest version (4.32.01) brings iOS 4.3.2 (GSM) and iOS 4.2.7 (CDMA) support. Additionally, the new version also comes with a new feature which will automatically take you to the TinyUmbrella website when you’re running an outdated version (although, we’ll always let you know when there’s a new update). 

Once again, to save your SHSH blobs, all you have to do is connect your iDevice via USB to your computer, launch TinyUmbrella, and click the “Save SHSH” button.

You can download the newest version of TinyUmbrella from here. The software will run on Windows and OS X.

Keep in mind, it’s always good to backup your SHSH blobs as they are required to downgrade to previous firmwares Apple is no longer signing.

  • William

    for some reasons, Cydia doesn’t show 4.3.1 blod, even though I’ve saved it w/ TinyUmbrella, a few times.

    • Kickstar13

      Saurik has to update Cydia to show the new SHSH blobs. As long as TinyUmbrella shows that you’ve got them saved, you’re good!

  • chiedu

    cydia doesn’t show 4.3.2 blobs too

  • We heard that TU will save the baseband as well..any chances of it being released??

  • Burge

    Takes you to the web site ? It’s been doing that for ages when a new updated came out for it .. That’s how I’ve been getting the new one for along as I can remember

  • leggoman

    i have a new out of the box iphone 4 white 4.3.2 04.10.1 base band when i run tinyUmbrella and click on save SHSH it all seems to work but i dont get any saved shshs information when i connect my phone again to tinyUmbrella?

    any one help me out as to what to do as i would like to jb phone but know im not sure what to do next.

    thanks for any help