We’ve all been watching as the fight between Apple and jailbreakers heats up. What started as a cat and mouse game has become more of a battle. Apple has certainly become more aggressive in the fight during the last few months.

For starters, they recently implemented ASLR as a security measure to thwart hackers. They have also blocked Cydia access from inside their retail stores, and pressured Toyota into removing their advertisements from the jailbreak community. What’s their latest move?

Chpwn announced via Twitter today that Apple has blocked Saurik’s SHSH servers. For those who aren’t familiar with SHSH blobs, they are necessary if you ever wanted to downgrade your iOS firmware.

UPDATE: It seems that Saurik noticed all the attention his downed SHSH servers were getting and decided to chime in. A few moments ago he tweeted that the server issue of saving new blobs was due to a code snafu, and not to Apple intervention.

Saurik had innovated a way to cache SHSH blobs for Cydia users. A simple file edit meant that users wouldn’t have to constantly remember to save their SHSH blobs with 3rd party software.

Well it seems Apple has blocked access to their gs.apple.com server, which Saurik’s SHSH servers needed to function properly. Chpwn does mention that currently saved SHSH blobs are fine and usable, but moving forward users should find a different method.

The fix is simple here. Those of you that have been using TinyUmbrella or iSHSHit can continue to do so. Chpwn also mentions that a “Submit my SHSH” could be on the way to Cydia to allow blobs to be saved locally and then uploaded to Cydia from the device.

Although this isn’t devastating news for most of us, it does send the message that Apple is taking jailbreaking a little more seriously. It’ll be interesting to see how Apple addresses jailbreaking both publicly and in iOS in the coming months.

What do you think?

  • LG

    If Apple wants we to stop jailbreaking all they have to do is implement a few basic features that should be in the iPhone in the first place: namely those found in SBSettings, Activator, and LockInfo. If I had those, jailbreaking would be too much trouble to bother but without them, an unjailbroken iPhone is too hampered to bother.

    • William

      for you, that maybe true.
      But what about those who need unlock?
      Furthermore, it matters no how many new feature the new iOS5 offers, Apple is simply unable to keep up with the all innovative ideas from jailbreak developers.

  • From @saurik: My SHSH proxy (which has never been run off of EC2) had a simple code sync SNAFU keeping it from saving “new” blobs. πŸ™ This has been fixed.

    Would this have anything to do with the content in this post, or is this a separate issue?

    • The post was updated with Saurik’s update

      • Irha

        And, why couldn’t you put the update at the beginning? I read the full article before seeing the update and feeling stupid for all the thoughts that went through my mind.

      • You are right. I moved the update up a bit.

  • Pam

    I’d hope that Apple would not have done that. This isn’t china.

  • JoBerlin

    btw: There is a new Version of TinyUmbrella. It saves iOS 4.3.2 SHSHs as well.

  • Christopher A Williams

    if Apple want’s to TRULY know what would make a GREAT phone not just Adding stuff in Later Models, or actually ask those whom have jail broken iphones to see what they can implement and what they can wait on..then THAT’S truly making a Great Phone, MASTER over all Future Phones.

  • Spiderioislame

    Now that Cydia is working again with SHSH blobs, how do you get it to save 4.3.2?

    • JoBerlin

      I stored the SHSH locally with the new TinyUmbrella Version. In “Advanced” disable “Request SHSH from Cydia” and hit “Apply”.
      I’ll retry and request it via Cydia in a few days. Hopefully it’ll be fixed by then.

      • Spiderioislame

        Thanks, I’ve already done that… just wanted Cydia to have it there as well, but I guess it’s an automatic thing Cydia does?

      • JoBerlin

        Cydia won’t save your Blob on it’s own. You have to retry in a few days.

      • Spiderioislame

        Just to clarify when you say “retry”, do you mean just start up Cydia itself or is there something in Cydia you have to open?

    • Ben

      Actually I have almost the same question and I feel kinda silly asking, but, it seems I can’t find the “make my life easier” option i cydia 1.1.1. Yes, I’ve configured Cydia as Developer. The first time I had to do with Cydia was in FW 4.2.1. There was an option “make my life easier” at that time; which I used. Right now I’m on 4.3.2 and Cydia homepage shows only the 4.2.1 SHSH blobs. When I use TinyUmbrella through Cydia it shows I have all the three SHSH blobs on Cydia servers (4.2.1,4.3.1,4.3.2), but Cydia homepage, sa I said, says only 4.2.1. If anyone can help, my question is: Is this a normal thing and not to worry because it’s just a cydia homepage refresh problem or do I have to do something about this. Thanks in advance. πŸ™‚

      • moimoimoimoi

        How I understand is that when you set ‘make your life easier’ the first time, it will always be set that way as set by your Cydia deivce/login .. sometimes Cydia takes some time to show your SHSH blobs even if they exist on the server

        the best way to check is run TinyUmbrella and save SHSH, then check the log to see if it’s saved to Cydia’s servers

      • Ben

        Yep, I can download all the three SHSH blobs from Cydia servers with TinyUmbrella. I was worried a little because they don’t show up on Cydia homepage on the phone. Thanks moimoimoimoi! πŸ™‚

  • Lee Chen

    “I’d hope that Apple would not have done that. This isn’t china.”

    This is too funny! Perhaps “this” refers to that fascist dictatorship disguised as a democratic republic, the US (where all Apple really has to do is have the local sheriffs break into your home, take everything and hold you indefinitely, never heard of Guantanamo?). The major difference between China and “this” is that in China they don’t hide the fact that you are directly prevented from accessing certain information. There are no false-flag 9/11 operations and PATRIOT Act “fixes” setup to remove your rights and liberties.

    All Saurik needs to consider is using proxies to access gs.apple.com. Lookup the Tor Network.

    In China, Tor and the like is the answer to the openly dictatorship-like government’s efforts trying to keep their sheeple from seeing what people everywhere already know.

    • dabe

      Amen Chen, although honestly there are even moreeeee false flag ops by CCP and far less respect for rights.
      I wish we could buy factory unlocked iPhones state-side, you can in HK.

  • if apple stops it..wont we be able to downgrade later on>???

  • Apple haven’t got the power to block amazon, have they?

  • Heider

    I was happy living on 4.2.1 Jailbroken, phone was great, however, I don’t know what the heck was wrong with me that I’ve decided to give 4.3.5 a go, I’ve updated, the update in all honesty, made absolutely no difference to the phone whatsoever, same settings, same browser speed, same email-downloading, no added value to use 4.3.5 over 4.2.1 really, I lost my jailbreak now, from the looks of it, the best jailbreak now is 4.3.3. I tried to restore to 4.3.3 by downloading the firmware and shift+restore, it seems that Apple has stopped signing 4.3.3 again, I tried with and without Surik’s server IP addresses, both failed to restore, stops with the error 1015 (or similar) after restoring 75% then phone goes into “restore mode”, even with TinyUmbrella’s “exist restore” didn’t go through, and the phone is stuck, the only way to go out of it all is to restore 4.3.5 again, and that has no jailbreak.

    I’ve scanned all TCP ports on both Surik’s servers ( and, it seems dead as these aren’t listening on anything, addresses are PINGable though, but no service listening, which I think correlates to (something might have happened to this server, and wouldn’t surprise if it’s been damaged for “an unknown force”)…

    My phone now, gone back to the disgusting SMS ring-tones that I cannot change, and more to it, cannot access it’s file-system anymore from anywhere.

    To go forward; the question here is, given the following facts:

    1) There is currently a “tetherd” jailbreak for 4.3.5 now that I can use temporarily.
    2) With this Tethered Jailbreak, I can probably save SHSH blobs from 4.3.5 using Tinymberlla (or SSH)

    I am asking:
    A) Can these 4.3.5 SHSH blobs be used to restore an older firmware 4.3.3 (or even 4.2.1) firmware?
    B) If Surik’s server has been killed, is there any way that these saved blobs/files exists “somewhere” that we can download and use for our previousley jailbroked phones?
    C) Are there any ways to sign a firmware without SHSH blobs, i.e. a Cooked firmware or something?

    It would be nice to see what you think?


  • Heider

    I just rescanned again, and ports seems to be up now!, not sure why the server was down earlier, probably an IPS system or something.

    Not sure if it has the SHSH blobs for my 4.2.1 phone saved still !?.

  • The best the Apple can do – PUT IPHONES&IPADS into APPLE”S ASS!
    People, don’t buy iPhones!

  • Daitedve

    Apple just suxx in pathetic tries to control all our lives. My phone – my rules. But idiot Jobs never got it.