In the past we’ve deemed SBSettings an absolute “must have” jailbreak app for all jailbroken iPhone users, and we still stand by that statement with the latest update to the hugely popular jailbreak app.

If you’re new to the jailbreak scene and have no clue what SBSettings is, basically it’s a completely free, fast, and skinnable device manager from the developers over at BigBoss. Here’s the best part: to launch the app simply slide your  finger across the top banner and a window will drop down with several, customizable toggles such as  Bluetooth, Brightness, WiFi, 3G, Airplane mode, CallerID, and more! 

The latest update (version 3.3.1) brings quite a few new features as well as bug fixes. Here’s a complete rundown of all the new features and bug fixes:


  • Fix: statusbar date on 4.2.1 or newer devices.


  • Fix: Updated fix blanks button to hopefully not crash when more than one blank exists
  • Fix: Hopefully fixed the more app crashing when one of the ads cannot load.
  • Fix: When moving toggles order, added back the “save” button so user knows to press “save” to save changes.
  • Fix: Lock screen buttons when you hit the power button on the lock screen. Removed lock and the title so it fits.
  • Fix: Internal window ordering in main drop down window to help compatibility issue with folder enhancer.
  • New: Added option to more app, system options, to delete the carrier name to give more space to statusbar for things like date and free memory.
  • New: Included Max’s Serious SBSettings HD theme that adds a retina icons display theme to default sbsettings. Thanks to Max at for this great theme!
  • New: Added retina icons for the more app for retina displays. Thanks to 42395_skyline for these icons!
  • New: Added support for springboard key that was used by makeitmine app. This means that installing SBSettings should actually fix makeitmine. (I did this because it’s needed for the delete carrier name option).
  • Toggles: Removed phone toggle from default. It doesn’t work on 4.2.1 and newer devices. Use airplane instead. (Phone toggle is now installable via separate package in cydia for older devices).

The update is available now in Cydia!

Let us know how the new version is running so far, and for our readers that just installed SBSettings for the first time, let us know how you like it!

  • Roli

    Awesome update! with all those bug fixes

  • MindTec

    Since the update, I have a problem on the status bar if I want to have more than the hour shown. Activating the date or free memory truncates the hour.
    Have others experianced the same?

    • Tbv

      So far so good for me. I usually have the date next to the time on the status bar. I’ll let you know if it acts up for me. SBSetting is invaluable for me. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SBSHappy

    Thnak goodness for this! All the while I thought I installed some rogue app that kept crashing SBSettings, so I restored and re-JB imy iP4.2.1.

    Thanks for the update, now I am happy 🙂

  • Sascha

    I liked the stock red and green icons. The Serious HD theme looks great, but I wish the default buttons were “retinized” as well.

  • James

    Sbsettings is a must have! ThIs uPdate is a gooden!


  • numbnuts

    pedantically speaking v3.3.1 only brings one fix, not numerous ‘features’ and fixes as stated 😉

    • Kickstar13

      I was including the fixes in Version 3.3 as well since it was pushed out just an hour before version 3.3.1. 🙂

  • Alec

    Its not showing up in cydia for me..?

    • Kickstar13

      Are you sure you’re not already running the latest version?

      To check this go to Cydia and search for “SBSettings”. Then click on the app and on the information page it’ll tell you the current installed version.

  • Boris

    running great! iphone 4G 4.3.1 JB

  • Brad

    4.2.1 on 3GS – still working great and the best reason to JB!

  • WTFX

    Sweet update, only now my SBSettings isn’t as unique since Serious SBSettings HD I was already using is now the default theme. Oh well, it’s still the best!

  • sublime

    my Location toggle wasn’t showing after updating since then I’ve managed to get it back but my Data Usage toggle is still missing… anyone with a similar issue and have you managed to find a cure for it?

  • Timothy/Klouud

    I’d like to see the bug in “Mobile Substrates” fixed where the toggle on/off remains after Cydia apps are uninstalled. This only happens when the toggle is mistakenly left off while uninstalling. This has been an issue for quite some time. Other than that… SBSettings is an absolute must! Can’t live without it. Probably my most used app.