If you missed out on the Sony vs. GeoHot saga, let me quickly fill you in. GeoHot (real name George Hotz) was one of the first people to jailbreak the iPhone years ago. He’s been in and out of the jailbreak scene since then, but had recently turned his attention to Sony’s PS3.

After hacking the console, GeoHot released the code to the internet. Sony caught wind of this and took the infamous computer wiz to court. Hotz hopped online and asked for donations to help him in litigation, and received overwhelming support. He told supporters that he had received more than enough help to survive the first round of legal fees…

After what seemed to be a short court battle, a surprise out-of-court settlement brought the entire fight to an uneventful halt. This prompted a lot of questions from the supporting public. Why did he settle so quickly after all the aggressive comments he made like, “Help me own Sony in court.”

What seemed to irk people the most were the donations he received. What was he going to do with all of this left over money that was donated to him to support his fight against Sony? Would it be right of him to keep it? Many readers recommended that he give the money to charity.

Well apparently he was thinking the same thing. Yesterday, GeoHot posted on his blog that as promised, he gave the leftover donation money to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He even posted this screenshot of the PayPal transaction for the $10,000.00 contribution.

He notes that he is donating the left over donations (plus a little extra from his own pockets) to the EFF in hopes that one day America can be a shining sample of freedom. When asked if he would continue to work on Sony products he replied, “Nah, as much as I don’t respect the goons at Sony, I do respect the court.

What do you think? Is everyone finally satisfied with the outcome of this whole thing?

  • Roli

    GJ Geohot 🙂

  • Jason Masters

    He shoulda kept the money and went on another vacation or bought a nice car or some bling!!!
    The electronic foundation that’s a charity ? A shitty conclusion I say can we all forget this douchebag now because I can forgive his settlement cuz he punked out but giving ten grand to a fucking electronic charity that’s just fucking ridiculous !!!

  • Peter Jansen

    I always wonder why some lowlifes (who probably didn’t donate to GH anyway 😕 ) bother to comment there acid thoughts here. I just think he did the right thing.

    • YourFriendBen

      Yeah I agree. His donations were for digital rights, and in the end that’s they were given to.

      Though I’m still sadden by his bowing out of the cause, when he could have made some changes to big bully corporations like Sony.

    • Jason Masters

      I don’t donate to things I don’t believe or care about and I value your opinion even though your a lowlife you have a right to speak too.

      • Jason masters is a shit bag

      • Nick

        Exactly, YOU DON’T donate to this you believe or care about, but that doesn’t mean that its wrong for others to donate to things they believe in or care about.
        Selfish prick,

  • AppleBits

    …I’m glad he did that. Only thing not cool is that he gets to write off 10k in charitable contributions with his taxes….thanks to all who donated to him. So the real donors kinda get screwed. But at least he donated. Thats cool.

  • Blagaah

    He gets to write off $10k. He would have been paying tax on the same funds if he hadnit donated it since it was income. So it’s a wash. It’s not like it gives him a tax credit just a reduction in taxable income.

  • G Funk

    So he made some dough outta this and my PS3 still can’t be jailbroke. How much money did Sony give him?

  • sk@tta

    Electronic communities will always thrive He shuda donated to poor ppl or a children’s home.

  • Luang yang

    Is it 10K or 10 million ?

    • thair7391

      Why don’t you count the number of zero’s before the decimal you jackass… It’s TEN THOUSAND AND ZERO CENTS.

      • appletiser

        no, you give the guy a break jackass, initially it did look like 10million. the paypal transaction does say 10,000.00 BUT iDB have written 10,000.000 – note the extra zero?? don’t fire off on someone because of a misleading typo!!

    • XepptizZ

      In the screenshot is clearly shows to be 10,000,- but when i first rea over the article i also was stumped, thinking it was 10,000,000,-. Given the ammount he had left id say he did the right thing to bail out. Litigating is very pricy and can go on for years on end and big boys like sony will keep dunking you in he toilet even if recess is over.

  • Jason Masters

    Likewise Guillermo !

  • Robert

    So the court upheld sony? Sorry im not up to speed on this

    • QuarterSwede

      It was settled out of court.

  • i think he made the right move, hes got my support in the future!

  • Jason Masters

    God bless the United states of China
    Happy hannukkah
    Winning tigerblood
    Guiilermos an assbag

  • QuarterSwede

    “Nah, as much as I don’t respect the goons at Sony, I do respect the court.“
    That’s very … erm, respectable. 😉

    My guess is that his lawyer told him he wouldn’t win after it was found that he probably agreed to the PSN EULA by making an account. He was probably cutting his loses. Giving $10,000 to the EFF sure beats spending it all on lawyers or paying out to Sony after losing.

    • AC

      “My guess is that his lawyer told him he wouldn’t win after it was found that he probably agreed to the PSN EULA by making an account.”

      Read the case – GeoHot never made an account thus has not agreed to any PSN EULA. SCEA was using that angle but could not prove it.

  • jimbo

    man some people on here are assholes, dont understand whats to get mad about. i think geo did a good thing

  • Just to make this clear, he posted on his blog that left over money would be donated.
    And also, he’s been working on hacking the PS3 since it’s release.

  • AC

    “Many readers recommended that he give the money to charity.
    Well apparently he was thinking the same thing”

    Didn’t he already say he would do that? Way before it was settled?

    and I know we like to use the big SONY corp as bad guy here but that wasn’t what the case was about. Its the PlayStation network guys that sued GeoHot (SCEA – Sony Computer Entertainment America)

    The Japanese aren’t as sue-happy as Americans.