Yes, yes, yes! Finally, the DropBox app for the iPhone is actually useful!

We don’t usually make it a habit of covering app updates on iDB, because if we did, we’d spend all day talking about them.

But this is too exciting of an update for me to ignore; this is something that I’ve been wanting since DropBox’s inception on the App Store.

The new ability to bulk upload photos and videos, takes what was in my opinion a novelty iPhone app, and instantly turns it into an absolute must have…

Prior to this update, using DropBox as a method of sharing photos was an extremely laborious process.

You had to select a file to upload, wait for it to upload, select your next file to upload, wait for it to upload, rinse, wash, and repeat.

This serial method of sharing photos was not only time consuming, it was in effect slower than simply deciding to email them instead.

After months of waiting, complaining, and deciding to stop using the app due to the lack of bulk uploading, all is finally right in the world of DropBox.

Last year when I reached out to the team at DropBox, they indicated to me that the reason they didn’t include this feature was due to an Apple implemented restriction.

Whether or not Apple relaxed their guidelines with regard to multiple uploads, or if this is a new possibility due to iOS 4.3, is still open for debate.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the change, I’m just glad it’s finally here. What about you?

  • James

    Ditto! Very welcome update. I would rarely use the app via the phone due to the old limitation.

  • Chris12923

    Man this is great! Like you I quit using it for the same reason. Now I’ll be using it again. Now if fulldrop and ifile implement this things will run so smooth… Thanks for the heads up.

  • Nice works perfectly on iPad 2.

  • Hey Jeff, hate to sound like a troll and ask a question that has nothing to do with this post but I kind of have to. Have you reviewed Rebel Sim? I’m thinking of purchasing and would like an objective impression of it.

    • Jeff

      Nope, haven’t reviewed it yet. Not sure if I ever will to be honest, but maybe one of the other guys will handle it.

  • Uploading screenshots is now easy peasy lemon squeezy. I love this.