Can this guy be stopped? Hot off the heels of the super-popular Springtomize, Filippo Bigarella is back with his latest jailbreak concoction.

CleverPin is a jailbreak tweak for the iPhone that allows you to make the iPhone’s passcode lock a little less intrusive from a day-to-day usage perspective.

Ask yourself the following question, and answer honestly; if you’re at home, do you really need that passcode lock enabled?

Some of you may, but a good lot of you may not. That’s where CleverPin lives up to its cleverness; it disables the annoying passcode lock when you’re within the vicinity of a pre-authorized network, such as your home…

Security nuts may be quick to dismiss such a tweak as foolishness, but again, depending on your personal circumstances, it could be a great solution for you.

For instance, if you live alone, or you live with people that you (I hope) trust, then is that passcode lock really necessary while lounging around the house?

Of course, the aforementioned questions have less to do with the tweak, and more to do with your own sense of security, but it’s a relevant question in light of CleverPin’s functionality.

Once the tweak is installed, a new settings section in your will appear that allows you to customize the tweak to your liking.

You can designate specific networks for CleverPin, so that your passcode will automatically disable once connected to those networks.

There are also options to disable the passcode when playing music, charging your battery, or entering airplane mode.

Obviously, you’re probably not going to add your favorite coffee shop’s network to your list of pre-approved locations, but this could be useful while at home, or perhaps a family member or friend’s dwelling that you visit often.

As far as the music, and battery options go, I’d be a little more hesitant to use those because it provides you with no protection after leaving a trusted premises.

CleverPin is not currently available on the Cydia store, but it should be available shortly for the price of $2.99.

Is it worth $2.99? Well that depends on your level of trust, and how much you enjoy the added convenience that it brings to the table. I certainly approve of the added convenience, and will happily fork over the price of a tall latte for CleverPin.

What do you think about the idea?

  • That’s actually a darned good idea. I like it. I wonder if it’s validating my home network based on MAC address of the access point or something other than just the name of the network though.

    • Good point, but if you keep your SSID unique enough, then it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll be okay. For example: I doubt there are two MunchkinRaider37’s in the world. And if there are, you likely won’t be visiting them anytime soon 🙂

      MunchkinRaider37 is just something I made up by the way.

      • StevO

        thats my ssid, how did you know. weird!!!

  • Federico

    Nice to me!!

  • That’s incredibly useful, I’ll be picking that up when it comes out.

    Question though, can you verify iDB? If you have the unlock on playing music enabled. If your phone is in a locked state, and you start music by remote or double clicking the home button will it then let you bypass the code?

    The same question for charging, say my phone was stolen, and whoever has it plugs it in to charge. Would that unlock the phone?

    • @RadRique Really good question. In the case of the battery, yes, if your phone is stolen, and someone plugs it in with your battery charging option enabled, then they will be able to access your phone.

      That’s why I can’t really recommend that option, at least for now. Maybe the developer can speak on this and clarify things? Perhaps I have overlooked something.

  • Wow, noticed a few hiccups in the video. Guess I’m a bit rusty. I was rushing to get this to you guys because I was excited to share.

  • FilippoBiga

    Hi, thanks Jeff for the post.
    Regarding the security hole that @RadRique pointed out, that is actually fixed in the version that will be posted in Cydia. 😉

  • SpideyRules

    Would like to pick this up when available, but $2.99 for this seems kind of steep. Keeps me on the fence. For $1.99, I’d be sold for sure.


    • lucky

      Seriously? $1 has you on the fence?

  • AppleBits

    ooooo .. I’m all over this tweak! I like the idea.
    But I’d like Otto’s question answered, too, please.
    “I wonder if it’s validating my home network based on MAC address of the access point or something other than just the name of the network though.”

  • Dan

    I just wish I could find something like this for my Macbook password! Meanwhile, I’ll definitely buy this.

    • Jeff

      There is an app that will unlock your Mac if your iPhone is in the vicinity, and lock it when it’s out of the vicinity. I forgot the name of it though.

      • Dan

        Unfortunately, the only project that I’m aware of or can find on Google, called Airlock, is abandonware. Thanks for telling us about CleverPin, though, that’s going to be useful.

  • teegee

    Great idea – does it work in tandem with android lock?

    • Usersean

      I was just about to ask this…

      • FilippoBiga

        yes it does 🙂

  • Brad

    Yes please.

  • Tony salami

    I wish there was a tweak or sb settings toggle/power menu option to lock your iPhone and require your PIN on the next login.

    I always keep my on 15 because I do want it to lock if I do leave it unattended too long (which is never outside of my house) My issue is personal pics and texts I don’t want my gf, brother, or sisters to see.

    But sometimes I’ll be using my phone right before going into the shower and don’t feel like waiting 15 mins or going through settings to get it to lock. The alternative is doing a respring but I feel there should be a simpler option.

    • Spike

      Same here, I would like something that allows me to “lock with pincode” my iPhone when I want to (and the correspondind SBSettings switch, of course :P)

  • Pretty nice tweak. I will have to keep this on my list of apps I might buy. Thanks.

  • Craig

    Have just installed it and it’s not working for me when set Disable Passcode when Connected to a network. Still keeps asking me for the Passcode.

    Shame as it’s a great idea.

  • tw

    I installed it.. works for me sometimes but not everytime. hope an update comes out soon

  • Shawn

    Is it free for everyone else? Its free for me at the moment.

  • john

    i installed it and works fine for now nothings work

  • tfx

    Was free for me. Good thing because it’s not working for the When connected to a network. It asks me again for passcode if it’s been ‘some time’. Which I don’t have time to try and figure out.

  • Brian

    Not working for me at all. I’ve tried multiple unlocks, reboots, resprings, etc. [iPhone 4 iOS 4.3.2 JB]

  • Brad

    The only one I can find is cracked by Fabius… Was it taken down for revisions or am I missing the correct repo?

  • Craig

    I believe it’s been taken down:-

    1. To fix a bug
    2. To fix the pricing issue.

  • Shawn

    Where you do you find the by Fabius? Is that xsellize?

  • Brian

    @Shawn: I have v1.0 from developer (which was on ModMyi). It does not work. Cracked versions are on least two sources right now but they are still v1.0 so I suggest ignoring those…

  • Shawn

    I actually have it working on my iPad but it was removed before I could get it on my iPhone. I found out if you add your network and turn it to auto deactivate after 12 hours you should have no issues. I am also running 4.3.2 on my iPad.

  • appletiser

    clever pin seems not so clever. having the same issues as describe whereby it keeps requesting the passcode for my known network and I’ve tried shawn’s 12hr tip and that didn’t work either… and to top it off I can’t update to the latest version, to hopefully fix this bug, due to amazon’s EC2 outage lol

  • Bill Steiner

    Flaky at best, mine works sometimes but not always and I have made several attempts to get the author to help but only received a snide remark back. He didn’t even read the full email before making his remark.

  • Sascha

    I have a weird (reproducible) behaviour since I have installed CleverPin on my iPhone 4 (4.3.2).

    When you wake up the phone and slide to unlock before the iPhone has had a chance to connect with the known WiFi network you’re of course required to enter your PIN. In the meantime you can see in the status bar that the connection to the network has been established and you tap “Cancel” to not enter your PIN and again slide to unlock, now without having to enter the PIN because CleverPin is in place.

    Now, when I open my mail app it only shows empty items in the list (i.e. no subject and no content), all marked as unread and all bearing a date of 01.01.01. No matter what I do (close the app, kill the process), the mails stay empty. I have to respring to make my mail app work again.

    Can anybody else reproduce this or is this just me (probably due to some interference with another tweak)?


  • mike

    This tweak doesn’t work and for 2.99 it’s a piece of crap! Sorry, but other forum reported many, many issues where it would not work. I wish it would work but it’s crap and the developer is not really correcting the issue. I have iphone 3G 4.2.1 and with Lockinfo installed.