It appears that Apple is planning on releasing the white iPhone 4 in exactly ten days. Several recent reports have confirmed a “Springtime” launch, and April 26 looks to be the lucky day.

According to iPhoneItalia, Apple will finally release the white iPhone 4 next week.

“iPhone white arrival, date of arrival in the stores H3G April 26. the product code is already open ….
The news is almost certain though not announced.”

We already knew that the white iPhone was coming soon, and Apple has yet to give official word on the date. If iPhoneItalia’s sources are correct, we’ll be seeing the device next Tuesday.

It looks like the white iPhone will just show up on Apple probably doesn’t want to risk embarrassment by drawing more attention to the product’s 10 month delay.

It’a almost here, folks. Will you be getting one?


  • Kevin

    i jus contact apple chat, and they said: “Apple will not release white iphone probably by this time “

    • SmartyAzz

      Kevin, then you probably didn’t speak to Stevie J. Try contacting apple chat again; maybe it’ll be him next time, and give you a definitive answer.

      • Kevin

        haha u’r funny, let me call him

  • Awesomeguy97

    I’ll wait for the iPhone 5!!

    • Kevin

      me too lol

  • Is there a Verizon model?

  • Angelo

    Greenp0sion Green iPhone 4 or Redsn0w Red would be nice 😀

  • Nick3G

    not gonna bother… my 2-year play expires in december of ’11 and im done with the iphones

    • Nick3G

      plan** lol

    • Alec

      We know, get lost…

  • Erik

    FINALLY! i’ve waited so long!

  • Manuel

    I can’t wait. Now I can get a white one, then regret getting it when the white iPhone 5 comes out. Yes

    • Macyourdaddy

      Or get your self another apple product… What you said is absurd

  • Pam

    Yea, why bother at this point? The 5 is coming out in the fall, so I’d just get a white one of those if I wanted it. Most likely, if it does come out next week, it’ll be quiet because they know their sales won’t be that great since many are also waiting for the 5.

  • G Funk

    I was so waiting for the iPhone to come out in June or July. This fall thing is going to hurt. I was gonna get this white iPhone 4 but then I’ll feel so bad when the 5 comes out. Launch delays suck.