App Picks of the Week: Viddy, iDygest, Tea

By , Apr 17, 2011

Every week, we select a few apps that catch our eye. These apps can be from the App Store, web apps, or jailbreak apps.

This week, we have three App Store apps. Hope you enjoy this week’s picks!


Viddy is Instagram for video. If you’re familiar with Instagram, Viddy is the same concept applied to video content. You capture your video and use a set of effects to give it a unique look and feel. Your video is then made available to be seen by your friends on the Viddy network.

The design of Viddy looks great, and it will be more appealing as more people begin to use it. Give it a try; it’s available for free in the App Store.


For those of us that like to read a lot of tech news, keeping on top of the hottest stories isn’t always an easy task. Most people rely on Twitter or on RSS reader to catch news, but iDygest takes a different approach to content aggregation.

iDygest looks at the most popular sites on the internet and determines which stories deserve the most attention. The way new stories usually break is through one site that is then linked back to by multiple other sites that cover the same topic. Instead of having to click through multiple “via” links to get to the original source, iDygest automatically shows you the hottest stories from their original sources.

iDygest is an interesting addition to the tech news geek’s arsenal. The app is available for free in the App Store.


Tea is the ultimate app for tea lovers. The app is designed for tea aficionados and newcomers alike, and it features a beautiful interface with plenty of useful options.

Tea aims at helping you manage your different tea brews. With Tea, you’ll be able to make the most out of your tea drinking life. Tasting notes, brew timers, drink history, and sharing are just a few of the features available with Tea for iPhone.

Check out this video demonstration of Tea from the app’s developer:

Tea is available for a limited time sale of $1.99 in the App Store.

Honorable Mention

Tweetbot deserves another recommendation for this week’s picks. The new Twitter client from Tapbots was released this past week, and it’s awesome. Check out our full review for more information.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of App Picks of the Week! Let us know what you think of our picks. What cool apps have you found recently?

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  • Brett

    Thx for the nice review on Viddy!

    Lots of exciting improvements coming soon, and it is great how many people are using it and liking it. Download the App and check out the Popular Feed or type Viddy intro Twitter and you will see cool videos being created from all the around the world!

    • http://twitter Brenda o’Brien


  • DebTym

    after reading this. i feel sleepy. good night =o

  • Chris

    Tea ?? $1.99 ?? It isn’t April Fools is it lol, I love Apple but it has to be said, they ahve some of the most pointless, crappy apps i’ve ever seen !!

    • Andrew

      Because something doesn’t intrest you does not determine the quality. If a $2 fee concerns you for a app I’m gonna go out on a limb and say.. You would love a free”Skateboard Fail Videos Nutshot ImSoFuckingRetarted” app right? Even though to me that would be crappy and pointless and Apples fault. But you can watch thoughs while I make tea

  • http://dygestcom Team Dygest

    Thanks guys for including Dygest – very cool!
    Just a quick word that the description and logo above is techDygest ( which is all tech news. The link and title above is iDygest, which is specifically about Apple news.

    • Alex

      Thank you for the clarification!

  • numbnuts

    im sorry but viddy, give me a break, it’s utter crap!! I tried to choose a 16 second clip to upload to YT and it told me it was too long to send?? What?? who has decent videos shorter than 16 seconds??? useless 😐

    • Brett

      The 15 second time frame is a valid concern. If you check out the videos being created non stop in the viddy popular feed you may be surprised at how interesting and entertaining the videos can be. For longer clips, right now I suppose YouTubenand vimeo are better options. Thx for the feedback!

      • numbnuts

        sorry for being a little harsh, the app does have potential, but its frustrating to not find any mention of (or be told by this reviewer :-/) about the 15 second constraint, if I’d been aware of this from the outset I’d have known it wouldnt be suitable for my needs.

      • Cam Gould

        Viddy is flawed and flaky. A lot of it is very buggy. I wouldn’t trust it.

    • Cam Gould

      Viddy is very flawed too. It’s a very flaky and crappy platform.

  • Awesomeguy97

    The app Tea looks ridiculous

  • NoahPumped

    Tea is AMAZING! I would have never know this was out there. Thumbs up

  • dabe

    I like the app 8mm vintage camera. It’s a pay app though but I love it. You can add cool change filter and film, and add some frame jump/skip to make it look more like authentic 8mm. One of my favorite apps of all-time.