5 Awesome iPhone Weather Apps

By , Apr 17, 2011

In our latest roundup, we’ve selected 5 of the best weather apps for the iPhone. There are plenty of options for getting weather information on the iPhone, and hopefully you’ll find one or two appealing apps in this list.

Here’s our list of 5 awesome iPhone weather apps…

1. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel’s official app has been an App Store favorite for a long time. It’s probably the most used third party weather option, and that’s because it’s an overall solid app with a great selection of features.

Complete with full forecast, map, and even video information from TWC, this app is a very credible entry into the weather app catalog. And it’s free in the App Store.

2. Outside

Outside is a visually stimulating app that packs a surprisingly robust set of features. The app has a lot of charm; the sounds and colors are a pleasant way to check the weather.

Outside displays the current weather right up front, and the app uses a clever “swipe” interface for viewing forecasts. Outside stands out with its notification system. You can have the app notify you of certain weather conditions (when it’s warm enough to wear a t-shirt, etc.).

The design of Outside is interesting, and the little messages it displays when loading new weather information will keep you smiling while you wait. Outside is available in the App Store for $2.99.

3. The Weather

The Weather, by Clink Apps, is a sleek, full-featured weather app with some great customizable options. The grayscale, minimal design of The Weather app makes checking the weather a elegant and non-distracting experience.

There are plenty of weather details available, and the tabbed interface makes for an efficient app. You can even customize your own window to display the different weather elements you find useful.

The Weather looks great and possesses all of the features expected from a robust weather app. It’s available in the App Store for only $0.99.

4. Weather HD

What Weather HD lacks in features, it makes up for in design. Weather HD is probably the most visually stunning weather app in the App Store, and the those that are inclined towards images instead of number information will find Weather HD very appealing.

Weather HD’s interface is dead simple. When you open the app, you are greeted with an incredible nature animation that displays the current weather condition. You can see some number information on top of the graphic and see a forecast (with more animations).

It’s simple, it’s beautiful, and it’s got just enough features to make it a solid replacement weather app. Weather HD is available for $0.99 in the App Store.

5. WeatherSnitch

WeatherSnitch is a great way to view monthly, weekly, and hourly forecasts. Although it makes a great everyday weather app, WeatherSnitch is ideal for things like that outdoor vacation you’re planning months in advance.

The app’s got a pretty clean interface that resembles the iPhone’s calendar. Although WeatherSnitch is geared towards forecasts, it’s also a good way to see the current weather conditions.

WeatherSnitch is available for $0.99 in the App Store.

Honorable Mentions


Thermo is an incredibly well done thermometer-style app that only displays the current temperature. Although it may seem limited, Thermo is an excellent example of a well designed app that does one thing and one thing well. It’s available for free in the App Store, with a $0.99 in-app purchase for ad removal.


Fahrenheit does something inventive with displaying the current temperature. It shows the temperature on the app’s icon through a badge. Check out our full review of Fahrenheit for more information.

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of weather apps for the iPhone. Did we leave out your favorite? Let us know what weather app you use in the comments below!

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  • JNGold

    Fahrenheit is NOT inventive. Pocket Weather World and PocketWeather have been displaying temp badges for a couple of years now.

    • JXibalba

      Very good point. It is interesting how much news Fahrenheit got regarding temperature badge when it merely copied previous apps as above.

    • Aelisium

      FYI: #3 on the list also supports a badge.

  • TPFolair

    I’ve replaced TWC as my go-to app with My-Cast, which features up-to-the-minute radar maps, not merely maps that are 15 minutes old. I live in Florida and this actually makes a difference. Typically, it also features forecasts, severe weather warnings, etc. and it boasts a clean, attractive interface. I’ve no need to watch Weather Channel videos on my phone.

  • JXibalba

    Great review of weather apps – definitely some I’ll have to look over. Personally I use TWC bc I like the hourly precipitation information among other things. Weather HD is gorgeous but updates were well over 100MB and they became cumbersome. I also really like MyRadar for just a quick look at Doppler radar when I need to know about an incoming storm. Great article!

  • hyperpower

    erm, and where is the weather pro app ?? it is a really good one, I miss it personally from this list…

  • donnana

    I prefer My-Cast as well, and the realtime radar maps are great. I also love being able to subscribe to a lightning strikes map for less than a year at a time (I buy it for the summer months).

  • Vasko

    This review really lacks a serious background investigation. If this was a serious review, other much more powerful weather apps and FREE apps would be mentioned, like PocketWeather to mention one… Get real please!

  • Jim

    I downloaded Fahrenheit and installed it on my iPhone 4 running 4.3.1 and it didn’t work, even with the setting on for push notifications I was unable to have the badge on the app.

  • ahmad

    My iphone 3g r 3gs is locked and i need to jailbreak it, but i do not know what firmware is present on it?

    • Burge

      You need to ask in the forum you will get help there….

  • http://- Jumpbasterds

    For ” got no life anymore”.

  • Apple Haterz

    You guys forgot weather eye

  • XepptizZ

    Is there an app which would use notifications more exstensivly for the wather? I like the idea of “outside” but would like more notification customization.

    Ie notify me 2 hours in advance, options to include windspeed etc

  • Ben

    How about MyWeather? The only one I’ve seen that reliably pushes notifications re: severe weather alerts.

  • __AF

    Pocket Weather, by Shifty Jelly is a killer app. Should have been in this list.

  • robyn

    Do any of these weather apps save their info and forecasts on the device itself? We’re one of those rare households that turns off wi-fi at night (saves energy, less em radiation). Plus, it’d be nice to make comparisons, offline, between forecasts and exults– and across apps.

    Furthermore, the leading news apps provide for offline reading, so why not weather apps?!

    • tav

      2robyn: eWeather HD by Elecont works in this way. One of the best I’ve used.

  • http://www.techx64.com/ Tushar Agarwal

    Weather HD is a great app, but i prefer more simple and minimalistic app, for that you can also try out “WTHR” iphone weather app.