If you have ever uploaded a video to Facebook or YouTube from your iPhone 4, you might have noticed a drop in video quality. No, it isn’t poor lighting, the resolution and frame rate are actually lowered. This is because a reduced quality video is produced before uploading, to save on internet bandwidth usage.

A 1280 x 720 video, 9 minutes in length, is about 700 MB natively. When trying to upload a video to YouTube or Twitter, the file size gets reduced to less than half that. To get full HD quality, you would typically need to transfer video from your iPhone to your computer and upload from there, but not with True HD…

This Cydia tweak will allow you to upload full HD video from your iPhone 4, without worrying about a loss in quality. It does this by removing the cap that limits your uploading file size, much like removing a governor from a car engine to remove its top speed limit.

Once downloaded, there is no home screen icon or tab in the Settings.app. The developer claims that after it is installed, True HD takes care of the rest. Just upload your HD videos like normal and you’ll notice the difference.

This could certainly be a huge time saver for folks who need to upload 720p videos, but don’t always have their computer with them. True HD is said to work with Twitter, Facebook, MobileMe, and many others. The app’s author even notes that it has been tested with the latest jailbroken firmware 4.3.1.

It is important to note that this will obviously increase upload times, as file sizes will undoubtedly be larger. This may also be a red flag to users who don’t have unlimited data plans with their wireless carriers. For those of you who are looking to try out the tweak, it’s available for free in Cydia.

Have you tried True HD? Do you use another app or tweak to upload 720p video?

  • Paul

    i need one were it can trick the photo app to sending HD videos threw email.

    • Jon Garrett

      try pixelpipe it has that feature.

  • numbnuts

    you say this could be a red flag to users without an unlumited plan but even without this tweak users would have to be on a hefty data package to upload reduced quality files half the size quoted 🙂

  • Twited21

    I saw this thismorning downloaded it before I blinked

    This is a must have people

  • I like it 🙂

  • Rapha

    Anybody can explain on the story aboutbthe data plan on at&t please i have not uploaded any videos yet but i will and need to
    Know if i will spend too much on my plan. I only have 2gb to use and DONT want
    To pass it! Thanks

  • Hostile

    how about if you are connected via wifi will it still affect data plans?

  • Irha

    I have to try this. I have been using 720tube but it too does some compression, though the upload is 720p. I guess this will result in better quality 720p.

  • Scott

    This tweak is a must have ! After I uploaded a video to youtube using ‘TrueHD’, I went to my computer to watch it and it was even available in full 1080p !!

  • suryatej

    I dont get it. I dont have this app but whenever I upload any video to youtube I have two options standard and HD. I always choose HD..How different is this tweak?

  • JAK

    Well I wish it worked, I’ve attempted to download it several times now, i’m guessing that the server is down, i’ll wait… Good things come in small packages… 🙂

    • Jon Garrett

      there’s another app called pixelpipe. it does the same as this app and tons more.

  • JAK

    Ok, got it to download… ITS A MUST HAVE>>>> It Works Like a Charm….
    But I have a question, will this app work on the 3GS?

  • I am the Dev Of this MOD

    The new 1.5 Version of TRUEHD that was released Yesterday can be Found at



    This has new features and bug fixs

    • CyPhErLoUs

      Doesn’t work on 4.3.2 and it screws up the flash option on iPhone 4 -_-

      • Ro

        Did u ever fix the flash issue?

  • Janet

    Cool app, would like to check at once for sure!
    And though I found iFunia YouTube column give much tips for my videos Uploading and editing, but can Upload 720P Videos to YouTube make me exciting!

  • 123

    DO NOT TRY ON 4.3.2 :X