While everyone is making a wish list of iOS 5 features, please make sure to include something about an upgrade to the notifications system. Maybe while you’re at it, ask for some form of a widget feature too. Not everyone needs them, but those of us who have experienced them on other smartphones would love to see them in iOS.

The biggest benefit they bring is information at a glance. I’m currently using the WeatherIcon tweak to help me cope with the lack of the feature. At least I don’t have to pop into the weather app anymore. For folks operating on non-jailbroken devices, Fahrenheit basically accomplishes the same thing…

The app uses push notifications to bring you weather information based on your location. The current temperature is displayed in a little red notification badge, just like when you have a text message.

Unlike the WeatherIcon tweak I mentioned earlier, Fahrenheit does not replace your current weather app. My springboard generally has limited space available, so it’s tough for me to justify 2 weather icons. However, the app certainly works as advertised.

Setup for the weather software is a breeze. Just give it permission to use your location and say it’s ok to receive push notifications and you’re finished. The application takes care of the rest. It displays the current temperature from your default location, but you can add others manually by opening the app.

Launching the application also gives you a full 10-day forecast predicted down to the humidity and dew point. You can even share your current weather status with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

If you’ve been looking for a good weather app, check out Fahrenheit. It has a gorgeous user interface and quite a few features for $0.99. An extra dollar will get you satellite maps and rain radar via an in-app purchase. Most of all, you’ll love not having to open your weather app to see if you need a jacket. Hopefully Apple is taking notes.

Do you use a good weather app that shows live temp on your home screen? Have you tried Fahrenheit?

  • rob

    Neat! Although tapping into the weather app isnt that hard.

  • numbnuts

    why only mention Fahrenheit the dev has Celcius too, and i agree with Rob, the default weather app is just as informative if all you need to know is temp and forecasted weather info. much neater than having an annoying red badge constantly on display.

    • Burge

      Just found that out and you have to pay for that too…not impressed

      • Jon Garrett

        Get weathericon in Cydia. shows the temp, weather conditions and time of day on your icon. tapping it takes you to the default weather app.

        its perfect and its free.

        David.Ashman.com/beta repo source.

  • Burge

    This looks good , going to give it ago..I don’t use jailbreak weather icon cause it has to have libweather which is in mobile substrate and I don’t like to many things in there cause there aways running, this on the other hand was ment to work for iOS… With things I have switched on anyway

  • Morgan

    I’ve been using WeatherIcon to display the temp within the weather icon–not as a badge. I’ve been trying this app, but so far its refused to display the temp badge. Guess I’ll stay with WeatherIcon for now.

    • Burge

      You did go in to settings ? Top right of app the i button ..

  • JoBerlin

    I use Meteogramm for a few days. It’s the best weather App I’ve seen so far.
    On the main display is a diagram like weather forecast for the next 48 hours in 1h intervals with temperature, wind, cloudiness … and a user definable curve. I set it to windchill.
    Upon tapping into the diagram more detailed values will be displayed even for low/medium/high altitude cloudiness.
    All the infos are available as a list too. The App uses the location feature and it’s possible to search for cities and bookmark locations.
    There is no info on the icon but I can have a look out of my window to see what the weather is like.
    It’s just €0,79!

  • Bullet933

    Been using Weathericon for a couple of years. I see no reason to change now – especially when it’s free (thanks stimpy5050).

    That being said, I suppose this might appeal to someone without a jailbreak.

  • Wojtek

    hmm, how would it display temperature below 0? I do not believe that the badge number can be negative…….

  • Dan

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  • Armando

    The Weather Channel Max combined with Weathericon is much better. This app isn’t worth the dollar. It can’t even find two major cities in California.

  • Richard

    How come my WeatherIcon only changed after installing the tweak and after that it does not change at all? Help!