Android vs. iOS is a popular debate topic, but it might just be happening at the consumer level. 9to5 Mac ran an interesting story this morning about some comments made by Google’s Asia-Pacific president, Daniel Alegre.”When the iPhone succeeds, Google succeeds,” he mentions in an interview with AdNews.

This alone shouldn’t catch anyone off guard. With over 100 million iPhones out in the wild using Google’s little search bar built into Safari, why wouldn’t Google be pleased with the iPhone’s success?

There’s a little more to this equation. Let’s not forget about Google’s public purchase of AdMob in 2009. It is by far the most popular mobile advertising platform. Their adverts are scattered throughout the web, as well as in Android and iOS applications. Who is currently leading the pack in mobile ad impressions?

So iOS users are good at clicking Google’s AdMob ads and using their search bar, how else is the search giant benefiting from Apple’s smartphone? Perhaps with their suite of iOS apps. Google Maps is preinstalled on every iDevice and Google Search is constantly in the App Store’s top 50 most downloaded list.

The common denominator here is that all of these different components lead iOS users back to Google’s search engine and advertisements. That’s really what Google is, a search engine? People tend to forget that in the everyday banter between iPhone and Android users. In fact, Google probably doesn’t even care about cell phones.

Bill Gurley wrote a post on this very topic, calling Android OS just a moat for Google’s search engine. If you look at a great business like Google as an economic castle, a moat is a strategy or market dynamic that make the castle unreachable.

Android, Chrome Web Browser, Chrome OS, Gmail, and so many others, are all moats to Google’s economic castle. Notice how all of these Google products are software services with almost no viable costs? Not only that, but all of them essentially provide users with a direct line to their popular search engine. Winning?

Google just posted a revenue for the March quarter of $8.58 billion. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming years in the smartphone industry. Analysts are predicting that by the end of 2012, there might be close to 1 billion Android handsets in use around the globe. That’s one hell of a moat.

What do you think?

  • tytehjjkjygh

    The end of 2012 is the end of the world.

    • Jack

      Shut up.

      • Joe

        I’m afraid to look in my closet…

      • Ha Ha

      • Tuan Anh


      • Muesli

        Lol! Nice one Jack

  • Paul Zammit

    Apples aim is the hardware, and googles aim is the software. Before Android 2.0, both companies lived happily together, I don’t see why they shouldn’t anymore.

    • Kevin

      I agree with you

    • Agreed

    • Jon Garrett

      because fanboys wont let them.

      • localemo

        To true Jon

      • Ramin

        or because they’re both giant corporations with giant ambitions and greedy shareholders and hope to wipe (buy off) out the other one day?

  • fojam

    I think basically apple should open up their platform if they want to compete with google. Obviously what apple needs is a little more freedom, and thats exactly what google offers

  • GT

    Google should work on a weather app for the iPhone, cuz who ever designed the standard weather app sucked. How can it be 75 degrees outside when the high for the day is supposed to be 64 degrees? I’m surprised that the app hasn’t improved at all since iPhone 2G days… :/

    • Thor

      I have yet to find one decent weather app. There are plenty that will give you very basic forecasts like “sunny” or “thunderstorms”. I want a detailed forecast for exactly where I am at or going. NOAA gives a decent hazarous weather outlook but covers an area of hundreds of miles.

      I would have to pay a local tv station $10 a month for a decent local forecast on my phone. That sucks.

      • 2 Words. Use WeatherBug

      • I like the Weather Channel app.

      • TOm

        I feel ya fella. You clearly haven’t try Weather+:)

  • will

    apple only think on how are they going to fill up their pockets with lots of $$$, while android understands what consumer wants.

    • XepptizZ

      … Yes google is a good natured benevolent god who cares nothing about money and respects privacy. :p

      • localemo


      • zorkor

        I would still trust google more than a fruit company.

  • Danny

    How does Googles android understand what consumers want when they do nothing for the OS but give it away like a cheap whore to any manufacture?! Google should value Android a bit more instead of having so wide open that anyone can dev or dive for…

    • Ramin

      I’m really glad you’re not a developer of one the many “Open Source” programs that many people are benefiting from on daily basis.

  • neal

    googel is evil..

  • mripod64

    Heard you the first time…

  • Sarwoto

    Google is suck they killed all mobile operator soon, f*ck you google !!

    • AppleFckBoy

      Google will beat everyone with android. RIM, IOS, PalmOS, WebOs and Symbian. Maybe Tizen will beat them once…

  • Sarwoto

    Google is suck they killed all mobile operator soon, f*ck you google

  • JDI

    “android understands what consumer wants.”


  • Freddixx

    Having owned Symbian based Nokia’s, Windows Mobile 6.5 on both HTC and Samsung devices, and finaly IOS on iPhone 3, 3Gs and currently iPhone 4 I must say that compaired to my HTC Desire on Android I am not really satisfied with any of them. Symbian was best, before touch screens came, Windows Mobile was not perfect but at least you did not have to jailbreak with each update, and had a device where you could DO THINGS WITH WITH STOCK FIRMWARE, the same goes for Android. I Prefer my iPhone, but it should be Apple adapting to their customers, not driving them into the horrors of jailbreaking every minor update they make of their far from perfect OS. If I were Apple I wouldn’t laugh at eithet Android or Windows Phone 7, as the latter two have many advantages for non-nerds like me…

  • Andrew

    I said it before… Honda sells more cars than Lamborghini. Can anyone develop parts for Lambo’s? NO. Can anyone drill a spoiler on and put stickers on a Honda and say “My Honda is so much better then your Lambo”. OF COURSE . Do not have pride in your phone they give away for free. Children and grandma’s carry droids. Everyday I see a Honda, you can go a lifetime without seeing a Lambo. Those numbers mean nothing about quality.

    • Freddixx

      Andrew, I have to disagree to a point well put, but not necessarily true: you compare an iPhone to a Lanborghini. That is your first mistake, because purely in terms of beauty versus durability and reliability other smartphones than Apple’s win on all major points except maybe design. Comparing it to a Lambo goes wrong a second time as you keep saying( on which planet do you live?!) an iPhone is still an exclusive item. I see about as many youth in my country with Blackberrys as I see them with iPhones. There goes your exclusiveness. Need I say more?

    • Ramin

      I think you should consider showing your “Loyalty” with spending some of your paycheck every month to Apple because after all they’re making a “Lambo” compared to all hondas around !!!! No

      wonder people in US feel like they MUST pay for everything that they are offered to !

  • Haha being chinese boom is androids lol! Love Apple’s though; unique! Not for sale

  • 30stm

    I will say that I’m not a fan of apple but iphones have advantages for people who can’t be bothered to mess around with their phones. However I like to fiddle with my tech stuff so I went for android and I have to say its been great for me because I get to mess around with custom roms and that stuff.

    So if you just want something that will work with no fuss go for an iphone,
    But if you like to fiddle go for android as you can personalise it as much as you like 😛

  • Tabrez

    Apple is clear winner in all the ways because they never copy others function or feature and made revolution with multi touch function and everyone copied it and many more features other companies copied from apple so I love ios

    • Sid

      how abt apple paying royalties to MOTO for making a mobile phone.


    THE TRUTH: NO matter what, your still poorer and they are day by day getting richer, does it really matter who wins? most apple investors also invest in google and microsoft and their subsidiaries and vice versa…. in the beginning and in the future its still and always be about money….

  • Xaid

    Iphone is an idiot proof phone with just one button except the itunes program that I think is shyt, an ipod built-in that most of the people had adopted for music before the smartphones became widely popular. A truley trend setter, ladies must love this phone. But Android on the other hand can do more than IOS with more convenience and freedom (no itunes), techy guys must love this phone. People who don’t care what there phone can do would love Iphone, people who do care what a true smartphone can do love Android.

  • Mandeep Gill

    Apple need to give us freedom. ios for iphone only and android using for all upcoming smart phones.
    Why apple not ? like PC most of people have PC not MAC because of Apple not giving us freedom.

  • Applebolan

    Apple sucks like YO MAMAS ass

  • Applebolan


  • Tabrez

    ok i realized my mistake. I will suport android from now

  • JDI

    I will pledge alliegiance to Android

  • In my opinion if iPhone were a little cheaper I’d probably go for it but I like the free developer tools that come with Android. (e.g. Java)

  • todd

    the iphone once ruled, but not anymore. i’ve has several iphones and iOS does not compare to Android