Ever wanted the ability to set your iPhone to automatically answer incoming calls? Auto answer is a feature I’ve seen requested several times, across multiple iPhone message boards. If your iPhone is jailbroken, you have a handful of options.

Applications like CallControl are nice, but have limited auto answering capabilities. If you have been looking for an auto answer app with more features, you need to check out AutoAnswer. The new Cydia app promises to handle all of your auto answering needs for your iPhone…The AutoAnswer app can be setup to automatically answer both voice calls and FaceTime calls. The ability to auto answer FaceTime calls makes this app useful for unattended video conferences and remote area surveillance (think homemade video baby monitor).

You can set specific lists of numbers that you want your phone to automatically answer, or just set it to auto answer all incoming calls. AutoAnswer even lets you tweak settings like how many times the iPhone rings before it picks up. Users also have the option to hide the app’s home screen icon and can even enable a password feature.

Probably the most interesting component is Stealth Mode. When this mode is activated, the iPhone automatically answers incoming calls without opening the Phone.app. The phone literally shows no indication that an incoming call has been answered, it doesn’t even get captured in the call log.

Whether you feel you have use for an app like this is clearly your call. I would recommend to the developer to offer a free trial period to show potential purchasers what it’s like to have their calls automatically answered. $4.99 is a bit steep, sight unseen. Either way, AutoAnswer is available now in Cydia, just search for it.

Have you tried AutoAnswer yet? Do you use CallControl or something else that has this feature?

  • XepptizZ

    You could “accidentilly” forget your phone at somene elses place or maybe it gets stolen. Having that said, a record function would be nice aswell. Though how that is executed might be a bit tricky.

  • iBlackBook is the best out there for stealth sms and call features!

  • Andrew

    AutoAnswer? I need AutoSTFU and leave me alone. I know I know theirs a app for that….

    Cool idea but, 3 day trial w/ $2.99 Pricetag seems more reasonable.

    • David

      Thanks for the chuckle….

  • Maglor

    I’m still wandering when will it ever come out an app that can record calls on the iPhone… I miss that feature from my Asus p535 with Windows Mobile…

  • Dodgerdeezy

    Is there any other tweaks that can b used as baby monitor with 2 devices like ipad2 and Itouch 4th gen on same wifi without FaceTime???? Any help?? Thanks

  • Thor

    I must be very, very dense because I do not see how the primary function of this app is any different than voicemail.

  • AC

    World’s most expensive stealth webcam. For about 5 minutes before someone steals it.

  • greg

    how do i get auto answer