With the iPhone Dev Team’s inability to find a usable baseband exploit for the iPhone 4 and release a stable unlock for basebands 2.10.04, 3.10.01, and the newer 4.10.01, several alternate iPhone 4 unlock solutions have sprouted.

The first option was the Gevey SIM Interposer. Similar to a Turbo SIM, the Gevey SIM Interposer worked by adding a EEPROM chip to your SIM card. You would then call 112 from the Emergency Dialer screen. Once the call connected you would hang up then toggle Airport mode on and off. When the network connection resumed, your iPhone 4 would be unlocked.

This method would provide a “tethered” unlock, meaning that after you reboot your iPhone, you would need to repeat the unlock process. While the legality of the unlock solution was questionable at first, Dev Team member, MuscleNerd, confirmed the unlock method was illegal.

Another unconfirmed and more recent method for unlocking the iPhone 4 is CutYourSim’s permanent factory unlock. The fairly expensive method costs $169.99 and claims to permanently unlock your iPhone on any baseband, without the need to jailbreak your iPhone. The process is apparently accomplished via whitelisting the iPhone’s IMEI — the number used by GSM carriers to identify valid devices on their network from Apple’s database. The unlock process takes anywhere from 2-5 days and is achieved by simply syncing your iPhone with iTunes after you receive a confirmation email from CutYourSim.

The latest method for unlocking your iPhone is similar to the Gevey SIM Interposer. Rebel’s Micro SIM unlocks iPhone 4 with basebands 1.59.00, 02.10.04, 03:10.01, 04.10.01, running iOS 4, iOS 4.1, 4.2, 4.2.1, 4.3 & 4.3.1 without requiring you to jailbreak your device. The Rebel Micro SIM comes in two design options, Rebel Pro Micro SIM Card, and Rebel Lite Micro SIM Card:

Rebel Pro Micro Sim Card is supplied with its own custom iPhone 4 Sim tray so the IC stays inside the iPhone 4 and is our Flagship Product.

Rebel Lite Micro Sim Card does not require a special iPhone Sim tray and the IC is located on the outside of the iPhone 4 when installed and is designed for Budget users.

The advantage of Rebel Pro is that you get an adapter to update the SIM Software to unlock it in future or if the company makes any changes to the product.

What sets the Rebel Micro SIM apart from Gevey’s SIM Interposer is that Rebel claims their product is an “untethered unlock“, meaning that you do not have to repeat the unlock process each time you reboot or power off your iPhone (like you would have to with the Gevey SIM). Additionally, the Rebel Micro SIM unlock is a little cheaper as well. While the Gevey SIM costs $70, the Rebel Pro Micro Sim Card costs 40 GBP (about $65 USD), and the Rebel Lite Micro Sim costs 30 GBP (about $48 USD). Additionally, it is still unknown whether this method of unlocking your iPhone is legal or not. So we would not recommend this method.

If you’re tired of waiting for the Dev Team to release an unlock, and can’t wait anymore, we would suggest CutYourSim’s permanent factory unlock method.

Anyone try the new Rebel Sim card unlock? Are you going to try one of three unlock methods above, or will you wait for the iPhone Dev Team to release their unlock?

  • Funesto

    They say that there will be a FUTURE update to avoid 112 calling … not nowadays … and the prorammer seems to NOT BE INCLUDED …

    • yes the future is here only RebelSimCard offer auto detection which means no need of 112.

  • AMB

    This is crazy, the dev team now NEEDS to come up with a unlock since unlocks are now sprouting from left and right. At this rate we’ll have dozens of choices to unlock by the end if the year.

  • riy

    when will dev team will come up with the unlock

  • jmj

    i think i will wait for the iphone dev team to release an unlock method. just have to be patient i guess.

  • orangesn0w

    I made an unlock… I tweeted a screenshot at muscle nerd if u wanna see

    • Guest

      Yeah and I made the iPhone 6 ; )

    • Guest

      Yeah and I just made the new iPhone 6 ; )

    • John

      and i made the iphone 7

  • azharhamzahya

    Please be patient,guys!The Dev team will release unlock for free

    • jason

      It’s been 7 months now since FW 4.1 Dev Team still can’t find a solution yet
      Sherif Hashim said wait for 4.3 ok
      And now what ? Wait for iPhone 5 ok ?

      • Tbv

        Yeah, the DEV team will give you the unlock for BB 2.10 when the iPhone 10 comes out. Don’t be cheap, buy the Gevey or Rebel sim. We’re not going to see any unlocks from the DEV team anytime soon.

      • David

        Look Genius!!!! You can get a Brand New Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 16GB or 32GB commitment free…. Will work with your carrier of choice…… WHERE? The Apple Stores in Canada…..


        Stop your whining if you want an unlocked iPhone then get one……… Pony up your money….. Sell your locked one…… Stand on the street corner and hike up your skirt…. do something besides whine that OTHER people who have lives of their own aren’t doing it fast enough for you…..

        Genius… Figure out how to do it yourself….. The Dev Teams can focus on Jailbreaking…… They are nice enough to give that to us for free….. but by all means….. Put a sock in it.

      • Z

        Apple only ship to Canada address idiot

      • David

        My point is is that they are out there and can be purchased. There is no need to complain that the Dev teams are sitting around on their backsides snorting slurpees and nachos.

        These people do us a service breaking new ios updates…. FOR FREE. You have now foundation to complain unless you have cracked the unlock yourself…. Stop whining.

        As for Apple Canada only shipping to Canada…. If your desperate for an unlocked iPhone and your gonna let that stand in your way…. Then you don’t have very much imagination in this global market.

    • hmorad

      when will u realize the dev team will never release an unlock solution?? i lost hope and got my self a gevey, it works like a charm

  • Aynft

    İs dev team working o a unlock right now??

    • David

      I can assure you they are not sitting around playing footsies with one another or spending every waking hour playing Commodore 64 Games…..

      Be patient. The Dev team is working hard doing something the rest of us can’t do ourselves…. Including providing ways to Jailbreak our devices…… Fact is if you want an unlocked device then you should have shopped a little harder for one already on an unlockable baseband….. May not get an iPhone4….. but beggers can’t be choosers.

    • Tbv

      Look genius, not every one lives next to the border to Cannada. Like Z said, Aplle will not ship to U.S. Adress. Not everyone is willing to pay the rip off price of $1000 for a factory unlock iPhone on EBay. I don’t need an unlock, but I bought a Gevey sim on eBay for $20 to try out.

  • c0edx

    Dude the Gevey sim for the iPhone 4 is like $20 on eBay. I buy the and unlock phones for my customers for $40. If anyone buys a Gevey sim for more then $25 you getting ripped off sorry to say.

  • riy

    well we never heard from them for the last few months

  • Andy do

    I got my $30 worth, so go and buy a gevey sim! Or you might have to wait another 5 months (since november). Cus look like iphone 5 wont be release until september.

  • Jason Masters

    I agree the cheaper the better for idb to recommend an unlock that costs 189 is simply stupid and not economically feasible in these times!
    And to point out some don’t buy their own phones some are gifts or some acquired from other means but just because you own an iPhone didn’t mean you either have money to waste or are naive. So get a gevey or wait for the free unlock buy no we idb commenters do not support or reccomend an expensive unlock. That is all.

  • Manuel

    I know Jail breaks are hard to do. I also know that unlocks are hard too. Saying that, I know its not a piece of cake. However, its beyond reason to see this kind of stuff happening because the iPhone team can not make an unlock for people. I personally feel that they’ve given up on the unlock. If they can’t unlock it for people, say so. Don’t keep people holding their phones in boxes or like 500 $ iPods. That’s just bad. These people could sell it or something, not just wait when nothing is coming. April is already here. I don’t need an unlock, but people who do. Its just unfair.

  • David J

    Dev Team is giving up, but let people waiting for a miracle from GeoHot
    GeoHot is the one and only can solve the unlock problem

  • Kikoza

    Has ordered complete set Rebel Pro Micro Sim + Compact 32/64 Bit OS XP/Vista/Win7, with delivery to Moscow – £64.47 ($105.69)
    I look forward!

    • SS

      Hey pls lets us know bat rebel sim that there r no problems while using it n all

  • riy

    @Kikoza pls update about the product

  • Polemicist

    Hmmm… Just for the sake of interest I unlocked both of my iPhones legally through my Telco in Australia. If I didn’t purchase the phone through the Telco I paid a charge (which varied with each provider) and it is done in moments over the phone or a few days electronically. All I need is a real account with a telco.

    So if you have real life friends in Australia you could ask them to talk to their carrier and see if they can unlock your IMEI by saying they purchased a phone overseas. 🙂 It has to be “their phone” to be done this way so you really need a RLF… 🙂

    Worth a try and actually Vodafone charges $75 AUS for the service and it is legal.

    I haven’t tried it (and I don’t intend to) but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work?

    • dabe

      Sounds like a great idea, but I don’t have any friends lol (in Austraila at least). I was thinking about how you could somehow remotely sign up for a cell service in AUS, UK etc. Then contact them with your # to unlock your iphone If it’s a relatively cheap month to month service it could be worth it? If it’s even possible?? Sounds feasible somehow

  • anon

    you know… if the dev team tried a little harder and get the unlock out and put a price on it, some of us would gladly pay for it. but no, my money went to another unlocker.

  • Irha

    Here is chinese makes coming up with a $5.99 solution again, no reviews but sold out, wonder how well this would work: http://www.meritline.com/unlock-card-for-iphone-4—p-66423.aspx

    • Ayyub

      dont buy these chinese fakes
      try out RebelsimCard . com

  • Carlos



  • Carlos


    • Ayyub

      dont chat shit about Rebel Sim saying they are scammers when clearly they arnt for many

  • haindi

    thanx for the warning and thats what i did after i got me a gevey sim and i thought it will be better with this new rebel sim ,but like u wrote carlos all the reviews on youtube and google said its a scam

  • Ayyub

    Rebel Sim has worked for me

    all you people need to do is to follow the instruction guide properly and complete all the steps

    i have been on the phone during my order of the micro sim and Rebel is a proper company and not scammers?

    well they have improved customer service now also

  • User

    I purchased 2 Rebel Sim Pro for 2 iPhone 4 that I owned. They took your money and didn’t ship it until almost 2 months later — all kind of excuses and don’t respond to you to almost 2 weeks each time. The product is not what it is shown and displayed on the web. Furthermore it is not working well.

    1) Product is very low quality make…the sim holder and the chip doesn’t fit as that in the pictures on the web…very losely fit and thus, you have to make sure the chip didn’t fall out when you put your sim card, sim holder and chip into the phone.
    2) You have to cut one corner of your sim to put it in the tray with the chip, and also have to force it into the phone. The black top of the chip is too thick!

    3) You have to play around with the instructions for a very long time, try and error, until you get it working. Even so, it will go out to non-working status while you are using your phone.

    4) when I complaint that it is not working, they don’t reply my message or email for more than 3 weeks until now, still no reply

    5) Found out today that it is a rip-off from Gevey Sim. Check this page http://www.freakgeeks.com/2011/6214/rebel-sim-card-interposer-is-a-fake-proof-updatex2/

  • hi
    i too updated to ios 5.0.1
    with out preserving base band
    now i am in 4.11.8 is possible to
    downgrade or unlock

  • Knapp N

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